Sewer And Water Line Woes That A Professional Plumber Can Fix | Boerne, TX

Sewer And Water Line Woes That A Professional Plumber Can Fix | Boerne, TX

Plumbing systems are incomplete without water and sewer pipes responsible for supplying clean water to taps and removing the used water to sewer systems. The pipelines differ in terms of materials, durability, and how they react when exposed to low and hot temperatures.

What most people want in their homes are pipes that can last the longest without failing, bursting, cracking, or deteriorating to save them the headache, time, and money that comes with constant repairs and replacement.

However, that is not usually the case, especially for homeowners that overlook and skip maintenance because they can face one plumbing issue after the other. Poor installation by an unskilled plumber of the piping system can also add to problems in the piping systems. Read on to learn about water and sewer line problems common in households.

Leaky Pipes

One of the most common plumbing issues in water and sewer systems is leaking pipelines that can lead to wastage of water if it’s the water pipes or become a health hazard if the sewer lines are the culprit.

Both sewer and water lines are prone to leak due to numerous problems, including:

  • Improper or incorrect pipe installation that leaves gaps, allowing clean or wastewater to sip out of the piping system.
  • Pipe corrosion leads to pin holes forming on the water and sewer pipes and eventually cracking.
  • Cracked seals where pipelines connect due to excessive water pressure
  • Worn-out or damaged water or sewer lines.
  • Tree Intrusions in the piping system

Knowing the symptoms of the leaking water pipes and sewer lines in homes can be a great advantage to preventing additional plumbing issues by calling a plumber on time. Some of the signs to never overlook include

  • Increased water bills as more water leaks out
  • Mold growth in kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • Peeling paint in pipes installed on walls
  • Sagging ceilings as they absorb more water
  • Wet spots if the leak is a large on
  • Wet patches that leave the parts with leaking pipes with visible stains and discoloration.
  • Cabinets in bathrooms and the kitchen become spongy.
  • Foul odors that indicate sewage leaks in your Boerne, TX home
  • Damp toilet and bathroom floors immediately after cleaning and drying them
  • Higher water bills

Regardless of the root cause of the leak, it is essential to have a plumber as soon as you notice the leak to prevent the issue from escalating to water damage. Leaking sewer lines have more adverse implications in your home than water pipes because of the permeating gross smell that can lead to sewer gas poisoning. Plumbing experts handling sewer lines can charge more for the service than those dealing with clean water supply lines.

Clogged Water and Sewer Lines

In addition to leaks, drain pipes that lead to e sewer systems and water distribution pipes in residential buildings can clog. The clogs gradually occur in the pipelines as you continue using them without having a plumbing expert clean or maintain them during tune-ups.

Some causes of clogs in the sewer pipes are not limited to:

  • Corroded pipes that break and misalign or bend and hinder wastewater from flowing freely.
  • Tree roots penetrating through sewer pipes can create a severe clog, leading to backups and overflow.
  • Dirt, grease, fat, and oil can make sewer lines block
  • Hair, toiletries, and food scraps
  • Flushing inorganic substances like pads, diapers, and baby wipes can create a clog in sewer pipes
  • Issues with the venting system make it hard for wastewater to flow down the drains and sewer lines.
  • Sagging sewer lines

Like sewer lines, water pipelines can also clog when homeowners fail to set maintenance plans with their plumber to periodically clean and inspect the pipes. They have a high susceptibility to blocking due to the following reasons.

  • Poor installation of the water lines makes them misalign and obstruct the seamless flow of clean water.
  • Old and worn-out pipes can break and create a clog when they bend inwards.
  • Mineral deposits in hard water accumulate over time.

The following signs should prompt you to call the nearest renowned plumbing company for repairs. It is worth noting that severely blocked pipes can lead to worse symptoms that only an emergency plumber in Boerne, TX can fix without fail.

  • No running water indicates the clog in the pipes cannot allow water to pass through.
  • Low water pressure means the water lines are clogged but a little amount of water can penetrate the remaining space to your faucets.
  • Slow drains in the bathroom, kitchen and toilet
  • Sewer odors
  • Gurgling sounds whenever water flows to the drains
  • Standing water every time you use the sinks, or shower
  • Sewer backups when the clog fully obstructs wastewater from passing through to the septic and sewer systems
  • Overflowing sinks, tubs and toilets

Whether in the water or sewer line, a clog prevents water from flowing to the intended plumbing, drainage, or sewer systems, and their remedy is the same. The hired plumber uses advanced plumbing diagnostic tools like cameras to pinpoint the exact position of the clog and makes the necessary repairs by cleaning the affected section first, then the entire pipe afterward.

A plumbing professional might have to excavate the identified area with a blockage to access the water or sewer pipes and remove the substances causing the obstruction.

Frozen Plumbing Pipes

Homeowners can also encounter plumbing issues due to frozen pipes that need the expertise of a plumber to repair and thaw. Boerne, TX has short winter days that last for 2.9 months, with temperatures between 39°F and 61°F, during the coldest month, January, and below 66°F in November and February. The low temperatures ranging from 3.889°C to 18.889°C in the location can cause sewer and water pipes with water in them to freeze.

As the clean or wastewater in them becomes ice, it expands inside the pipes, making them break or burst, leading to leaks. The common causes of frozen pipes include:

  • Damaged insulations in the drain, sewer, and water lines
  • Clogged pipes
  • Failure to winterize the plumbing systems
  • Lack of running water in the pipes during winter
  • Faulty heating systems and thermostats make indoor pipes freeze too.

How will you know the pipes in your Boerne, TX house are frozen? It is a question that requires a straight answer to help homeowners understand what to look out for before contacting a plumber. You will sense an issue in the plumbing lines during winter when:

  • No water coming from faucets
  • Slow trickling of water in the faucets
  • Visual inspections show frosty pipes
  • Banging and gurgling sounds in the sewer and water pipes
  • Increasing water bills
  • Standing water and slow drains
  • Foul and nasty smells from the drain and sewer lines

A plumber can winterize all your plumbing pipes, including water, drain, vent, and sewer pipes, in preparation for the wintry days. Fortunately, people with problems due to freezing sewer and water lines can get help from plumbing experts. The technicians use heating pads in the affected areas to make the ice melt and insulate the pipelines to ensure the problem does not reoccur. They can also advise you to leave your faucets running during the cold days to prevent the pipes from freezing because of water standing in one place.

Tree Intrusion in Pipelines

Trees infiltrating plumbing pipes can cause severe clogs and problems that a plumber can rectify either before or after it worsens. In sewer lines, the trees planted near the pipelines can grow towards pipes applying pressure on the pipes and eventually create pin holes and cracks. As water leaks out, the roots also obstruct any water or wastewater in and out of the house from passing through and pouring out in the surrounding areas.

Since all issues have underlying reasons, the causes of root intrusion in pipes are not limited to:

  • Tree species: some trees, such as Oak, Maple, Sycamore, Elm, and Fig are more notorious in infiltrating plumbing lines than others.
  • Planting the above trees and others near plumbing lines
  • Installing water and sewer pipes close to trees

It might take a long time to notice root intrusion in your Boerne, TX home because it occurs in underground pipes. Luckily, there are signs that can make you call a plumber from the best plumbing company in the city, including:

  • Unexplained blockages in water and sewer pipelines
  • No water supply in the faucets when there is no water shortage in your location
  • Gurgling sounds from drains
  • Backups in sinks
  • Slow drains

Fixing plumbing issues due to tree intrusions entails having plumbing experts identify the affected region using the latest plumbing pipe inspection techniques such as cameras. After pinpointing the exact place where the clog is, a plumber can start excavation of the place to remove the tree roots and replace the damaged pipes.

To avoid a repeat of the same problem, the plumbing professional can recommend uprooting the tree to another part of the compound far from plumbing lines. In addition, people should always hire the most experienced and qualified plumber in the plumbing industry that understands the implications of planting trees close to water, drain, or sewer lines for pipe installation.

If the homeowner insists on having trees in some parts of their property that can eventually get to the pipes, they should go for trees, such as cedar, juniper, magnolia, and cypress because they are less likely to cause damage to plumbing pipes.

Old and Worn-Out Pipes

Numerous plumbing issues can arise from worn-out pipes that are old and need immediate replacement by a skilled plumber. Water and Sewer lines that have served your household for the longest time tend to crack easily and lead to leaks. The old pipelines can burst if they have extensive rust and when exposed to different outdoor temperatures in the cold and hot seasons.

Old piping systems that cause sewer and water line problems include:

  • Pipes with numerous wear and tears
  • Corroded pipes
  • Old Polybutylene pipes easily break and have premature expiration time.
  • Old pipes with multiple incorrect repairs
  • Unkempt pipes due to lack of periodic maintenance by a skilled plumber.

Signs of old pipes in homes manifest in multiple plumbing problems, including

  • Discolored water due to rust in the pipelines
  • Clogs due to bended pipes
  • Numerous leaks that lead to frequent calling of plumbers for repairs
  • Burst pipes that can lead to water damage.

Corroded Pipelines

Though many issues can occur in your sewer and water lines, the most common are clogs, leaks, and freezing pipes that affect both. Since it is not easy to tell if the pipes in hidden places have problems, it is always wise to know the signs that can prompt you to call a plumber for timely help, and they include:

  • Nasty sewage smells permeating your residential property
  • Sewage backups, if the sewer lines are clogged
  • Wet sections in the yard if tree intrusion is behind the leaking water and sewer lines
  • Low water pressure due to blocked water lines.

In a Nutshell

Though many issues can occur in your sewer and water lines, the most common are clogs, leaks, and freezing pipes that affect both. Since it is not easy to tell if the pipes in hidden places have problems, it is always wise to know the signs that can prompt you to call a plumber for timely help, and they include:

  • Nasty sewage smells permeating your residential property
  • Sewage backups, if the sewer lines are clogged
  • Wet sections in the yard if tree intrusion is behind the leaking water and sewer lines
  • Low water pressure due to blocked water lines.

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