6 Signs That Indicate Your Water Heater Has Problems

Water Heater Problem Indication

Water heater is an important part of the plumbing system of your house. Problems in your water heater mean cold showers and costly water heater repairs. Below are some signs that indicate that your water heater needs a water heater repair in San Antonio, TX:


If you persistently notice water on the floor near your water heater, it could mean that you water heater is leaking. Failure in understanding what you should do next when your water heater is leaking can result in a dangerous situation. A water heater usually develops leaks in particular situation. Let’s elucidate.

Leakage from the tank

If a storage type water heater leaks water from the bottom of its tank, it is a strong indication that your water heater is nearing its end.

If you notice water on the floor below the water heater, or if you observe water actually leaking from the bottom of the tank, it means that your water heater has an internal leak. This can either occur slowly over time due to age or also abruptly, if your water heater is overworking. Such leaks occur when a water heater heats up and cools down, and metals keep expanding and contracting. Over time, small hairline cracks can expand and cause leakages in the water heater.

If this problem occurs with your water heater, getting a water heater repair in San Antonio, TXshould be your immediate action.

Leakage from T&P Valve

Another type of leakage that occurs in a water heater is when the temperature and pressure (T&P) valve is damaged. This valve is located on the pipe that runs down from the side of your water heater. If you observe water leaking from it, then the valve is venting excess steam. Excess steam is condenses into water, and travels down the pipe onto your floor. Slow dripping is although normal, but if it is leaking severely, it is a concerning matter. If you observe this sign, don’t tamper with or block the valve and pipe in an attempt to restrict dripping water. Proper operation of the T&P valve is critical so you should call for a water heater repair in San Antonio, TX to deal with the issue.


Corrosion is always a bad symptom, no matter what the situation is. If you are noticing corrosion around the pipe fittings that are attached to your water heater, it means they are exposed to moisture, and that water is leaking from somewhere.  It could very well be that your pipe fittings are not properly sealed. Pipe fitting corrosions occur as minerals in the water deposit on them. This is also referred to as “slow leak” because your water heater is able to sustain for a while, and keeps working despite the corrosion. However, it will eventually fail the unit if problem is not addressed. By acquiring the services of water heater repair in San Antonio, TX, you can save your water heater from complete failure.


Burn marks at the bottom of storage type water heaters signal two possible problems:

Improper venting

Improper water heater venting causes burn marks to be produced at the bottom of the tank. This is a very serious condition to have, and requires urgent water heater repair in San Antonio, TXbecause the issue means you have got exhaust fumes and natural gas that are not exiting your house, as they should. Instead, those toxic fumes are getting accumulated in your house, which is a health concern for you and your family.

Damaged flue pipes

Flue pipes are located inside the water heater, and if they get blocked or damaged, the outcome is burn marks on the exterior of your water heater. This situation is also potentially unsafe, so your unit will need a water heater repair in San Antonio, TX soon.


You will notice a blue colored flame underneath your tank when your water heater is running, heating up your water. If that pilot flame’s color is orange or dark yellow instead of blue, then it is an indication that the burner of your water heater is not working properly and your unit needs a water heater repair in San Antonio, TX. A yellow flame means your water will not get heated on time since the hue means the flame is burning too cool.


These are signs that your water heater will fail eventually. They occur when there is too much mineral buildup in your water heater which is also exiting from your faucets. Mineral buildup occurs when the anode rods in the tank have been completely used. They are installed in the water heater for the very purpose of reducing corrosive mineral buildup. If you are experiencing this problem, you can simply get a water heater repair in San Antonio, TX to replace the anodes of your water heater.


Sediments build up at the bottom of the water heater’s tank and harden as they are heated and reheated day in and day out. When the sediment builds up enough, it completely insulates the base of the tank and you start hearing banging or sizzling noises from your unit. This issue signifies that your water heater is near its end. The sediment buildup will cause your water heater to run inefficiently, which will exert more wear and tear on the unit and cause it to develop leakages. One way to deal with this issue is by using a de-liming solution from the manufacturer and treating the affected parts regularly as a technique for your water heater repair in San Antonio, TX.

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