6 Reasons To Call A Plumbing Service | San Antonio, TX

6 Reasons To Call A Plumbing Service | San Antonio, TX

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As a new homeowner, there is a large learning curve. No longer can you call your landlord when you have a problem because you are now the new official homeowner. Now you are responsible for everything that happens on your property, which can be a daunting prospect for someone who is not used to home repairs. Luckily, when it comes to your plumbing system you don’t have to worry about making the repairs on your own. Instead, you can call a plumbing service and let them handle the repairs for you. In fact, this may be the smarter way to handle plumbing issues because you know they will get done right.

However, you also have to know when to call a plumbing service. If this is your first home, you may be unsure of what can wait and what constitutes a major plumbing issue. Certain things you don’t want to put off because the results can be expensive while other problems are not as consequential. To help you out on your new journey, here are a few of the most popular signs that you need a plumber. File this list away in your mind so that if you ever notice one of these issues in your home you will instantly know the right course of action to take.

Sinks Are Draining Slowly

Slow draining sinks are not only annoying, but they are usually an indication of a much bigger problem. There is only one reason why sinks drain slowly because there is a partial blockage forming somewhere in the piping that will turn into a full blockage if you don’t do anything about it. It is in your best interests to call a plumbing service before you end up with a full clog. At this point, water won’t go down your drains, and instead will pool and overflow from your fixtures.

Water Pressure Poops Out

Does it feel like it takes forever to fill a pan of water or a glass of water? If your water pressure drops suddenly then it is time to call a plumbing service in San Antonio, TX. There are dozens of reasons why your water pressure might suddenly drop, and all of them require the assistance of a nearby plumbing service. Attempting to solve the problem on your own can lead you on a scavenger hunt with seemingly no end, and will waste time that might compound the problem. It is always better to just let a professional troubleshoot the issue and solve it in a quick and efficient manner.

Water Isn’t Working

Perhaps the most obvious reason that you need to call a San Antonio, TX plumbing service is if you wake up without any water. Nothing can make your stomach drop faster than turning on a sink faucet and discovering that there is no water coming out of it. A quick call to your neighbors will let you know if this is a municipal issue or isolated to your house. If they have water, then there is a good chance that something is wrong with your water main. You don’t want to delay calling a plumbing service because pretty quickly you will realize how unlivable your home is without water.

On the other hand, if you wake up and discover you don’t have any hot water but your cold water is running just fine then the trouble might be related to your water heater. You will still need to call a plumber, but the problem is likely to be associated with your water heater which is easier to fix than troubles with your water main.

Gurgling Water

Gurgling water is another sign that you have a partial blockage formed somewhere along your piping lines. Gurgling is caused by small pockets of air that get trapped in the pipes and then make their way upwards as the water flushes down. Water should stream down in one even swoop eliminating any air pockets, but if there is debris along the way the air can hide under the debris and then bubble up which is why you hear a gurgle. While not an emergency, you will want to contact a local plumbing service and have them come clean out your drains because eventually, the debris will create a clog that will wreck much more havoc on your home.

Sewage Backup

One of the worst places to have a clog form is in your sewage pipe. If this happens, you will experience a sewage backup in your floor drain that is a complete mess. Most people don’t understand the severity of the problem until they experience it, but once they do they won’t avoid drain cleaning service again. If there is a clog in your sewage line, waste will not be able to leave your home when you use a sink or flush the toilet. As a result, they will come back out of your floor drains or lower first-floor fixtures. This means you could potentially flush your toilet and have the wastes come out of your basement sink. Not a situation you want to find yourself in, and one that can be prevented with drain cleaning. If it’s too late, make sure you call a plumber right away and get the drains cleaned so that you can stop the sewage backup.

Burst Pipe

A burst pipe is without a doubt a major plumbing emergency that requires help from a plumbing service. A burst pipe has the potential to cause a large amount of water damage in a very little period of time. You need to immediately turn off the water main in your home and then call a plumber to come out to your San Antonio, TX home and address the problem. If you find yourself in this situation or notice any of the above issues, give bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio a call and we will be glad to offer you professional aid.

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