Why Routine Drain Cleaning Service Is Important | Cibolo, TX

Why Routine Drain Cleaning Service Is Important | Cibolo, TX

Clogged drains are a common problem for homeowners in Cibolo, TX. Drain flies, unpleasant odors, and slow drains are also annoying situations related to drains. Drain cleaning services can help you address all of these problems. Even if we’re very careful and try very hard to keep large or solid materials out of our pipes, clogs can still happen eventually.

Risks of Damaged Septic Systems

It’s tempting to reach for a chemical drain cleaner instead of a professional drain cleaning service to fix clogs and slow drains. However, these chemical solutions aren’t good for plumbing. They can have very negative effects on a septic system as well. A septic system works because bacteria inside the septic tank are able to break down solid waste. Bacteria minimize the amount of sludge that settles on the tank bottom. Liquids make their way to the top of the tank and flow through an outlet baffle into drain fields. Drain fields purify the liquid effluent so it can be reabsorbed into the ground.

Without bacteria, a septic system can not function properly and solids build up inside the septic tank. Too much sludge and solid waste lead to sewer backups, solid waste in drain fields, and other unpleasant problems. Homeowners with septic tanks must be very cautious with chemicals. Most drain cleaning products are filled with harsh, caustic chemicals that may kill or disrupt bacterial growth in the septic tank. It’s best to use these products very rarely or avoid them altogether.

Many popular products are lye-based chemical formulas that also contain bleach, salt, and aluminum. These substances interact with each other to create a chemical reaction that is supposed to burn clogs away. The chemical reactions can be so harsh and corrosive that many professional plumbers recommend a professional drain cleaning service to avoid chemical drain cleaners whether the home uses a septic system or not.

Very small amounts of chemical solutions, even as low as 0.4 ounces, have a very destructive effect on bacteria in the septic tank. The instructions on these products recommend up to 16 to 32 ounces to eradicate a clog. Such a large volume of chemicals can throw off the bacterial growth in your septic tank to such an extent that you may need to reestablish colonies.

Septic-safe Solutions

Most chemical drain cleaners aren’t safe for septic tanks, so homeowners can try less destructive methods. Boiling water is a popular remedy that may clear small clogs made up of grease, soap, or small amounts of hair. Vinegar and baking soda produce a mild bubbling reaction that may unclog drains. Simply pour a cup of baking soda down the drain and follow it with half a cup of vinegar. Wait 30 minutes then flush with hot water. This remedy may also work for small clogs. Unfortunately, neither remedy is likely to be effective against large clogs or clogs located deeper within your plumbing pipes.

Physical removal is a safe method of removing a clog. Homeowners can try plungers themselves, but a plunger probably won’t address a clog located in large drainage or sewer lines. Plumbers that offer professional drain cleaning services can also remove clogs with a variety of tools. A camera small enough to travel inside pipes lets plumbers locate clogs and see exactly where they are and what they’re made of. Amateurs should be careful with drain snakes and other equipment because it is possible to damage pipes and fittings if tools are used incorrectly. The best course of action is usually contacting a plumber to deal with clogs, although regular drain cleaning services can reduce the risk of clogs forming in the first place.

Warning Signs

Several warning signs let you know it’s time for drain cleaning service. It’s best to deal with potential problems early. Standing water in a sink, washing machine, or other plumbing fixture means that water can’t drain away freely. You may notice water accumulating in the bathtub as you take a shower. A partial blockage may let water drain slowly so the amount of standing water goes down gradually. If the water doesn’t move at all, there may be a total blockage somewhere. Potential causes of blocked drains include hair, food particles, grease, and items flushed down the toilet. Most clogs form and grow slowly, so early drain cleaning service intervention can prevent a total blockage. The substances that form clogs can also create perfect breeding grounds for insects. Drain flies are species of fly that thrive within dirty or clogged drains. These flies have a very short life cycle and reproduce rapidly. The warm climate in Cibolo, TX, has many advantages, but many types of insects enjoy the frequent warm weather too. You may see just a few flies expand into an infestation in a remarkably short time.

Foul odors are a very noticeable warning sign. If unpleasant odors waft out of your drains after you’ve cleaned them, it could mean the foul-smelling gunk is located deeper in the pipes where you can’t reach it. Frequent clogs are also a sign that a bigger problem exists. If you find yourself having to plunge drains repeatedly, it’s probably just a matter of time until plunging won’t work at all.

Gurgling sounds also indicate drainage problems. Air bubbles form as water moves past a clog, and those bubbles produce gurgling noises as they exit from the drain. Unfortunately, wastewater can also make its way out of a drain. Water backups are very unpleasant and hard to clean up. Backups happen when wastewater can’t move through a drainage pipe. It has to exit somewhere, and the drain opening is the path of least resistance.

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