Why Could Your Water Heater Constantly Need Water Heater Repair For Leaks? | Helotes, TX

Why Could Your Water Heater Constantly Need Water Heater Repair For Leaks? | Helotes, TX

Many homes in Helotes, TX, rely on water heaters for a continuous hot water supply. Hot water is essential for bathing, washing, cooking, space heating, and other household chores, especially during winter. A water heater is likely to develop issues such as overheating, low water pressure, and leakages when they approach the end of its service life. Water heater leakages are a telltale sign of serious issues that a professional water heater repair expert should come in and fix.

Household leaks account for almost one trillion gallons of water in one year, making water wastage from leaks a national concern. Valuable property, walls, ceilings, floors, and other items might be damaged by water heaters leaks if left unaddressed for long.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should repair the unit yourself. Since the leak might result from various causes, you should enlist the assistance of a plumber to have the issue fixed.

You must address any minor or major leakage with some level of seriousness since they might have catastrophic repercussions. This means that you should seek water heater repair services as soon as possible. The water heater might leak from the top, bottom, or any undetermined location of the water heater tank. Below are the causes of water heater leaks in most homes.

Malfunctioning Drain Valve

The water heater drain valve holds the water within the water heater tank. So, you must drain the tank completely before removing the malfunctioning drain valve. The water heater drain valves are critical when emptying water from the water heater tanks during replacements, repairs, and removal of any accumulated sediments.

The valve might loosen and start leaking, compelling you to seek repair services from a plumber because they have sprung a leak. The technician might replace or tighten the loose valve based on the extent of the damage. If the leaks are coming from the valve, ensure that you have replaced them with a plumber specializing in professional water heater repair services.

Old Water Heater Tank

Old water heater tanks, especially those used for more than ten years, are prone to leaks. It might be due to some parts of the tank becoming weak or an increased pressure that can reach a point where the tank develops cracks. Water leakage might also be due to corrosion or rust forming inside the water heater tank, eating up the tank’s metallic body. Corrosion leads to cracks that allow water to penetrate through. Whenever you notice a leak, ensure that you seek the assistance of a water heater repair professional from a reliable plumbing company in Helotes, TX. The company experts might recommend the replacement of worn-out parts or buying another water heater unit to replace the old one that might still break down completely.

Too Much Pressure

Too much pressure can lead to cracks and leakages like other plumbing fixtures. Pressure within the water heater is likely to happen due to the steam produced by the hot water filling the space. When the water temperatures are too high, steam is produced, resulting in increased pressure in the water heater tank. It is because the pressure doesn’t have a way to escape.

High heater pressure within the water heater might also arise if the water pressure getting into the tank is also high. This pressure results in cracks which leads to leakages. To stop the problem, enlist the assistance of a water heater repair technician.

Inlet and Outlet Connections

Inlet connections let in cold water as the outlet connection supplies hot water into your house. A fault in one connection might affect the continuous supply of hot water in your home. The loose outlet or inlet connections will result in water leakages which might damage the floor, walls, and other valuable property at your home.

If the leak is not identified on time, it might result in massive damage and mold growth. Molds are a health hazard, especially if your home has a person with a pre-existing respiratory condition. Reaching out to a plumber for a water heater repair service once you realize that the water heater has sprung some leaks might help prevent severe water damage and mold growth.

Faulty Temperature and Pressure (T&P) Relief Valve

Malfunctioning T&P (Temperature and Pressure) relief valve results in water leaks from your water heating unit. The temperature and pressure relief valve releases the excessive heat and pressure generated during the water heating process while protecting the water heater from exploding. However, when the T&P valve runs into any problem, the excess pressure builds up inside the water heater tank. It increases the probability of leakages as the tank may develop hairlines and cracks. A loose valve could also cause some leakage. The technician should tighten the T&P relief valve or replace it to stop the leakage if it’s seriously damaged.

Non-Existent Anode Rod

An anode rod is a part of a water heater tank made from a metal that is highly susceptible to corrosion. It is usually about four feet long and screwed into the upper part of the water heater tank to protect it from the harmful effects of corrosion. The anode is submerged in water to attract the minerals that might corrode the water heater tank. Since the anode rod attracts impurities like calcium and magnesium in the water, it will prevent and stop the deterioration of the inner steel walls of the tank. The anode rod protects the water heater tank from corrosion by being eaten up itself through sacrificial action. This critical component lasts for about three to five years. However, this largely depends on the quality of your water. If used up completely, holes are left in its place, and leaks might spring there. Hence, enlisting the help of a professional water heater repair technician to replace the anode rod is critical. Otherwise, the interiors of the water heater tank will rust, making it weaker and susceptible to explosion.

Professional Plumbing Services You Can Rely On

A water heater is among the essential plumbing components of your home. Hence, you must do all you can to ensure that they remain optimally functional and devoid of any defect that might make them malfunction. However, even with lots of care, the unit might spring a leak for the above reasons. You should call a water heater repair technician immediately whenever you notice this. Never attempt DIY repair works on your water heater, as you might void the warranty or even exacerbate the issue. Do you need any water heater repair or replacement service in your Helotes, TX home? Call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today.

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