Causes Of Low Water Pressure In Your Home And How Your Plumbing Service Can Fix It | San Antonio, TX

Causes Of Low Water Pressure In Your Home And How Your Plumbing Service Can Fix It | San Antonio, TX

Have you noticed that the water pressure at your home has reduced recently? Then there might be several issues with your plumbing. An optimally functioning plumbing system that gets routine inspection and maintenance by a professional plumbing service provider delivers water at various outlets with the right pressure. The water pressure at your home directly bears your household tasks.

For instance, the water determines your family’s level of joy and comfort. It determines the quality of your shower and how fast you clean your dishes in your dishwasher or your kitchen sink. If the water pressure is low, filling your bathtub might take ages.

It can also be a dreadful experience to rinse the shampoo off the hair with the low water pressure at your San Antonio, TX home. Sometimes, the problem may be addressed by an easy fix. At other times, you’ll need to call a plumbing service provider to inspect the plumbing system and resolve it to revert the pressure to normal. Below are the main reasons for the low water pressure at your home.

If the Water Meter Valve Is Partially Open

This valve is similar to your main shutoff valve because it is the main source of water. However, it is controlled by your water utility provider, not by you. Hence, you should only tamper with this valve only during plumbing emergencies. However, there isn’t any harm in checking the water meter valve. It is parallel with the water supply line or pipe whenever it is open. It will interfere with water flow into your home if it’s in any other position. Having this in mind, you should always enlist a plumbing service provider or your water utility company to have the water pressure back to normal.

If The Main Shutoff Valve Is Partially Open

The low water pressure might arise from an incorrectly positioned main shutoff valve. This is because the valve determines the volume of water that will enter your home. Shutting off the main shutoff valve completely cuts off the water supply to your home. Hence, whenever there is low water pressure at your home, the main shutoff valve must be the first place you look.

This valve can be found either on the exterior wall of your home’s water utility area or in your basement. Normally, it is installed on the side of your home facing the street because the water supply enters your San Antonio, TX home from the front-facing side. If the shutoff valves handle is wheel-like, ensure it is turned anticlockwise.

If it’s lever-like, it should be parallel to the pipe’s direction. A partially open shutoff valve mostly happens when there is plumbing service at your home, and you forget to return the valve to its right position after the plumber is done. The main shutoff valve is normally under your household’s control.

When the Water Pressure Regulator Is Faulty

To control water flow, most homes have a water pressure regulator. If this critical plumbing fixture becomes worn out or malfunctions, then the water pressure at your home might begin fluctuating by either going exceedingly high or low. This variation in the water pressure is normally noticeable and abrupt throughout your home.

To measure the level of water pressure at your home, you could use the water pressure gauge. If you think that your water pressure regulator might be faulty, enlist a plumbing service provider t for an inspection and repair or replacement. When replacing the water pressure regulator, the plumber will shut off the water master valve, a municipal or water utility company property. The professional has the license to handle them.

In Case of a Clogged or Corroded Pipes

The other reason why your San Antonio, TX home might have low water pressure is clogged pipes. Blocked or rusty pipes are an even larger issue that requires a professional plumbing service provider to inspect the pipes to determine the level of the blockage or the corrosion.

The blockage restricts the water flow inside the pipes, increases the region’s pressure behind the clog, and reduces it in front of the clog. This might make the pipes burst eventually. The older houses are more prone to piping corrosion, especially those that have copper or galvanized steel pipes. Whenever your waterline becomes corroded, the water gets an unusual taste and discolored.

If the Aerator Screen Is Clogged

The aerator screen refers to the mesh screen found at the end of your faucet. The aerator screen features many small perforations that control water flow from your faucet. Hence, it is an effective water conservation solution used for water flow management. If the aerator screen becomes clogged, then there won’t be any water flow through the aerator. Hence, you should invite a plumber to clean it.

Although you might use vinegar solution alongside hot water to wash the screen, you most likely don’t have the right tools to open the faucet. You could also damage the faucet, resulting in expensive replacement costs. However, the plumbing service provider has the experience and tools to finish the job quickly. If they determine that the faucet is damaged beyond repair, they recommend a replacement.

Water Heater Issues

As surprising as it might seem, the water heater may impact your home’s cold or hot water pressure. The water heater can reduce the water pressure in either of two ways. The first one is the buildup of sediments in the water heater. The mineral sediments accumulate within the water heater over time. If this happens near pipe connections, the buildup restricts the outflow and inflow of water.

The other way that a water heater might reduce the water pressure is via a water heater valve. If your water heater’s shutoff valve is not open fully, your home will experience low water pressure. You can restore the water pressure by opening the valve fully in such a case. However, because a water heater can be a dangerous appliance to try fixing yourself, you’re better off enlisting a plumber to handle the low water pressure issue.

Professional Plumbers You Can Rely On

Water is a critical resource, no doubt about it. However, to experience the convenience and comfort of using it, it must have the right pressure. There are various issues discussed above that may contribute to low water pressure. Hence, ensure that you enlist a plumbing service provider for further inspection whenever you notice that your home has low water pressure. Do you need any plumbing service at your home? Call our reliable plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today.

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