Who Deals With Drain Cleaning Problems? | San Antonio, TX

Who Deals With Drain Cleaning Problems? | San Antonio, TX

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Our city is the seventh-most populated city in the United States and the second-most populous city in Texas. We are famous for the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park and The Alamo, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. In 2017, the city was designated a UNESCO City of Creativity for Gastronomy‘,’ which is one of only 26 such cities in the world. So, the last thing that these restaurants need is a clogged drain.

A clogged drain not only causes chaos but is a health risk and no business or family home wants that. Who do the people of San Antonio turn to, to sort the problem out? They look to bluefrog Plumbing and Drain, who runs the best drain cleaning service in San Antonio, TX.

We have been San Antonio’s most trusted plumbing and drain cleaning company for many years and can sort out most problems in one visit. We are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. No matter what your problem, we will sort it out for you.

Warning Signs That You Need Your Drains Cleaned

Drain cleaning is something that most homeowners forget about and neglect. If you ignore cleaning, problems like drain clogging, sewer backup, and drainpipe damage will occur. You need to be alert for the following signs:

The Toilet Repeatedly Keeps Clogging

Apart from human waste, water, toilet paper, and some cleaning products, nothing should be flushed down a toilet. This includes wet wipes as these do not dissolve in water.

We at bluefrog plumbing have seen almost everything pushed down a toilet and no amount of flushing or pouring chemicals down the toilet will remove your child’s favorite plastic toy.

If you start to notice your toilet draining slowly, call bluefrog plumbing immediately. If a toilet clogs up too much overflow can cause sanitary and health problems for you and your family.

The Sink Starts Draining Slowly

Just like a toilet, people will put just about anything down a sink. Most clogging is caused by a combination of hair, grease, soap, and even food. If you pour hot grease down a sink it will start to stick to the pipe and drain walls as it cools down.

Bits of food, hair, and dirt will now stick to the grease and start to cause clogging, and should the sink start to drain slowly, you will need an immediate drain cleaning service before it completely stops draining.

Fruit Flies

If food waste is caught in the drain, you may see a lot of fruit flies in your kitchen. A skilled drain cleaning service offered by bluefrog plumbing can resolve this problem and get those pesky bugs out of your clean kitchen!

Bad Odors

If you notice a sewage smell and discolored water backing up through your sink and toilet, your sewer drain may have blocked up. You need to call bluefrog plumbing straight away. The team at bluefrog plumbing recommend regular sewer drain cleaning to keep your plumbing system running efficiently all-year-round! You can count on us for a drain service that does a comprehensive job, that will reduce blockages and remove bad smells resulting in a cleaner home in San Antonio, TX.

How We Approach Each Problem

  • Each drain cleaning service is different.
  • Do you know how many drains you have in your home? Here’s a hint, it’s more than you think.
  • Each drain comes with its own set of problems and solutions.
  • Just simply removing the clog may offer a temporary fix but may not offer a long-term solution.
  • Our expert plumbers use the latest camera and video inspection equipment to locate your clog.

They use cabling machines, Hydro-Jetting, non-toxic chemical cleaners, and even the good old plumbing snake to remove the clog. But they will also try to find the causes of the clog and offer long-term solutions to avoid the problem in the future at an affordable price.

Other Services We Offer

We don’t just provide a drain cleaning service, we offer a wide range of other plumbing repairs, installations, and more which include sewer and water line, sump pump repair, tankless water heater installation and repair, water softener installation, and an emergency plumbing service.

If you are worried about any part of your plumbing system, it is best to call bluefrog plumbing straight away. Delaying any regular maintenance or emergency work can cause further harm to your home and increase the price of subsequent repairs.

Testimonials From Our Customers

“Great Service again from Bluefrog plumbing. We have been working with them over the past few years for all our plumbing and drainage problems. Bluefrog provides a very efficient and professional service and always resolve any problem. They keep us updated on how things are going. I strongly recommend them.”

John Keene, Helotes, TX, September 2020

“Professional service arrived on time gave us good advice. Cannot recommend enough. Thank you Bluefrog plumbing.”

Rebecca Smith, Spring Branch, TX August 2020

“No problems at all with this company. Within 20 minutes of calling them about a blocked drain, there was a workman at the door. He fixed it quickly too. I was kept informed throughout the job and the price was good too.”

Sally Harris, Selma, TX, August 2020

Why Choose bluefrog Plumbing for a Drain Cleaning Service?

bluefrog plumbing and drain are experts at cleaning drains. We are a customer-focused company born out of a need to serve the people and businesses of our unique town and the surrounding areas. Customer satisfaction is our number one objective because we love our community!

Cleaning a drain can be a dirty and stinky business, but bluefrog promises to do the job quickly and cause as little disturbance as possible. Please contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio now for free help and advice. No problem is too big or small for us. If you experience any plumbing problems, talk to the professionals at bluefrog plumbing today.

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