Do You Need A Plumbing Repair? | San Antonio, TX

Do You Need A Plumbing Repair? | San Antonio, TX

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San Antonio, TX, has two UNESCO World Heritage sites, the world-famous Alamo and the Missions National Historical Park. It is one of only 26 cities in the world selected as a UNESCO “City of Creativity for Gastronomy”. With so much to see and do in San Antonio the last thing, anybody needs is a plumbing repair.

Eventually, every home will require a plumber. bluefrog is the company that everyone thinks of calling first when they need a plumbing repair.

Whenever you need us, we are minutes away. We are ready 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year. No matter what your problem, we will fix it for you.

Signs That You Need a Plumbing Repair

From a dripping faucet to a smelly drain; we fix them all. We at bluefrog plumbing provide a full range of plumbing repair services.

A Dripping Faucet

Have you been kept awake all night by a dripping faucet? Apart from the annoyance, a dripping faucet can quickly run up large water bills. Fixing this may seem a DIY job, but if you have ever watched an old Laurel and Hardy movie, this can quickly turn into a disaster for the inexperienced DIY-er. Leave it to the professionals and call bluefrog plumbing today.

The Toilet Keeps Running

It has happened to us all, you flush the toilet, and you can still hear the water flowing, running up your water bill. An adjustable float controls the water level in the toilet. If the float is set too low, you get a weak flush.

Set it too high and water overflows into the toilet runoff tube and the fill valve will not turn off. The toilet will keep running. This is a job you could tackle yourself, but if you do not feel confident enough, then call bluefrog plumbing and we can send an experienced plumber around to help.

The Sink Is Slow to Drain

Have you noticed the sink taking longer and longer to drain? You could try pouring some chemicals down the sink. We at bluefrog plumbing suggest that you do not do this very often, as harsh chemicals can damage the piping and joints. We suggest a regular inspection of your plumbing system, this will detect problems early saving you any expensive plumbing repair.

The Toilet Is Clogged

Okay, you have flushed the toilet and it has not emptied. What do you do next? You could pour clog remover down the toilet, but these can contain harsh chemicals that can cause the pipes to corrode if they are used repeatedly. Their use probably is not doing the environment much good either as they will eventually flow into the sewer network.

If the clog is serious your toilet would overflow creating not only a nasty mess but a health hazard. You need to call bluefrog straight away for an emergency plumbing repair. On no account should you tackle this yourself, our expert plumbers are specially equipped to deal with these situations and wear protective clothing to reduce the hazard.

Standing Water in Your Sinks and Toilet

Having one sink or toilet clogged up is bad enough, but what happens if they are all clogged up and will not drain? This could be a very serious problem especially if you smell sewage and the water starts to discolor. Your sewer line could be clogged or damaged. You need an emergency plumbing repair, do not delay call bluefrog plumbing straight away.

Debris like grease, hair, food, and dust can stick to the pipe walls, building up over time and clogging the pipe. The sewer line could be damaged from the ground moving over time or even tree roots penetrating the pipes. The team at bluefrog plumbing can use a miniature camera on the end of a flexible rod to examine the clog and surrounding pipework.

Low Water Pressure

Looking forward to a nice hot shower but there is low water pressure which can be irksome. This could be the result of a leak. You need this attended to because if not your water bills will be higher, and the water could be damaging your property.

The low pressure could also be the result of a faulty hot water shut-off valve in your water heater. Whatever the reason you need an experienced plumber from bluefrog plumbing to find out what is causing the issue and we will send an expert to fix the problem affordably and quickly.

Reducing the Need for a Plumbing Repair

Well do not pour grease down a sink, put it in your compost. Buy hair traps for the bath, shower, and sink and empty them regularly. Do not put wet wipes down the toilet, these do not dissolve in water and are the cause of many clogs.

In fact, do not put anything other than human waste, water, toilet paper, and some cleaning products down the toilet!

We also strongly recommend that you have your plumbing system regularly maintained. Cleaning the pipes periodically will remove smaller clogs before they become big ones. Regular sewage and water line inspection can detect early signs of wear and tear on your pipes and seams, avoiding an expensive plumbing repair.

Customer Testimonials

“Bluefrog’s plumbers are amazing. They were quick to arrive and very professional. They fixed the leak in no time. We also purchased their maintenance plan.”

Leo Williams, China Grove, TX, August 2020

“We recently bought our first home. They checked our plumbing system and brought our water heater up to code. I can highly recommend these guys.”

Sandra Lopez, San Antonio, TX, July 2020

Why Choose bluefrog Plumbing?

There are many good reasons to choose us. We offer customers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on our work. We will not leave your property until we have finished the work and We will not leave until YOU are completely satisfied with our work. We have zero trip charges, zero overtime charges and are available 24/7,

All our plumbers are licensed and insured. They are fully vetted, and drug tested before we hire them. We put your safety first. Before entering your property, our plumbers will use hand sanitizer and wear a face mask.

Give us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio a call and we will get your plumbing working smoothly again quickly and without breaking the bank!

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