Where Does Water Heater Repair Fit In The Water Quality Plan For Your Home? | Boerne, TX

Where Does Water Heater Repair Fit In The Water Quality Plan For Your Home? | Boerne, TX

Have you noticed an uncharacteristic smell coming from the bathroom showerhead when you’re bathing? Does the water flowing from your hot water faucets appear discolored? Is your white clothing coming out of the laundry machine with stains or less white? You might require a water heater repair by a professional plumbing service to inspect the unit for the typical issues that arise if you don’t maintain the water heater.

This usually is true if the water supply at your home from your municipal or any other water supply company has a higher mineral content, otherwise called hard water. This water interacts with appliances like the water heater, laundry machine, and pipes, leaving some mineral deposits within your plumbing system. If you have noticed that you keep cleaning a residue from your coffee maker, that is usually a sign that your home has hard water leaving behind the residue.

Professional plumbers can quickly inspect the plumbing system, including testing the water to rapidly uncover the source of its problems. They can also improve your plumbing to see you have a better water quality, making your soapy showers and refreshing ice water much more enjoyable. Homeowners might get used to their lives, but this shouldn’t be the case sometimes because they may be suffering silently. So, how about having a water quality plan for your Boerne, TX home?

Reducing Appliance Issues and Plumbing With Better Quality of Water

One of the leading causes of most plumbing issues involving water heater repair at your home is the sediments and minerals dissolved in your water. Some homes are in the clear and fortunate because they aren’t supplied with a lot of hard water. However, this is a fact of life in many areas, especially with water drawn from wells, although prevalent in public water utility supplies.

The public water utility companies might switch their water sources occasionally. Hence, even if you get decent water today, that can change tomorrow or soon when they shift from groundwater to river or reservoir sources. For most homes, the solution to this issue is installing a water softener or water filtration system to ensure the minerals dissolved in hard water from negatively affecting your home’s plumbing.

Benefits of High or Improved Water Quality

Suppose your home has safe drinking water which is under your control. In that case, you are sure that your family will stay healthy, hydrate, enjoy their beverages, cook, or even hand wash without resorting to buying bottled water. The quality of water directly affects the effectiveness of shampoos soaps. For instance, hard water might irritate your skin, and everything from the appliances to the pipes corrode faster with high levels of dissolved minerals. Fortunately, a water heater repair expert could help by installing a water softener and flushing your heater.

Scale, which is the solid form of the dissolved minerals that accumulate on the appliances, including the coffee maker, is another drawback of using hard water at your home. A water softener or filter eliminates or reduces the other contaminants dissolved in water. Among the places where the problems with the hard water might be significant is with your water heater, especially a conventional water heater. Various issues with water quality might arise if you don’t have a regular maintenance plan for the unit.

Hot Water Quality Problems That Emanate at the Water Heater

In your conventional water heater, there is a component called the anode rod that aids in compensating the issues with the supplied water quality. It sacrifices its metal over time to protect the tank. When there is a depletion of the anode rod, there is an accelerated corrosion rate. However, this might take several years based on the amount of minerals present in hard water.

The anode rod function could also impact the growth of the anaerobic bacteria that produce an odor that you can notice whenever the hot water flows from your shower or sink. The corrosion in the tank can also flow through your plumbing system and enter your appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. Enlist the assistance of a plumber to have a water heater repair done on your system and the anode rod replaced.

Avoiding Stains from the Discolored Water

The corrosion from the water heater or plumbing pipes can result in discoloration of your clothing cleaned in water that contains rust particles. Whenever you notice the discoloration only arises whenever you clean your clothes in warm or hot water, it might be time to enlist the help of a water heater repair expert in Boerne, TX. The technician will investigate the unit for signs of corrosion. If they notice anything, the anode rod is depleted. They will replace it to protect the tank. The specialist will also clean the walls of the water heater or steel pipes for any effects of corrosion and recommend some solutions, including part replacement.

Your Tap Water Has Some Odors

Have you noticed a rotten egg smell odor in your hot water? This is a sign that anaerobic bacteria have grown inside your water heater tank. The bacteria can also develop in enclosed spaces like your well, or pipes. Fortunately, there are several ways of dealing with this problem that your water heater repair expert knows all well.

If the smell is only emanating from your hot water, the water heater repair specialist can offer you some solutions that can help in reducing or eliminating the foul stench. They will also take measures like replacing the anode rod to preserve the corrosion protection for the water heater tank. If the odor is also coming from your cold water, the plumber can trace the origin and offer solutions for your cold water.

Making a Good Water Quality Plan for Your Home

After you have resolved the sources of water quality at your home, from the water supply to pipes and problems with the water heater, you will not want to revert to that poor water quality. You will feel better, enjoy drinking treated tap water, and feel refreshed and clean after a shower, something that you might not have felt for some time. The water heater repair technician will perform water quality tests and a plumbing inspection and help you choose a good water quality solution.

Need Help? We’ve Got You Covered

Water quality has a direct bearing on your water heater. Most of the unit’s problems stem from water quality. Hard water deposits mineral sediments at the bottom of a water heater or on the heating element. A water heater repair specialist will address the problems with your water heater and help you resolve the water hardness problem. Do you need a water heater repair service at your Boerne, TX home? Call us today at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio.

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