Drain Cleaning Service: Signs of Sewer Drain Clogs | San Antonio, TX

Drain Cleaning Service: Signs of Sewer Drain Clogs | San Antonio, TX

A sewer drainage system is an essential component of your plumbing system. It ensures that your family and house dwellers can have comfort at your San Antonio, TX home. The sewer system connects the underground drainage systems that remove excrements and wastewater from your home to the municipal sewer system. Clogged drains can be very hazardous and humiliating.

Clogged drains can result in high restoration costs and even make matters worse. Homeowners might incur extensive medical bills for hygiene-related conditions. To prevent such problems, the homeowners ought to have some knowledge regarding their drains and enlist immediate drain cleaning service help from a reliable plumbing company. Below are some indicators that you should call a plumber to have your drains cleaned.

Lush Patches on Your Yard

Having a green landscape in your yard is an excellent idea. It enhances the curb appeal of your awesome home. However, imagine you start noticing some abnormal stretches or patches of lush green vegetation in your yard. This might imply something amiss underneath, and one of the highly probable causes is a leaking drainage pipe. Therefore, you should call a plumber for a drain cleaning service. They will inspect the entire drainage system and the sewer line using an inspection camera to pinpoint where the blockage is.

A clog usually is among the leading issues that result in leakages in sewer lines. This makes the sewage pipes burst or crack because of the excessive pressure. Your yard’s vegetation overgrows or becomes lusher because the underground sewer wastes are rich in nutrients, thus acting as a fertilizer. When you notice overgrowing or greener patterns in your yard, you might have to call a drain cleaning service to inspect your sewer line.

Presence of Rodents

Though the rodents might also come from your neighbor’s home or nearby garbage sites, the other culprit might be your sewer system. Your sewer line has food or provides a good breeding ground for the rodents, providing a favorable breeding ground that acts as a welcoming ticket for these frustrating creatures into your home. For instance, an average-sized rat might pass through a ¾ inch pipe opening. Rats live in groups, meaning that if one manages to get into your home, you are in for a big problem. You will be dealing with a significant number of rodents soon.

Rodents eat and tear up your 5-star prepared meals, appealing furniture, expensive clothing, and groceries. These frustrating creatures might also cause life-threatening illnesses like Hemorrhagic Fever to your family or you. Whenever you experience such an issue, your first thought might be to reach out to pest control specialists. However, addressing the problem from its root cause is the best way of resolving it. Therefore, whenever the issue becomes persistent, you might have broken or clogged sewer pipes, issues that a drain cleaning professional is appropriately equipped and trained to handle.

Sewage Backups

One of the most frustrating and prevalent problems in some San Antonio, TX homes is sewer backups. The backup of sewer wastes occurs in the open drains that are lowest at home and are commonly triggered by a clog within the drainage system. Whenever you flush your toilet, use your bathtub or shower, or run some water through the drains of your sink and notice some backflows, you might be having a problem. Your main sewer line might have a blockage because the drains depend on the sewer line for effective or proper draining.

It will be of great help if you seek the assistance of a drain cleaning service company to address the issue immediately. Otherwise, you might be staring at a more protracted problem in the future. You may even be forced to evacuate your home during the cleaning and repair service or incur expensive damages by sewer backups.

Infestation By Insects

The presence of such insects as palmetto bugs, roaches, and sewer flies might indicate that you have a perforated sewer line. These insects easily get into your home through the tiny openings in your sewer lines. You will probably be frustrated or find it irritating to see flies or roaches in your dining room or kitchen area, scavenging your delicious meals.

These insects usually post a gloomy picture of your sanitation to the friends who visit your home and your family. They can also cause health-related complications, including stomach upsets and allergic reactions resulting from your body’s interaction and the allergens of these insects’ fecal matter, saliva, and other body parts. You might decide to use insect control measures, but it is time to seek another kind of help when they do not materialize. Enlist the assistance of a drain cleaning service company to inspect and resolve the precise source of fractures on the pipes, including clogs.

Slow Drains

Some homeowners might have experienced slow drains, often with bathrooms, kitchen sinks, clean sinks, and toilets. Some property owners might opt to use plungers to resolve the problem to avoid incurring repair expenses. Although this is a great and cheap option, the solution is short-term at best.

Enlisting the assistance of a drain cleaning service company is the best solution. It is a permanent solution that might save you from replacing your entire sewer line, an undertaking that might prove costly. Slower drains are another sign that there are particles that have blocked your drainage pipes. You can avoid this problem by not flushing wastes like soaps, hairs, pampers, sanitary napkins, and bath towels down your toilet or washing down sticky foods through your sinks.

Pools of Septic Waste In Your Yard

Puddles of septic waste in your yard are the clearest sign you need a drain cleaning service. The pools of water arise from fractured pipes that allow the wastewater to seep upwards to the surface. They damage your yard that you most likely have used a fortune to make a more aesthetically appealing sight. Therefore, you should seek the help of a plumber to have a drain cleaning service. After the drains are cleared, you will have to return to the drawing board to know how you’ll return your yard to its former sparkling beauty.

Professional Drain Cleaning Service in San Antonio, TX

Clogged or dirty drains are among the most frustrating problems you may experience at your home. However, it helps to know some telltale indicators that blockages in distress occasion your drainage system. Although your first instinct whenever you experience a drain clog is to use a plunger, this might not be the best solution. Enlist the assistance of a professional drain cleaning service to resolve the issue in the long term. Call our reliable and experienced plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today if you’ve noticed any of the signs above.

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