When to Find a Company for Water Heater Repair | San Antonio, TX

When to Find a Company for Water Heater Repair | San Antonio, TX

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A water heater is one of those devices in a typical household, which is oftentimes the most neglected. Unless it is turned off while you are on a vacation or something of the sort, this appliance is used on a daily basis. Just like any other appliance, it suffers from some common issues. Nevertheless, its repairs are relatively easier and less complicated.

The tank-type water heaters are simple products in design. Given that all of the components are vital to its operation, only a handful variety exists when compared to other appliances. This again is beneficial for the consumers.

Listed below are some of the common issues that homeowners face with their water heater. It is advised that you call up a professional to deal with any water heater repair.

1.    Leakage of Water Unexpectedly

If you suddenly notice a leak, it could be due to a few things. The T&P valve might have failed, cold inlet/hot outlet pipes could have loosened up, or in the other case, inlet value could have leaked. These are fixable issues if you hire a professional water heater repair company that is known for repair in your neighborhood.

On the other hand, if you notice a leakage at the bottom, it is usually due to normal condensation, an electric heating element gasket that is leaking or gas flow from the overflow pipe. Don’t fret. This issue is also solvable with an efficient water heater repair company near you.

2.    Lack of Hot Water

The water inside an electric water heater is warmed up by heating elements (two of them). A sudden absence of hot water means that the circuit breaker has tripped and you should recheck the breaker box. Other than that, the heating elements could have failed and required an immediate replacement. There could be an issue with the reset switch of the thermostat.

Yet again, these are minor issues and can be fixed in no time.

3.    The Stench in Hot Water

If you notice this all of a sudden, then chances are for bacteria in the tank. Households that use well water as a primary source of water have a higher probability of facing this issue. Routine flushing of this water can resolve this issue, but that is just a temporary fix. However, you need to fix the rotten egg/Sulphur smell in your device.

When you talk to a professional, ask them about the replacement of the anode rod. A powered anode rod is a long-lasting solution and you are better off with that.

4.    Reheat Time is Longer Now

It is one of the downsides of this device. On average, the recovery time (time to reheat supply of water) on an electric version takes twice the time required on a gas-based model. Different models have different times, but still lacks the efficiency of gas models.

There could be a problem with the heating elements if the water takes needlessly more time to heat up. The build-up of sediment also slows down the process even further. You may need to replace certain parts, if need be.

You should consider asking for advice first before you think about repair. Chances are you may need to buy a new unit, which is more prudent.

5.    Inadequate Hot Water

Insufficient hot water is probably due to the faulty thermostat. In the case of electric mode, a thermostat is present behind the access panel on a tank’s side. It is a set of factory settings and seldom requires a change. Other reasons for lack of hot water include loose wiring, faulty element or inadequate capacity of the appliance to tend to your needs.

A professional plumbing service can guide you on a way forward. Your aim should be to minimize your expenditure. This could be achieved either by purchasing a new unit or replacing certain parts that ensure longevity.

6.    Rusty Water

Oftentimes, you may notice that the hot water is slightly yellowish. This is often due to corrosion of anode rode or the tank for that matter. When left unattended, the entire unit will need to be replaced which is a costly affair. Anode replacement is actually easy and only adds more years to the device.

In other cases, if the water is discolored or dirty, then it is often due to build-up of scale on the water heater’s heating elements. This water heater repair is also less time taking and you should have your unit up and running in no time.

7.    Weird Noises

Customers often complain about this. You may hear knocking, banging, hissing, popping or other noises from your system. This is primarily due to buildup of sediment at the bottom of a tank or scale buildup on the heating elements.

Other causes of noises could be due to a leak here or there, pressure inside the appliance, noise created due to expansion/contraction of the pipes. This is a harmless case for repair but you should have it checked anyhow. You could prevent a potentially expensive repair.

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