5 Tell-tale Signs That You Need Slab Leak Repair Services | San Antonio, TX

5 Tell-tale Signs That You Need Slab Leak Repair Services | San Antonio, TX

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If your commercial or residential building rests on a concrete foundation, then it is necessary that you stay attentive to your plumbing systems. In doing so, you will protect your property as well as the contents that are inside the building.

Among your watch-list regarding structural maintenance, you should prioritize foundation leak first. This article will talk about slab leak repair options, the early warning signs and how to go about it.


Why Water Leaks?

They usually occur when the plumbing system ages, but it can occur in newer constructions as well. The sewage and water lines are situated typically under a foundation. Unsuitable water pressure in a system, fractured lines, poor construction, earth movement, water quality, watersheds and shifting soils are all contributing factors with respect to a leak. The foundation weakens when a leak drains into the soil.

Let’s look at some reasons for which you may need an expert plumber for slab leak repair:

1.    Excessive Water Bill

They are not often that visible to a human eye. But an early sign is an immediate increase in the water bill. That is an instant clue.

The price of water can fluctuate at one time or the other, so you need to gauge the actual amount of water used in your household and factor in the difference. If you notice a substantial increase in water bills when your usage habits are still the same, then you need to call a slab leak repair company to sort out the mess. The professional will advise you the best route to take for your specific situation.

2.    A Marked Reduction in Water Pressure

When there is a household slab leak, the water pressure in your house may not be as it was previously. This decrease in pressure of water could be an indication that water has leaked somewhere within the walls or in the structure of the house. You will need to contact a plumbing company for slab leak repair and figure the source of this leak to prevent any further damage. This issue is one which should be addressed as soon as possible.

3.    A Warm Spot

You may notice a uniquely warm spot on the household floor. Where did it come from? It wasn’t there before. This could possibly mean that a hot water leak is somewhere along with the slab. Condensation becomes visible in certain spots on the floor. Warms spots are actually nice warning signs that alert the homeowner immediately about location of the leak.

At other times, cats and dogs are the ones which feel the warm spots on the floor and signals their owners. Dogs and cats are drawn instantly to warm spots and they enjoy sleeping in such areas. If notice such a thing, then call a slab leak repair professional that is in your area for a quick evaluation.

4.    Tile Cracks

Cracks are visible on the floor tiles when the slab starts to move. Water affects the tile, causing them to shift and crack later on when they are positioned above the leak. These leaks are quite dangerous because it weakens the concrete foundation, resulting in cracks and shifting.

There are other physical attributes, which includes cracks on the wall or nearby the floor trim. If any of the above occurs, you need to call a plumbing company to look at the issue and advise you on a course of action that is feasible for you in the long run.

5.     Sound of Water Running

At times, it happens that you can hear water is running in your house. Even when all the faucets are closed, you may hear that nagging sound. If it is not a slab leak, then it could be the ceiling, floor or the walls. Nevertheless, you will need a professional plumbing company to help you find out what is going on.


Options for Slab Leak Repair:

Regardless of whether you notice the leak in its early stages or when the situation is out of control, then you need to consult a professional plumber who has sound knowledge and experience to conduct the necessary repairs. Because your building’s structural integrity keenly relies on the strength of its foundation.

There are some options here, but it depends on the situation at hand:

  • Re-pipe the plumbing system
  • Pipe coatings
  • Rerouting of the pipes
  • Open the foundation

In case you have an old piping system, they may need a replacement. This way, you can avoid further issues in the nearby future. If the construction is relatively new, then they man open up the foundation to reach out to the damaged section of the pipeline.


Why Should You Choose Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, TX?

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