What To Expect From A Drain Cleaning Service | Cibolo, TX

What To Expect From A Drain Cleaning Service | Cibolo, TX

While DIY work may be great for everyday activities like mowing the lawn or clearing the gutters, heavy-duty jobs like drain cleaning are best left to the professionals. Hiring a professional drain cleaning service ensures your drains are clean and clog-free. This can be attributed to their tools, skills, and experience to provide a satisfactory job. It’s normal to be apprehensive when hiring a drain cleaning service for the first time. What should you expect from these services, and how can you prepare for them?

Keep reading to find out everything you should expect from a drain cleaning service in Cibolo, TX.

A Service Call

The first step to having professionals clean your drains is making a service call. You’ll do this right after researching and finding the best drain cleaning service in your region. The internet has many options for you, and it’s important to settle for the best.

The service call is your chance to explain what you need help with to professional drain cleaners. If you’re unsure of the issue, you can describe it as best as possible to the person on call. You can explain the awful smell, the sewage backup, or the slow drains. This explanation is great, but a visual inspection is needed to diagnose the issue conclusively.

The company should also give you guidelines on how to control the situation before their arrival. They’ll also schedule an appointment on a date that works for both parties.

Work Preparation

With a scheduled appointment in place, the drain cleaning company will arrive at your doorstep on the agreed date. However, don’t expect them to jump into action right away. A bit of preparation is necessary to ensure they deliver on their mandate.

Preparation involves the drain cleaning service asking you questions concerning your drains and plumbing system. They’ll ask what you wash down the drains, how you regularly clean them, and what issues they have. You might see them opening your faucets to check how fast your sinks drain.

Next, they’ll prepare the work area by placing drop cloths, putting on shoe coverings, and much more. This helps prevent your house from getting too dirty during exercise. It also helps safeguard your electricals and maintain proper sanitation.

Once the work area is set, they’ll don their work clothes, get all their equipment, and assemble. This indicates that they’re now ready for the task at hand.

Video Drain Inspection

The technicians must have a good look at your drains before they get to work. To do this, they’ll use a special video inspection camera. These high-resolution cameras are waterproof, enabling them to look inside sewer lines and underground pipes. They’re fitted on the end of a long flexible rod called a snake rod.

The technician will insert one end of the rod, which has a camera, into the sewage line. The rod’s flexibility allows it to twist and turn through bends in the sewage line, delivering real-time high-resolution images. The technician will push this rod down the sewage line until they locate the clog.

Drain Cleaning and Clog Removal

Professional drain cleaners are experts in removing clogs in your drains, regardless of the size of the clog. Clog removal is an elaborate process that sometimes warrants the use of specialized equipment. Examples of equipment you should expect include a hydro jetter, cabling snake, and video inspection equipment.

The drain cleaning service will use the following techniques to clean and remove clogs in your drains:

Manual Drain Snakes

Drain snakes are a special type of hose that the technician pushes down the drain. It’s strong enough to break through the gunk and other soft substances. A jet of hot water is then passed through it to flush away any remaining debris.

Motorized Drain Snakes

Motorized drain snakes are a step above manual drain snakes. These drain snakes use electricity to maneuver the sewer lines and break through blockages. They have an auger at one to drill through hard blockages. They’re great for removing scale, tree roots, grease, and other solid substances in the sewer lines.

Hydro Jetting

The stubborn buildup, like scale, hair, and solids, is challenging to remove with conventional drain cleaning chemicals. In such cases, the professionals will use a hydro jetting machine. This powerful gadget blasts water under high pressure of up to 4000 psi. This helps scour the pipes clean, removing any scale, gunk, and solid debris.

The hydro jetting machine uses an equally powerful chemical drain cleaner for the best results. The technician might use enzymatic drain cleaners in cases where the pipe shows excessive organic growth like mold and algae. This will prevent the recurrent growth of these organisms that keep clogging your drains.

Testing Your Plumbing System

Once the technician finishes cleaning your drains, they’ll have to test whether it’s clean and without blockages. They’ll first open the faucet to see how fast the sink drains. Fast-draining sinks are a sign that the drains are now squeaky clean.

Next, they’ll insert the video drain inspection camera to check for any remaining scale or debris. If there’s evidence of this, they’ll have to redo the cleaning until the drain is clear.

How to Prepare for the Drain Cleaner’s Visit

Preparing to receive a drain cleaning service provider will help make the drain cleaning process much faster and hassle-free. Here are a couple of tips for preparing for the appointment:

  • Clear the way of any debris, like leaves, furniture, and other objects that may interfere with the technician’s path.
  • Check your plumbing fixtures so that you can provide detailed information about them on inquiry
  • Remove any sewage waste just in case the drain cleaning company doesn’t include doing so in their service package

Professional Drain Cleaners at Your Service

Get in touch with a professional drain cleaning service in Cibolo, TX, when you experience any issues with your drains. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, we provide the best drain cleaning service in Cibolo, TX. Contact us today, and let us help keep your drains clear and squeaky clean.

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