How To Decide Between Water Heater Repair Or Replacement | Boerne, TX

How To Decide Between Water Heater Repair Or Replacement | Boerne, TX

Tankless water heaters last for about 20 years or more, while their tanked counterparts have a lifespan of between 10 and 15 years. During this time, your water heater is bound to experience many issues. However, knowing whether to replace or repair the water heater can prove difficult for the average homeowner in Boerne, TX.

On the one hand, water heater repair is much cheaper and less hassle. On the other hand, some water heater issues are beyond repair, and retaining the water heater does more harm than good. So, how do you decide? Keep reading to find out.

Check Your Water Heater’s Age

Age is a key indicator of whether you should repair or replace your water heater. As mentioned earlier, you’ll get about 20 years or more for a tankless heater. A gas water heater will give you about ten years of smooth functionality.

If you’ve had your water heater for more than 10 or 20 years, then it’s probably at the end of its life cycle. Old water heaters are highly inefficient and prone to a plethora of issues. Using a water heater beyond its lifespan translates to hefty energy bills and equally expensive repair costs.

You’re better off replacing your heater with one that utilizes the latest technology to be more energy efficient. If you have a tanked heating system, you should consider switching to a tankless one. The latter is more energy efficient, takes up less space, and requires less maintenance.

Your Current Energy Bills

Water heaters tend to get less efficient with time. Lime deposits usually accumulate at the bottom of the tank. These deposits become insulating layers, insulating the water from heat from the heating elements. As such, your water heater requires more energy to heat the water to the desired temperature.

Your energy bills are a good indicator of your water heater’s efficiency. Are your energy bills through the roof? If so, then it’s highly likely that your water heater is at its most inefficient. Arranging for water heater repair won’t do much for the situation. You’re better off replacing it completely.

Surely, the upfront costs might be hefty, but the long-term savings make it a worthy investment. However, you’ll have to invest in a good, energy-efficient model to get the most value for money.

Repair Frequency and Cost of Repair

Frequent repairs could put a hole in your budget, depending on the problem in question. If you spend too much on water heater repair, it’s time to change tact. Water heater repairs don’t make sense if the problem keeps recurring over and over again.

If that’s the case, you’re better off replacing your water heater once and for all. This could save you a bundle in the long run and a lot of trouble too.

Check the Water Quality

Water quality is also a good indicator of whether you need water heater repair or replacement. A water heater in good working condition will have clear water with no debris. On the other hand, water from a defunct heater will give off cloudy, rusty, and sandy water.

The more you use your water heater, the more sediment collects at the bottom of the tank. When the buildup exceeds abnormal levels, you’ll see traces of it in the water. This explains the rusty look and actual sediment material in the tank. Repairing it won’t address the issue. Your only hope is to replace the water heating system.

When Should You Repair Your Water Heater?

You don’t have to replace your water heater if it only experiences minor issues every once in a while. Arranging for repairs is the most reasonable course of action in such cases. Here are a few signs that you should get water heater repair in Boerne, TX.

You Don’t Have Hot Water

Not having water doesn’t mean your water heater is dead. Instead, it only means that the heating element gave out. Fortunately, you can hire a water heater repair service to replace the heating element. They’ll also check out other issues with your heater that might contribute to the lack of hot water.

You Hear Loud Noises from the Heater

Loud banging or rumbling noises from the water heater is never a good sign. Not only do they compromise your sleep quality, but they also indicate that something is terribly wrong with your water heater.

This is a sign that your heater has heavy sediment buildup that you need to get rid of. A water heater repair service will help you eliminate all the sediment by flushing out the tank. That way, you can eliminate the strange noises and also maintain your water heater’s efficiency.

As a rule of thumb, arrange for the water heater-flushing at least once a year to avoid sediment buildup. However, if there’s still noise from your heater despite flushing it recently, you need to replace it.

You Have a Water Leak

Water puddles around your water tank are a red flag you shouldn’t ignore. This indicates a leak in your water heating system, a leak that only gets worse with time.

If you notice any puddles around your water heaters tank, then you best arrange for repairs as soon as you can. Tiny cracks in the tank cause leaks to expand when in contact with hot water. These tiny cracks could grow and eventually cause the tank to burst. Plus, water from the leakage could come into contact with and damage your electrical system.

Contact a water heater repair service if you notice any leaks in your water heating system. The earlier you do so, the better for your tank.

Schedule Your Repair or Replacement Today

If you suspect any issues with your water heater, contact repair services immediately. This could be the difference between buying a new water heater or addressing the problems with a few minor repairs.

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio in Boerne, TX, we take pride in offering top-tier water heater replacement and repair services for customers across the state. Contact us today, and let us help keep your water heater in tip-top shape.

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