What Do Various Water Heater Repair Status Lights Mean? | San Antonio, TX

What Do Various Water Heater Repair Status Lights Mean? | San Antonio, TX

Water heaters are essential in providing your San Antonio, TX home with heated water. Can you imagine waking up on a summer morning only to find out that the water heater has malfunctioned and cannot adequately heat your water? Besides being stressful, that can also be inconvenient and frustrating. Hence, homeowners are advised to see a water heater repair professional assistance for routine inspection and maintenance.

However, the water heater also has a diagnostic system that you can use to tell if it has an issue. Most water heaters feature a status light, an LED light fitted on the gas control valve that shows the status of the water heating unit. It can tell whether the water heater is properly working or whenever the unit has a problem that requires the immediate attention of a water heater repair technician.

The status light speaks a lot about the condition of the water heater. Hence, homeowners must understand what the status lights mean. This allows them to correctly interpret the water heater issues before calling a plumber to fix any underlying issue. So, what do the various water heating unit’s status lights mean?

The Status Light Not Blinking

If the water heater’s status light isn’t blinking, that might point to several problems. It might mean that the thermal cutoff switch is tripped, the gas valve wiring is damaged, a presence of air within the gas line, broken thermopile, and probably the pilot light isn’t on. Instead of guessing, call a professional water heater repair technician to address the issue.

The Water Heater Shows a Red Status Light

If the status light is red, that indicates that your water heater is almost shutting down, meaning that you should move its gas control valve to an OFF position. The red status light can also indicate that the circuit board is damaged and can’t generate the power the spark igniter needs. However, if the red light blinks once every three seconds, that is a sign that everything is working as it should. It means that the pilot is lit and the gas control valve is functioning correctly.

However, you should check the manual that comes with the water heater. This is because the interpretation of the red blinking light varies based on the model and the number of times it blinks. For instance, if the red light flashes seven times, that is a sign that the gas control valve has malfunctioned. You should hire a water heater repair technician near you in San Antonio, TX, to replace the component.

Blue Light Flashing

Based on your water heater model, a flashing blue status light might be a call for heat. It might also indicate issues in the vacuum tubing or the pressure switch. Based on the water heater that you have, a lashing blue light could mean either of the following:

  • There is an error in the draft pressure switch.
  • A call for heating.
  • The vacuum tubing is blocked.
  • A defective pressure switch.
  • There is water within the vacuum tubing.

However, before you call a water heater repair professional, you should pay attention to the number of times the water heater is flushing the blue light. If the blue light flashes three times, that is a sign of an open draft pressure switch that might be caused by a blocked exhaust vent, a weak fan, or even a damaged switch. However, if the blue light flashes seven times, that is a sign of a faulty flammable vapor sensor.

On the other hand, if the blue light blinks eight times, that is a sign that the flammable sensor you have installed on the water heater is out of specification. The sensor and thermostat well might be damaged or unplugged if you notice eight flashes followed by three blinks and a pause for about three seconds. Either way, you should call a plumbing professional to inspect the unit.

The Water Heating Unit Is Blinking White

This indicates that the pilot light within your water heater is out. Unfortunately, this also means you will not have hot water at your home. Hence, you should invite a water heater repair technician for an inspection of the pilot light and repair if damaged.

When the Water Heater Has a Green Status Light

If your water heater shows a green status light, the unit has heated the water and is in standby mode. However, if the green light is blinking or remaining solid, that might be a cause for concern. If the green light flashes once, it signifies that the water heating unit doesn’t have water, although the power is on. Hence, it is a call to you to fill the tank with water.

On the other hand, two flashes indicate that the water heater is shutting down due to high water pressure. This issue might require the attention of a water heater repair technician. The professional measures the resistance between the yellow and the blue wire connections. They might measure the resistance value between the thermistor plug’s red wires.

If the water heater’s status light show three flushes of green color, that is a sign that the operations of the thermistor have been compromised. When the plumber inspects your unit and notices this, they will ensure that the thermistor plug is correctly oriented and secure. On the other hand, four flashes and five flashes indicate that the heating element has an issue. Hence, a call to your reliable and licensed water heater repair technician is inevitable.

Whenever you record six green flushes, that is a sign that the control board has malfunctioned and caused a water heater lockout. As you can see, the green flashes have varying meanings that might also vary based on the water heater model. Hence, you should always look up the meaning from the water heater manual instead of panicking.

Reputable Plumbing Services

Whenever you notice that the water heater status lights are blinking, you shouldn’t panic. Instead, you should consult the manual that was shipped with the unit to know the exact meaning. The blinking lights might mean different things based on the water heater model. However, some issues might require that you invite a professional water heater repair specialist in San Antonio, TX, for further inspection and fixing. Do you suspect that your water heating unit has run into an issue? Do not hesitate to call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today.

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