Top Benefits of Drain Cleaning | San Antonio, TX

Top Benefits of Drain Cleaning | San Antonio, TX

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Do you have water pooling in your basement near the floor drain? Or have you noticed a sewage smell wafting out of your sinks or your basement? Both of these are signs that it may be time for drain cleaning services in your San Antonio, TX home. You don’t have to deal with bad odors or eventually flood damage if you promptly call a plumber that can help you with drain cleaning.

Even if you don’t notice any issues yet, it is wise to book a regular drain cleaning if you have a home that is over ten years old or you have experienced drain issues in the past.

Extend the Life of Your Drains

The very first reason to consider regular drain cleaning is that it may elongate the lifespan of your drains. Drains that are cleaned regularly don’t have a large amount of built-up debris accumulated. The result is that they don’t corrode, obstruct, or clog as frequently. This can help extend the lifespan of your drains and save you a great deal in replacement and repair costs down the road.

Remove Bad Odors from Your House

Many people deal with bad odors for months before realizing that they could be eliminated with a simple drain cleaning in San Antonio, TX. Many people notice the bad odors that come out their drains, but they can’t figure out how to fix it. If bad smells persist despite cleaning out your drains with bleach or running soapy water down them, there is a good chance that built-up debris, food particles, and residue may be causing the bad odors.

Reduce the Costs of Expensive Repairs

It is a well-known fact in the service industry that proactive maintenance is always better than reactive repairs. Drain cleaning helps to identify partial obstructions and removes them before a clog occurs. A clog can result in a large back-up that smells up your entire house and damages your flooring. Water damage can be very expensive to deal with, and even once the water damage is dealt with you would still need to deal with the actual clog.

At this point, you would require an emergency plumber and emergency water damage repair technicians. If you schedule drain cleaning regularly you will most likely never need to call in emergency help. A scheduled technician is always cheaper and less stressful to deal with. If you want to avoid unexpected expenses, make sure you keep your regular cleaning appointment.

Increase the Water Flow in Your Home

Since you cannot see down inside your pipes, you may be surprised at the amount of debris that accumulates inside of your pipes. While you may not always see your tub or sink draining slowly, if you have a sharp increase in water usage in your home then there is a good chance that your old dirty pipes won’t be able to handle the sudden demands. Instead, in the middle of a party or a holiday dinner, you may find that your sinks aren’t draining or they are backing up in other locations of the home.

Even if your family has good etiquette when it comes to what goes down the sink, inevitably debris will build up. Every time you take a shower some hair and soap scum goes down the sink. If you are brushing your teeth you may be dropping bristles off your toothbrush from time to time. Wash your hands after the bathroom? You are adding to the soap scum buildup. Sometimes there is simply no way around contributing to the backup.

However, if you have your drains professionally cleaned regularly you don’t have to worry about it. Drain cleaning is the remedy for simple buildup in your pipes. Immediately after your drains are cleaned you should notice the water flow in your home is much higher than usual. This is because all of your pipes will be able to handle water at full capacity again. This will increase the efficiency of your plumbing system and reduce the risks of a clog or burst pipe down the road.

Improve Your Home Environment

Even if a clogged drain is not bothering you at the moment, other potentially harmful situations can be associated with dirty pipes. For instance, if you have a constant problem with drain flies this could be an indication that you need to get your drains cleaned. Drain flies nest in the slime and scum that builds upon the sides of your pipes. They look like miniature moths and hatch out of the drain and then fly in your home. Once they hatch you will see them everywhere circling your sink, resting on the walls, and sitting on the ceiling. If you see drain flies, the only way to get rid of them is with drain cleaning services that will completely wipe out any unhatched nests and all potential breeding grounds.

Drain flies are not the only bothersome health issue that can develop as a result of dirty pipes. Mildew and mold can grow inside of pipes. Pipes that haven’t been cleaned for years have a higher risk factor than others, but all it takes is damp conditions for mold to form. The moldy fumes wafting out your drains can cause health issues and severe breathing issues for others. Once again, regular drain cleaning is the only way to prevent this from becoming a real possibility in your home.

Get Professional Help

The bottom line is that dirty pipes can lead to a lot of bad situations that can cost you money, time, and even your health. You can prevent all of these situations from occurring by scheduling a routine drain cleaning appointment today.

bluefrog Plumbing & Drain of San Antonio is a professional plumbing service that offers extensive drain services. Give them a call today to find out just how easy it is to restore your pipes and drains back to their original conditions.

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