Things You Can Expect From A Drain Cleaning Service | San Antonio, TX

Things You Can Expect From A Drain Cleaning Service | San Antonio, TX

One of the biggest plumbing hazards any homeowner can expect is a clogged drain. Not only is it dangerous to your family’s health and well-being, but can also cause costly damage to your home if you don’t address the problem as quickly as possible. It is highly likely that when one of your home’s drains starts showing signs of clogging, you will try to fix the problem yourself by using a plunger, and while this may help for a while, it doesn’t address the root of the problem and you will end up having to call in a drain cleaning service.

The good news is that a good drain cleaning service in San Antonio, TX will have the knowledge and experience required to assess the cause of the blocked drain, together with the best tools to fix the problem without placing your plumbing system at risk for further damage. Hiring a drain cleaning company will not only help you solve your clogged drain problem right away, but will also bring long-term benefits which include the better performance of your home’s drains. In order for you to be prepared, below, you will find everything you can expect from a drain cleaning professional.

A Thorough Assessment of the Problem

Drains in your home can become clogged by a number of things, including hair and soap scum in your bathrooms, food scraps and other debris in your kitchen, or by having hard water, which causes the buildup of minerals in your drain pipes that can become severe enough to cause a clog. Bacon grease is also a big culprit, which is why it should never be disposed of in any drain.

When you call a drain cleaning service to fix your San Antonio, TX home’s clogged drains, the first thing the professionals will do is inspect your drains to establish the cause of the problem, the type of drain where the issue was detected, and what condition it’s in. In many cases, the technician will use a special camera at the end of a flexible rod to take a look further down your drain pipes. This will help to evaluate how far the problem has spread and will help them determine what action to take. The use of these cameras also allows the homeowner to visualize the issue in real-time.

Removal of the Clog

As soon as the drain cleaning service has fully assessed the problem and evaluated the severity of the issue, the tech will proceed to begin removing the clog. There are several techniques a drain cleaning service professional could use, depending on the material of the clog, where it’s located and how solid it has become. Some of these techniques are:

  • Snaking – This technique is used for a majority of clogs that don’t easily respond to the use of a plunger. It employs a thin cable that is inserted into the drain in order to grab or break the clog. This tool can be either manual or motorized, and its use is contingent of the width of the drain pipe and the type of material that has caused the clog.
  • Using a drain auger – Similar to a drain snake, this tool can be used to grab a clog that is stuck deep within the pipeline to help with its removal. The cable on an auger can measure more than 100 feet, which makes it a great way to remove clogs that have been formed in the furthest recesses of your drain pipes. In essence, a snake is used on smaller drain pipes and an auger on the larger ones.
  • Hydro-jetting – This technique is possibly the best way to remove the more solid clogs that can’t be removed with the previous tools. It is also the go-to tool for mineral accumulation due to hard water. This tool shoots a powerful jet of water at high pressure through the drain in order to tear apart difficult clogs.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

The use of chemical drain cleaners you can buy at any hardware store can damage your sewer line and drain pipes. The chemicals used are so harsh that they can cause cracks and unwanted tears in your pipes leading to leaks and more costly damage to your property. A professional drain cleaning service will use a specially formulated drain cleaner that will help with the dissolution of organic debris, such as food, soap scum, grease, and other substances clogging your drains.

At the same time, the use of this type of cleaner will ensure the interior walls of your drain pipes are scrubbed clean, allowing them to be healthier and more efficient at keeping the water running through them. In most cases, these types of drain cleaning service solutions are biodegradable and/or environmentally friendly. They are also not corrosive and will keep your pipes in good health.

Avoid Using Home Remedies and Improvised Tools

The Internet is full of “miraculous” drain cleaning remedies, but the large majority of these solutions, which use common household items such as baking soda and vinegar, have been found to not work at all in removing stubborn clogs, and could end up creating an even bigger problem if used continuously. The same stands true for the use of makeshift tools, including clothes hangers and others. When you are facing a hard to remove drain clog, slow moving drains, or backed up and overflowing drain pipes, it is definitely in your best interest to call in a professional to get solve the problem. Calling in a professional can save you money in expensive repairs later on, so forget about fixing the issue yourself and get somebody with experience to do it instead.

Are You Looking for a Professional Drain Cleaning Service?

If your home’s drains are giving you grief and you are in search of a professional drain cleaning service to solve the problem in the most efficient and effective way, look no further than bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio. As the most experienced plumbing professionals in the area, we are happy to help you remove any stubborn clogs that may be causing problems in your San Antonio, TX home. So, don’t hesitate and give us a call today!

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