The Three Primary Categories Of Water Heater Repair | Cibolo, TX

The Three Primary Categories Of Water Heater Repair | Cibolo, TX

Your water heater may seem like your simplest, most trouble-free appliance, but there are some important reasons why you might need water heater repair in Cibolo, TX. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, our team arrives in a well-stocked van, ready to take care of your water heater problems and other plumbing issues. We know that when you call us, you’ve usually noticed a problem with the quality of the hot water such as an odd color, smell, or taste, a problem with the temperature or the amount of hot water available, or concern about leaks and worries about possible flooding from tank-based water heaters in particular. There are a few other reasons why you might need water heater service, but these three categories are the areas where you’re most likely to notice the problem. As we respond to the reason for your call, or as part of a specific maintenance visit, we can also check for other water heater repair needs and let you know so you can avoid future problems. There are many good reasons to turn to our expert plumbers when you need water heater care and get peace of mind.

Your Hot Water Shouldn’t Make You Nervous

When you run the hot water to wash dishes, fill a cup, or take a shower, you shouldn’t be concerned with the smell, odd color, or taste of your home’s hot water. If this is a problem with your cold water as well, our plumbers can look into that as a separate problem, but when the hot water puts you off, there’s a good chance that you need water heater repair. There could be sediment issues in the tank or tankless water heater, issues that will affect water heating over time as well. Taste and smell issues could be a result of anaerobic bacteria growth in the tank. Your hot water problems could also be affecting your dishwasher and clothes washer performance, even leading to dingy or discolored clothing. These issues point back to the anode rod, a piece of metal that helps stabilize your water chemistry, especially if you have hard water, preventing bacteria growth and slowing the corrosion of the water heater tank on tank-based units. This is a good reason to call our water heater repair team if your hot water quality is diminished, even if you think you can live with it, because it could point to other problems that affect your water heater’s longevity and energy efficiency as well.

When Both Hot and Cold Water are Discolored or Have Odors

Our expert plumbers can help you with water quality problems even if signs don’t necessarily point to water heater repair. You could have a break in your incoming water line that’s allowing material into the line that’s contaminating the water, a possible health hazard. Your city water can have similar problems, especially if there’s been a water line break, and they may issue a warning to boil your water or take other precautions. For well water and other long-term water quality concerns, we provide water filtration and water softener systems that can help.

Suddenly Short Showers, Weak Water Pressure, and Water That’s Never Hot

As with water quality issues, water pressure issues can be throughout your home’s plumbing as a result of your water supply, or limited to your hot water, in which case water heater repair is in order. Many homes have plumbing that runs “under the slab” beneath your basement, including the pipes carrying your hot water supply. You may have a slab leak situation, where the pipes are damaged beneath the concrete, and hot water is leaking into the ground below. You may feel warm spots in your basement floor in addition to wasting hot water and the energy required to heat it, and you may not see direct signs of the leak until the pooled water under your home is emerging at the sides of your foundation or even causing cracks in the foundation. Short showers can be the result of problems with one of the two heating elements and thermostats present in many water heaters, resulting in only partial heating of your tank’s water. Depending on which heater is malfunctioning, you could get short showers or a long run of cool or lukewarm water before the shower begins. Unless there’s other hot water usage, that lukewarm flow could last for all of a ten-minute shower, given typical tank sizes and shower head flow.

Dreading the Burst Water Heater Cleanup

Tankless water heaters can have leaks, and require regular plumbing repairs to recover from pipe or internal issues including corrosion. Your tank-based water heater, however, typically holds about 40 gallons of water, which is why homeowners can get nervous as their water heater ages, wondering if it will, at some point, burst and release its contents onto the floor below, damaging items stored nearby including rugs and furnishings, and creating a cleanup mess. One of the benefits of regular water heater maintenance is a routine check of the tank’s integrity to help you recognize when it’s time to replace the unit because of degrading tank condition due to corrosion. These visits also include a check and possible replacement of the anode rod, a device that helps prevent premature corrosion problems. If you notice a leak near your tank, you may need immediate attention for tank problems, or a pressure relief valve check.

Your Water Heater Repair Experts in Cibolo, TX

No matter what kind of water heater you have at your home in Cibolo, TX, our bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio plumbers can provide the water heater repairs and maintenance you need. We’ll help you with water quality issues, hot water supply, and concerns about potential leaks along with other water heater issues like reduced energy efficiency. Give us a call today and get your water heater repair issues off your mind!

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