The Busiest Appliance In Your Home Is The Easiest To Neglect; When Is It Time For Water Heater Repair? | San Antonio, TX

The Busiest Appliance In Your Home Is The Easiest To Neglect; When Is It Time For Water Heater Repair? | San Antonio, TX

Have you ever thought about which of your appliances work the hardest? How long did it take you to think about your water heater? Or did you even think about it?

Your water heater is used many times every day you’re home to heat water for showers, baths, laundry, handwashing, cooking, dishwashing, and your dishwasher. It’s something you don’t think about until you’re in the shower and the water quickly turns from hot to warm to cold. At that point, your water heater is top-of-mind! That’s when people in San Antonio, TX start looking for the nearest water heater repair.

How to Keep Your Water Heater Working

Water heaters are made to last at least 10 years with little to no maintenance. However, like most home appliances, preventive maintenance from your water heater repair company can extend the life of your water heater. The maintenance consists of flushing the water heater to remove calcium build-up within the heater’s system. That’s important to do. Contact your water heater repair company to get this done. It will help extend the life of your water heater and allow for better temperature control.

Reasons Why You Should Call an Expert for Your Repair Service

Water heaters are fairly basic but there are several things that can go out on them, each of which will result in you having no hot water. When it comes to water heater repair, call a professional. A plumbing expert can handle a water heater problem much faster, and much better, than a novice. Keep in mind that your water heater is a large, heavy appliance that’s full of water. One wrong move can result in expensive water damage or something as dangerous as electrocution if you’re dealing with an electric water heater. Be safe and call a pro.

Quick Repair

Let’s remember the goal of water heater repair: get the hot water back on as quickly as possible. A plumbing professional will be able to diagnose and fix the problem with your water heater much faster than someone without experience. Plumbing experts are trained in how to deal with a variety of water heaters. They’re also trained in the safety standards for water heater repair.

Safe Repair

This subject can’t be overemphasized. Your water heater uses both water and electricity, two elements that don’t work well together. Water heaters can use up to 240 volts for power and they are running hundreds of gallons of water through them daily. A mistake can have serious consequences.

You’ll Get a Warranty

A professional who performs water heater repair will give you a warranty on their work. That applies to just about anywhere. Also, the warranty that came with your water heater will apply if you have the work done by a licensed plumber. If not, you’re paying the freight.

Your Water Heater Will Last Longer

Work done by a professional will help ensure that your water heater meets or exceeds its project life span. Repairs that are done correctly, by an expert, will keep your busy appliance working properly.

Savings on Your Energy and Water Bills

Professional water heater repair will not only fix the immediate problem with your appliance but it can also make certain that it is running at peak efficiency. That means you won’t use as much energy to heat water and that your water heater won’t waste water, both of which are important.

Things That Can Go Wrong with a Water Heater


This can be the most difficult problem to diagnose, especially in water heaters that have two heating elements and there are many in San Antonio, TX.

Units with two heaters have one heating element in the bottom of the tank and one in the top. Each element could have its own thermostat, with the upper thermostat having a dual purpose. The first is to control the upper heating element and to shut it down when the water at the top of the tank reaches the proper temperature. The second is to route power to the lower element after shutting down the upper element.

This means that, in dual thermostat tanks, you’ll still have some hot water if the upper thermostat is working but the bottom one is out. If the upper thermostat goes out, you’re living with cold water.

Thermostat also has a high-limit button that will activate when the water in your tank reaches 180 degrees. If this button continually pops out, you’ve got a thermostat problem. The water temperature and the number of possible issues with thermostats is why you need professionals.

Pilot Light

Gas water heaters need a pilot light to work, somewhat similar to gas stoves. How they work is why most San Antonio, TX  homeowners call the experts for water heater repair. They are complicated and, because they involve flammable gas and flame, can be dangerous. These pilot lights can be extinguished by a strong breeze and their equipment can fail if exposed to moisture over a period of time.

Electric gas ignition systems are safe and reliable but should be repaired only by water heater experts. These systems use a solid-state circuit to generate the flame for the pilot light. Sensors in the system can become clogged, which results in no pilot light and no hot water.

Temperature Relief Valve

This is something you’ll want to have checked as part of your preventive maintenance program. The Temperature Relief Valve (TRV) is designed to reduce pressure in the water heater if the water inside overheats. If the TRV fails, the pressure in the tank could increase to the point where the water heater explodes, not unlike a bomb.

Don’t take risks with your hardest working appliance. Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today!

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