Signs You Need Tankless Water Heater Repair | San Antonio, TX

Signs You Need Tankless Water Heater Repair | San Antonio, TX

One of the main reasons that people opt for a tankless water heater is because they generally have larger lifespans. In fact, since there is no water stored in the unit, water heaters have been known to last for almost 20 years when properly maintained. This can help offset the higher costs of investing in a tankless water heater and can help make it the best choice you can make from a financial standpoint. However, even with this in mind, a tankless water heater is still a machine and there are mechanical components so at some point you will need to deal with tankless water heater repair

If you want your unit to make it to that 20-year mark, the best thing you can do is seek out tankless water heater repair the second that you feel it is time. Prompt action can mean the difference between a costly tankless water heater repair in San Antonio, TX, and what is a bit more affordable. Your goal should always be to get a repair person out to your home as soon as possible so that the little problem can be quickly fixed before it turns into a much larger one. Of course, the question becomes, how do you know that you need tankless water heater repair?

While some people will claim that problems with their water heater snuck up on them, in most cases, there are small subtle signs if you know what to look for. Your water heater is likely giving off a few warning signs but you need to know what to look for. In some cases the signs might be subtle such as a slightly higher electric bill than usual, in other cases, they may be more obvious such as loud noises coming directly from the water heater. 

Regardless of which sign you notice, you should treat them all the same and immediately call for tankless water heater repair. The best thing you can do to protect your investment is to have it serviced every year, and have it repaired when the time comes. Sometimes with proper servicing, you can also catch problems before they become large enough that you have to worry about repairs. This is also a best-case scenario that you should try to obtain if possible. 

Keep in mind that not all plumbers are skilled at tankless water heater repair. Most are more skilled at traditional water heater repair, so before you allow the plumber with a current promotion to touch your water heater make sure you ask them about your qualifications. It is sometimes worth a bit more to pay for a plumber who won’t damage your water heater in the process. You wouldn’t take your car to just any mechanic or book a visit with any doctor, so make sure to protect your investment and book a visit with a plumber that you trust for tankless water heater repair.

With all of that out of the way, it is now time to learn a bit more about the signs of water heater repair. It may actually be a good idea to bookmark this page so you can come back to it in the future if you notice that your tankless water heater is acting odd within your San Antonio, TX home. This way if you start to feel like something is wrong with your water heater you can quickly check it against the list and call for help if you need it. While not all of the signs of trouble on the list, the most common ones are which can offer you very useful insight in the long run. 

Multiple Appliances Are Failing 

One telltale sign is if you notice that multiple appliances are failing to clean the way they should. It is more likely that your hot water heater is not producing enough hot water than it is that you’re washing machine and dishwasher which stop working at the same time. If you notice that things are not working the way they should on a continual basis then it might be time to have somebody come take a look at your tankless water heater. If it is not supplying a steady supply of hot water that may explain why your dishes are suddenly appearing with dirt on them despite having a new dishwasher or a new washing machine.

No Hot Water in Your Home 

Of course, the biggest sign that you need tankless water heater repair is if you notice that you don’t have any hot water in your home. A lack of hot water means that something is happening with your water heater because there is no other reason that you would suddenly not have access to hot water. There are millions of reasons why your tankless water heater is not working, which is why it is important that you have a registered plumber come out to your San Antonio, TX home and take a look. With any luck, the solution will be simple, but if you don’t call for a tankless water heater repair your water heater will not fix itself. 

For some reason, people have a tendency to wait and see what happens, but almost every single of these events ends with a call to the plumber because plumbing systems don’t typically magically fix themselves. With that in mind, if you notice that you suddenly have no hot water in your San Antonio, TX home it is time to call the plumber.

It should be noted that if you have no water (both cold and hot water) this is a sign that something is wrong with your main water line and needs to be immediately addressed. In this case, you do have a true emergency and should take prompt action to get the water flowing back into your home before the issue gets even worse. 

Strange Taste to Your Water 

Another sign that you may have an issue with your water heater is if you notice that your water has started to have an odd taste to it. There is no scenario in which your water should taste odd, but there are a lot of good reasons that might explain why this happens. Tankless water heaters don’t usually rust or have the same issue with sediment getting into the water as another standard water heater since water is not stored inside of the tank, but if your tankless water heater is old there is the possibility that the tubing is starting to rust or another component is and you will need tankless water heater repair to correct it. 

Before calling for tankless water heater repair, it is a good idea to call the city to find out if they are flushing the nearby fire hydrants or doing anything else that might affect the water color in your home. Sometimes the issue can be caused by water problems, and a simple call to the city or to your neighbors to see if they are experiencing similar issues can be helpful. If you do this and don’t find an explanation, then it is time to call an experienced plumber for tankless water heater repair so you can get to the bottom of the issue once and for all. 

Odd Color to Your Water 

An odd color coming out of your water faucet is another issue that you will want to investigate immediately to determine whether you need tankless water heater repair or not. The odd color can signify that there is something wrong with your water heater, but it can also point to other issues since once again there is no sediment in a tankless water heater so this is not the immediate cause most of the time.

The best thing to do if you notice an odd color in your water is to test running your hot water and then test running your cold water. If you only notice the color when the hot water is running then this makes it more likely that you have an issue that requires tankless water heater repair. However, if you notice the problem occurs with both your cold and hot water there is a good chance that there is something wrong with the water supply in your home. Once again, you should first check with the city water supply or your neighbors, and then call a plumber if you don’t get another answer that explains why there may be an odd color to your water. 

Water Heater Is Turning Itself Off 

Another sign that something is going wrong with your water heater is if you notice that it is shutting itself off on a continual basis. If you turn it on and the entire system shuts down not too far after then it is possible that the filter inside of the system is clogged. Your tankless water heater is shutting itself off as a safety function because when the filter clogs then the exhaust gets very hot which results in the breakdown. The only way to stop this problem is to clean the clog so that your tankless water heater can once again ventilate properly. 

Your tankless water heater is an expensive appliance so you don’t want to attempt to do the tankless water heater repair on your own because you may end up making the situation even worse. The better approach is to directly call a plumber and explain the issue. They will come out and examine the filter to determine if this is really the issue or not. Sometimes there can be something else going on as well so this is where having input from a professional can really help. 

Odd Noises Coming from the Water Heater 

Tankless water heaters often can make a clicking noise which is perfectly normal and not something that you should be concerned about, but any noise outside of clicking is a cause for immediate alarm. In particular, knocking, screeching, and humming are extremely alarming noises that need to be checked out the right way. In almost every case you need a professional plumber to come out for tankless water heater repair because this noise signifies a real issue that can quickly snowball and become a large problem if left unaddressed. 

Visible Leaks Near Water Heater

Finally, another clear sign that something is going wrong with your water heater is the presence of a leak. If the leak is small you might not always notice actual water dripping from the tank, but if you see water stains this is another good indicator that something is wrong with your water heater. There is no reason why there should ever be water stains near your tankless water heater in San Antonio, TX. Water leaks are less common with tankless water heaters since they don’t store water, which actually makes the presence of water leaks even more concerning. 

This is not something that you want to play around with as even small leaks can lead to water damage and mold over time. If you notice any visible leaks near your water heater you will want to call for tankless water heater repair in San Antonio, TX right away.  

As noted, this is not a full list of the signs that you need tankless water heater repair in San Antonio, TX, but it is a fairly large list with important signs that should not be ignored. If you have any reason to suspect that you may have a water issue within your home that is stemming from your tankless water heater you need an experienced plumber to help you get to the root of the problem. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio can help. Give us a call today to learn just how simple tankless water heater repair and service can be in your home.

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