Signs That You Need a Water Heater Replacement

Watch for the common signs of water heater failure to schedule service.
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San Antonio, Texas temperatures can drop to around 38ºF during winter. This means that, as the cold weather approaches, you should keep track of the maintenance of any heating appliances in your property – including your water heater.

Like any other plumbing system or major appliance in your home, your hot water heater will break down after some time. Ideally, you would replace the system before it stops working completely. In some cases, a broken-down water heater may lead to extensive water damage in the home, or even to fire. In fact, just recently, more than 600,000 water heaters were recalled due to fires starting while turned on.

In order to avoid a catastrophe, you need to pay attention to the telltale signs that indicate that your water heater is in need of repair or replacement. Take a look at the signs and symptoms of a failing hot water heater. You can save yourself quite the trouble and costs by finding the problem early.

Signs You Require Water Heater Replacement

There are four primary indicators that your water heater needs to be replaced. These include:


On average, a hot water heater will last just 10 years. If your water heater is older than that, then perhaps it’s time for a replacement. As a water heater begins to age, the common signs of failure become more commonplace. You’ll endure costly repairs more often, too.

If you do not know the age of your hot water heater, look at the serial number on the manufacturer’s sticker at the top of the water heater. This number should be traceable, allowing you to determine the age of the heater.

Odd Noises

Over time, your water heater may begin to emit odd noises. Any loud cracks or pops, for example, are a sure sign that something is wrong. Rumbling sounds can be quite troublesome, too.

Most of these noises occur when sediment builds up within the water tank. As the sediment is heated and reheated, it hardens into a thick mass. Afterwards, the mass comes in direct contact with the heating element. As the sediment burns, it creates the noises you are now hearing.

Rusty Water

There are times when your water may appear dirty due to a mix-up at the treatment facility. Then, there are times when your water appears consistently rusty or muddy. This color is a telltale sign of corrosion within the hot water heater tank.

As the tank itself begins to deteriorate, the rust that has developed around the seams, temperature and relief valve, supply lines, or drain valve, enter into the water. There is no cure against corrosion besides replacement.


Any amount of leaking around a hot water heater is troubling. If you spot standing water or a noticeable leak, call for expert repair or replacement immediately. A leak is a sure sign of internal failure. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes for a leaking hot water heater. You will need to schedule hot water heater replacement promptly.

To prevent further water damage or flooding, be sure to turn off the electricity or fuel source to the water heater before attempting repairs or removal.

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