Best Types of Water Heaters in San Antonio

Choosing a water heater in San Antonio is made easier with help.
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In the average household, heating water accounts for nearly 20 percent of the monthly budget. Each month, you cut a check to the utility company, and most is going for your hot water use. When you think of it like that, it makes sense to want to cut down on hot water use. Or, you could opt for a new system. With so many energy-efficient models on the market today, perhaps it’s time to upgrade. An antiquated system cannot hold a candle to today’s units. In fact, you are likely spending more per month because of your old system not being able to keep up. Here are the best types of water heaters in San Antonio, and how to select the right one for your needs.

Types of Hot Water Heaters

Before diving into the top brand names or model numbers, let’s begin by examining the most common types of hot water heaters currently on the market. You’ve got a few options to choose from here, including:

  • Conventional – A conventional hot water heater features a large storage tank, where the water is heated thoroughly and stored for later use.
  • Tankless – Many homeowners are opting for tankless hot water heaters due to their immediate supply of hot water and efficiency ratings.
  • Heat Pump – A heat pump hot water heater is designed to move the heat supply from one point to another, instead of generating heat for the hot water directly.
  • Solar – An innovative hot water heater designed to harness the power of the sun to heat your home’s water supply.
  • Tankless Coil – A tankless coil system utilizes your entire home’s heating system to properly heat water for later use.

Water Heater Selection Criteria

When choosing a hot water heater, there’s a few selection criteria to consider. Namely:

  • Fuel type, availability, and cost
  • Size
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost – installation, operation, repair, and maintenance

In terms of fuel type, you have a few options, such as electricity, geothermal energy, solar, and fuel oil.

Top Water Heater Brands

Now, with your selection criteria narrowed down and the type of water heater in mind, it is time to consider the top brands in the industry. Right now, a few big names dominate the water heater market. For instance, you have:

  • AO Smith
  • Rheem
  • Kenmore
  • Bradford White
  • American

These are all fantastic choices. However, not all will meet your exact water heater specifications. You’ll need to perform some research, or speak with a professional plumber for recommendations, regarding available products from such brands. If you’re unsure, always consider professional service. An expert plumber will know the top water heater on the market. They can recommend a product or brand that will suit your needs just fine, and are often happy to do so.


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