Practical Plumber Tips For A Worry-Free Winter Vacation | Schertz, TX

Practical Plumber Tips For A Worry-Free Winter Vacation | Schertz, TX

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Vacations are beneficial as they can help us relax and recharge. We need them to help us de-stress and take a break from work or whatever keeps you busy every day. If you’re planning to go on a winter vacation, please ensure that your home, especially your plumbing is also ready. You don’t want to come home to a flooded house as that would cost you a fortune in repairs and restorations. Don’t worry; we’ll provide you with practical plumbing tips to ensure your home is safe while you’re away. If you have questions, feel free to contact a plumber in Schertz, TX, for assistance.

Tips to avoid repairs and major plumbing emergencies:

Shut Off the Main Water Supply

One of the easiest things you can do to avoid flooding in your home is to turn off your water supply. Turning off the water supply is crucial, especially when you already have problematic plumbing. It ensures that your home won’t be flooded. You know very well that water can damage your appliances and your home’s foundation. You can avoid it by shutting off the main water.

If you have a sprinkler system, we suggest that you turn off individual fixtures before going on a vacation. Another thing you can do is to hire a plumber to help you inspect your home. A reliable and trusted plumbing company can check if there might be issues with your plumbing that need attention before your vacation. Otherwise, the problem may lead to a plumbing emergency that will cost you more money.

When hiring professionals, please ensure that you choose licensed and highly experienced professionals to ensure a job well done. bluefrog Plumbing has been in the industry for several years — our goal is to ensure all your plumbing problems are permanently resolved.

Drain the Water Heater

There’s no need to do this if you have a tankless water heater in your home. Tankless versions don’t waste energy as it only heats when you’re turning on the tap or the shower. However, if you have a storage tank, we suggest that you consider draining the water tank to avoid leaks and other plumbing emergencies while you’re away. Remember, you’re wasting energy when you don’t turn off the water heater as it will constantly use electricity. So to save money and avoid costly emergencies, turn off your water heater if you’ll be away during winter.

It’s also important to drain all the water in the pipes, especially when the temperatures start dropping. Otherwise, the water inside the pipes may only freeze, which could lead to burst pipes. Repairing or replacing burst pipes can be expensive, depending on the damage. But you can avoid paying for repairs by making sure you drain the water. Just for added protection, put some insulation in the pipes as that can help in the winter. Don’t forget to also insulate any outdoor plumbing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact a plumber in Schertz, TX, if you need assistance. Our plumbers would thoroughly inspect your plumbing, help you with your water heater, and if you need anything else before your winter vacation. Our team of expert plumbers can also help with any repairs if needed. Simply contact us, and we’ll quickly dispatch licensed and skilled professionals to your home or business.

Get Professional Drain Cleaning

When was the last time you had your drains professionally cleaned? Ensure that you reach out to a plumber for professional drain cleaning before going on a vacation. A clean drain is essential to prevent unpleasant smells in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. If you don’t get it cleaned and there are food particles or debris stuck in the pipes, you may go home to a kitchen full of nasty drain smells. Another unpleasant thing that could happen is that your home may be infested with pests due to dirty drains. The only way to avoid these problems is by having your drains cleaned.

A professional drain cleaning will eliminate all the debris or dirt in the pipe walls. It doesn’t just avoid costly repairs, but it can also extend the lifespan of your pipes. Most importantly, it can address problems that may soon become a costly plumbing emergency.

Get in touch with one of our professionals if you need professional drain cleaning before your winter vacation. Our team is fully equipped — rest assured, your drains will be in top shape after the appointment.

Check the Yard

Treet roots can be a problem, especially when there are leaks in the sewer line. They can penetrate the pipes and may even cause bigger and costly damage. Before going on a vacation, please ensure no tree roots near your plumbing. Call a professional if you need assistance.

Check the Sump Pump

Installing a sump pump is essential, especially when you have a basement and live in an area that gets a lot of storms. A sump pump can prevent flooding in the basement. Remember, water damage can cost you an arm and a leg in repairs and restorations, not counting the amount of money you’ll need to replace some plumbing appliances that were damaged. And don’t forget that a damp basement attracts mold, which can be harmful to your health. The only way to ensure that your basement stays dry is to install a sump pump. Do this first before going on a vacation. Then, contact a plumber to help you properly install it.

If you already have a sump pump installed, we recommend testing it first. Then, get in touch with a plumber for assistance to ensure you’re doing it right. Testing your pump ensures that it can effectively remove the water that may lead to flooding on your basement floor.

To test the sump pump, simply pour a bucket of water into the pit and ensure that the pump gets rid of it. Otherwise, contact a professional to help you repair the unit.

If possible, consider getting extra batteries in case there are power outages. The extra batteries can give you peace of mind. Call a professional if you still need assistance.

Ensure Everything Is Dry

Before going on a vacation, consider hiring a plumber in Schertz, TX, to thoroughly inspect your plumbing. All your plumbing pipes, appliances and fixtures need to be checked for leaks. You may even consider getting professional leak detection when you have unusually higher bills. Hidden leaks can also cost you money, even more than the obvious leaks that you see. And this is because they are usually detected when they already have caused significant damage to your home. A plumbing inspection before your vacation ensures that all problems are addressed and that your plumbing doesn’t have issues that may lead to a bigger problem when you get home.

If you have a swimming pool, please cover it to avoid wasting the water. You may also consider keeping the pool pump on to prevent algae build-up. Please get in touch with a professional for assistance.

How to check for hidden leaks:

Check for any damp areas in your home or bulging wallpapers, as there might be a plumbing leak underneath the walls. Contact a professional immediately so they can further inspect it for you. You can avoid costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your plumbing when you take time to care for it and hire the best professionals for assistance.

Check Your Laundry Room

If you have a separate laundry room, check it before your vacation, especially your washing machine hoses. Ensure that it doesn’t have any cracks or leaks that may cause a problem when you get home. Also, make sure that you clean all your plumbing appliances, including your washing machine and dryer, to prevent smells when you get home.

For rubber hoses that are more than five years old, consider replacing them with stainless steel braided hoses as the latter is more susceptible to damage and also lasts longer than their counterparts. For installation, please make sure to only work with a licensed plumber.

Ask a Family Member to Check Your Home

While calling a plumber in Schertz, TX, for an inspection can help, you might want to consider asking a friend or family member to check on your home from time to time. Please give them the contact number of a plumber that you trust if there might be problems that need to be addressed right away.

Install Leak Detection Devices

In cases where you need to turn on your water while away from home, we suggest that you contact a plumber to help you install a leak detection device. This tool can help you avoid flooding in your homes. Smart detectors are very efficient at detecting leaks that can lead to flooding. They can also automatically turn off your main water to avoid further damage to your home. You will have peace of mind knowing that there are leak detection devices that can somehow protect your home while you’re away.

Contact a plumber in Schertz, TX, if you’re thinking about installing one for your home. Some leak detection devices have advanced features that may benefit your home. Some can also detect water fluctuations and even ensure clean water in your plumbing. They may also detect the exact location of the leak, which can be extremely helpful, especially when you’re away on vacation. Just make sure that you have a trusted family member who can call the plumber to help you fix any issues that may come up.

Get Regular Plumbing Inspections

Plumbing emergencies are not only costly, but they can also be really stressful especially when it affects the quality of your life. Fortunately, homeowners can avoid plumbing emergencies by getting regular inspections. While the professional may not always find something wrong with your plumbing system, you’ll be lucky when they do — and that’s because you know that the problem will be addressed promptly. It can prevent costly plumbing repairs or emergencies down the road.

Please don’t neglect this and don’t get inspections only when you’ll be away on vacation. You need regular inspection to ensure that your plumbing system is always in excellent shape.

Hire a Qualified Plumber in Schertz, TX

It’s important to have a qualified professional you can always rely on, not just during emergencies but also when you need repairs, maintenance, or installations. A trusted and reliable plumber can give you peace of mind — you know that they will never cut corners with repairs, you know that they will consistently deliver exceptional work on every appointment.

Choose a plumbing company that is licensed, insured, and has been in the industry for several years. They should employ licensed and highly skilled plumbers only to ensure a job well done on every appointment. Insurance is also important, in case there are injuries. If you hire uninsured professionals, you will end up paying for their medical expenses. You won’t have to worry about this when they’re licensed as the insurance company takes care of it.

Also, please never hire DIY enthusiasts to check or repair your plumbing. Poor repairs can lead to even more costly repairs and replacements. Always go with the most qualified, and that’s us, bluefrog Plumbing.

Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio

Do you need a plumber in Schertz, TX? Please reach out to us at your earliest convenience, and we’ll quickly send a professional to your location. Our team of experts will ensure that your plumbing is ready before you go on your vacation. If there are issues, we will fix them permanently. bluefrog Plumbing has been helping out homeowners and businesses for several years. We take pride in our commitment and dedication to top-notch and exceptional plumbing service on every appointment. Our goal is to ensure that all customers are delighted with our service.

We can take care of any plumbing repairs, installations, or maintenance. Get in touch with us today for an appointment.

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