Plumbing Service Evaluates Types Of Sinks And The Materials They Are Made From | San Antonio, TX

Plumbing Service Evaluates Types Of Sinks And The Materials They Are Made From | San Antonio, TX

Bathroom renovations are a great way of increasing the value of your San Antonio, TX home. They enhance the look of your bathroom interiors while also adding fixtures that are water-saving and energy-efficient. Although there are many fixtures and appliances you can introduce in your bathroom, a sink is one that you don’t want to miss out on. Since there are many types of sinks and sink materials, you need the help of an experienced plumber in choosing the right one based on your preferences.

Since they have many years of experience dealing with such issues, the plumbing service providers know what durable sink is ideal for your bathroom space. The professional will also install the sink efficiently into your home, ensuring that it can serve you for several years. But what are the types of sinks available out there? What are they made of? And what sinks are best for your bathroom? Read on to find out all about sinks and the main materials they are made from.

Sink Materials

You might have wondered, what is a sink made of at some point? Of course, some common and well-known materials are used to make your sink. However, the lifespan of a sink largely depends on the material that it is made from, among other factors. So, what materials are used to produce the sinks in the market?

Metal Sinks

Do you want to install a battle-ready, sturdy sink for your kids? Then you should consider having a plumber install metal sinks in your kitchen and bathrooms.

You’ll have a long-lasting sink and one that can withstand issues like kids jumping inside or when they throw something at the sink.

Metal sinks are mainly made using stainless steel, although metal alloys are used for the same. This ensures that they have low maintenance. However, if you choose copper sinks, you should remember that they require specialized cleaning materials and equipment. This might prove costly compared to stainless steel sinks.

The other factor to consider regarding metallic sinks is that they may be affected negatively by hard water. After using the unit for a while, you might start noticing spots, making them an unsightly look. Hence, you should ensure that you don’t get a hard water supply into your home. to convert the hard water to soft, contact a plumber to install a water softener at your home.


Sinks are typically found in various materials such as porcelain, fireclay, and china. These are clay ceramics that are considerably shiny, expensive-looking, and beautiful. However, since they appear delicate, you might be worried that they might begin chipping because your china teacups do.

However, the materials above are typically significantly sturdy and have high durability. This is, of course, when you keep them protected and do not throw a large item or object at them. Before purchasing porcelain, consult your plumbing service provider on whether your sink is a good option for your bathroom or household use, especially if there are kids at your San Antonio, TX home.

Solid Surface Sinks

Do you want a sturdy sink? Consider purchasing a solid surface sink. These are sinks made using countertop materials such as marble and granite. You can easily clean them, and since they are sturdy, they won’t break. Even when something chips or scratches them, you will invite a plumbing service provider to fix them. The ease of maintenance and sturdiness means that you will use less, and they will serve you for a long time. Hence, they are a great addition to homesteads having children.

Cast Iron Sinks

The other type of material used to make sinks is cast iron. Sinks made from this material are available in various colors and feature an enamel coating. Hence, you can have a wide range of choices that can fit the theme of your bathroom or the kitchen. You can find any variety and color in the market, meaning that your preferences will be most likely catered. A cast iron sink is a great option when you want a sink that you can clean easily. However, sinks made from cast iron aren’t durable. They might chip easily, making the iron below the enamel begin corroding.

Types of Sinks

Having seen what your sink might be made from, what are the main or common types of styles and designs for sinks?

Drop-in Sinks

Drop-in sinks are commonly called self-rimming sinks. They are commonly installed over the countertops and feature a finished rim holding them in place. Hence, a plumbing service provider in San Antonio, TX, can easily install and fix them. Plumbing service providers often recommend them because they are versatile, require little invasive procedures to replace them whenever broken, and are easy to clean.

Under-mount Sinks

This type of sink varies from the others because they are installed from below. They can be installed under marble, concrete, or granite countertops and can be customizable per homeowners’ taste. The plumbing service provider installing the under-mount sinks can measure a hole to insert the sink to the precise size. However, replacing these sinks is complicated and expensive.

Vanity Bathroom Tops

Do you want a vanity option inside your bathroom? Then consider having a plumbing service install this one-piece sink. They can be installed on granite, tiles, or even wood. Vanity bathroom tops can be used for beauty and makeup regimes and could prove useful. Unfortunately, they have a somewhat tricky installation. A plumber must measure the vanity cabinet for them to install the sink. They also need a coordinating base because they don’t have bases.

Pedestal Sinks

If you don’t want vanities, pedestal sinks are an excellent choice. Normally, they are set on singular columns but, unfortunately, don’t feature or provide any storage options. Nevertheless, they are a great option for smaller homes or apartment bathrooms because they don’t need lots of space to install.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are, in most cases, on top of vanity counters; the plumber needs to conduct a recessed installation. They offer you the option to store lots of things over the countertop. One of the most important features of these sinks is that they come in varieties. You can get them in ceramic and glass materials. You should have a plumbing service to have them correctly installed.

Plumbing Experts You Can Rely On

Sinks are interesting and vital at the same time. Besides allowing you to clean your hands and allow kitchen water to flow into the drains, they can also add that aesthetic touch to your home. Are you wondering what type of sink to install? Enlist for our consultative plumbing services at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio. Then, call us today for sink installation and advice on the best fixture for your home.

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