Can A Tankless Water Heater Reduce The Frequency Of Water Heater Repair? | Cibolo, TX

Can A Tankless Water Heater Reduce The Frequency Of Water Heater Repair? | Cibolo, TX

It might be pretty attractive and convenient not having to manage the use of hot water in your Cibolo, TX home based on the size of the hot water tank. Imagine not limiting the number of baths or the time a household member stays in a bathroom because there is a continuous hot water supply. That is what a tankless water heater ensures, a continuous supply of hot water on-demand!

Sake for its high initial cost, there are many benefits of installing a tankless water heating unit in your home. However, finding the right plumber that knows all about this new technology might be a surprise challenge. Besides installing or replacing, you want a water heater repair expert who can fix your tankless water heater should it run into an issue.

Fortunately, tankless water heaters often need fewer repairs than conventional units, meaning some plumbers haven’t had the time to know their ins and outs properly. This post will learn all about tankless water heater repairs, including their benefits.

Importance of Going Tankless and Sizing the Water heater for Your Home

Tankless water heaters can serve your home for over 20 years with some maintenance and care. This is double the time a conventional water heater can provide hot water. The primary reason for the short service life of a standard tank-type water heater is that the unit can only last for as long as the tank’s lifetime.

With most water utility providers supplying hard water, the tank is prone to corrosion as it ages. The degree varies based on the hardness of water and the material making the tank. Therefore, conventional water heaters require repairs in replacing the anode rod, heating element, valves, or even flushing the tank after sediment accumulation.

On the other hand, tankless water heaters require minimal repairs because they don’t feature a water heater tank. This means that they don’t experience the tank’s associated problems. Since the unit heats the water on demand, it doesn’t strain, extending its lifespan.

Of course, the on-demand kind of response in tankless water heaters requires significantly more electrical energy than a tankless water heater. Still, you’d be astonished to know that it conserves more energy overall. The energy is used only when you draw the hot water into a washing machine, faucet, shower, or other outlets.

Tankless water heaters are rated in GPM (Gallons Per Minute) that the unit can successfully heat. If you install a too weak unit for the hot water needs at your home, you will experience some issues. The unit will strain heat the water to meet the household needs. It might fail to deliver enough water during periods of peak demand whenever too many machines or people are drawing hot water simultaneously.

On the other hand, excess capacity wastes energy whenever the unit operates. Your water heater repair technician can help you calculate the suitable capacity you might need based on your family’s size and lifestyle. For instance, you might need a larger water heater if most of your family members are out during the day and need hot water for a shower, doing laundry, or washing clothes simultaneously in the evening or on weekends.

Focusing On Tankless Water Heater Installation Cost

Installing a tankless water heating unit is usually the main challenge when switching from a conventional water heater to a tankless unit. The cost might be significant, making any energy savings seem unachievable. However, installing a tankless water heater is among the most straightforward ways of saving energy.

Although they draw large amounts of current to heat the water when needed, modern tankless water heaters feature complex electrical circuits that save you a lot of electrical energy in the long run. Therefore, these water heaters need enough airflow to ensure they operate optimally. You may also have to call a water heater repair expert to upgrade to a 200 Amp Electrical Service because it isn’t usual to find a unit that draws 120 Amps.

They Require Minimal But Important Maintenance

Water heater repair and routine maintenance of these tankless units ensure that sedimentation and corrosion issues are kept at bay. Routinely cleaning and inspecting the system at your Cibolo, TX home ensures that the heaters, sensors, thermostat, and other components remain in excellent shape. The intake channels and vents should always be kept clean, and most tankless water heaters will alert you whenever they sense airflow issues.

Problems with burners in gas-powered units might result in airflow issues from dirty burners. In a nutshell, maintenance issues are more prevalent than water heater repairs in a tankless water heater.

How to Know You Need Repair

There are various reasons you might think a tankless water heater repair is needed. Most of the reasons are to do with the operational problems and maintenance needs instead of actual malfunctions. Based on the demands placed on the water heater, you might get too hot or ice-cold water. If the regular GPM rate continues to have a temperature problem, you need to have the temperature setting.

You might also experience a cold water sandwich, an issue most common in showers when the remaining hot water heated by another user pours from the showerhead or tap. Because the water heater is off, you might experience another blast of cold water followed by your now heated water after the hot water bursts.

Though this sounds strange, it might feel weird as these temperatures alternate. Before you call a water heater repair specialist, ensure that your faucets or shower is set at the minimal flow rate, which triggers heating. Additionally, ensure that your energy source like electricity or gas works appropriately.

Factors That Might Affect Your Heater’s Durability

Hard water is the most common enemy of your water heater, regardless of the type. It may affect the lifespan of any metal plumbing fixture, including your water heater, making it paramount to call for water heater repairs. You can, however, counter the impacts by increasing the maintenance frequency, including routine flushing of the water heater, say after every six months. It could also help if you installed a water softener.

Expert Plumbing Services Near You

A water heater is an essential plumbing fixture that supplies your home with hot water ensuring comfort and convenience. However, the unit might run into problems that might need the attention of a plumber. Call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio if your tankless water heater needs repairs. We will come to your home in Cibolo, TX, evaluate the problem, and offer the most effective solution.

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