Plumbers: The First Ones To Call | San Antonio, TX

Plumbers: The First Ones To Call | San Antonio, TX

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Why are plumbers one of the first things you need to have on call during any home repair process? Well there are many actual reasons that we will go over but you should never underestimate the handiness and peace of mind you will have when you know that you are safe from troubles and ready for years to come with professional and licensed plumbers ready to go for you. As specialized contractors and ensuring they are licensed and insured for the San Antonio, TX area your least opportunistic repair that may come up will be less of an inconvenience for you. We’ll go over some of the worst case scenarios here

Water From Above

You may ask what is the worst that can happen? Well the one that would cause the damage to the largest part of your home would be if water is leaking from your ceiling. Now, obviously this only applies to plumbers if you have a second floor bathroom or laundry, or are in a basement apartment, but this is what could be considered the worst case. You usually think of water problems starting at the floor and building up but when the water comes down from the ceilings you already know that something is wrong and the entire room where the water is entering is going to have some sort of damage whether permanent or temporary.

Some things the plumbers that show up may look at are your toilet, as one of the more common issues with upper floor plumbing is the toilet seal between the floor and the unit. As floors settle and shift that seal can come loose. Another could be the drain from a shower or a tub. It may not be the pipes itself that the professional can find an issue with but the seals around the tubs and showers themselves can rot or just not be done correctly leading to water entering the walls and dripping down. Of course with both showers and tubs there is also the risk of overflow from a clogged drain as well. The last bath appliance, the sink, should only cause water to fly down where it’s not supposed to if the pipes are leaking, broken or clogged. The plumbers that show would be able to identify this and help get you back to normal as soon as possible.

Water From Below

When water comes up from your basement or foundation you know you have an issue. Plumbers are trained for this and can do many things to get your problems resolved. First and foremost your worst case scenario here is flash flooding. Thankfully, San Antonio, TX isn’t a hotspot for constant flooding like coastal communities but it can occur here. With that flooding you have to deal with not only the storm water rushing through your home but also the after effects of it. A backup from your septic or sewer system is a major flooding side effect and can impact all of your water based fixtures and appliances. If you have a basement and a sump pump that will be the first major sign that you’re going to have problems with the stormwater. When your septic or sewer system backs up from flooding the professional assigned to you will do their best to make sure that anything you can do to either fix the issues that caused the backup or give you tips and steps to take to help keep that backup at bay the next time.

Water heater ruptures are a second area that people generally associate with water from below, as these are generally at or near the lowest point in the house. The average water heater is only expected to last about ten years, and when they fail they can fail in spectacular fashion which isn’t great news for you. Thankfully most just stop feeding water and a replacement can easily be slipped into place but your plumbers will ensure that the right size, right type, and right cost for you. If you live in an older home you may also be at the time for pipe repair and replacement. Although plumbing pipes can be built to last for longer than 100 years you never know when something may fail before then. PVC and PEX piping are generally reliable forms of plumbing but if something breaks you want it taken care of quickly. Copper pipes fail on usually two conditions, a soldering joint fails or water freezes in the pipes. Now, thankfully we don’t have much water freezing in pipes but it is an issue some places deal with.

Access To Plumbers

Your local plumber should be as reliable as the work they perform and charge you a fair price. Great plumbers will be on call twenty four hours a day and seven days a week to help you with those plumbing emergencies. Many will show up with their trucks fully stocked to ensure that they don’t have to leave to get more materials or if they do they can get the problem under control to begin with. Your plumber will also be able to do many different tasks to make sure whatever you run into gets solved the first time, because nobody likes repeat visits from the same contractor. Always be sure that the plumber you call is licensed and insured by the state to confirm they are working within the guidelines of your local and state building ordinances.

When you’re ready to choose a plumbing contractor you shouldn’t need to look any farther than bluefrog Plumbing + Drain. They know this area very well and will do everything in their power to make sure you are satisfied with the job they perform. With emergency plumbing available twenty four hours a day and seven days a week for professional service when you need it most. From drain clearing, to gas line repair the folks at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain are here for you for anywhere in the region.

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