Plumber’s Guide To Maintaining Your Yard Drain | Schertz, TX

Plumber’s Guide To Maintaining Your Yard Drain | Schertz, TX

No one likes dealing with a clogged or broken yard drain. Unfortunately, if they’re not properly maintained, that will happen. A French drain, also known as a yard drain, is a drainage system that removes water from an area. They are usually installed around a home’s perimeter or in areas with poor drainage.

French drains comprise perforated pipes surrounded by gravel and sided with landscape fabric. The pipes carry the water away from home and into a city sewer system or a dry well. This article will give tips on keeping your yard drain working properly, as recommended by plumbers in Schertz, TX.

Professional Installation

A properly installed and functioning yard drain is essential to keeping your property in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that they can install their yard drains themselves, only to find out later that the job was not done properly. This can lead to problems, from water damage to foundation issues. That’s why it’s always best to leave yard drain installation to a professional plumber.

A plumbing professional knows how to properly install a yard drain so that it functions correctly and does not cause any damage to your property. Additionally, a professional plumber can advise you on the best type of yard drain for your particular needs so that you can rest assured knowing that your property is well-protected.

Ensure the Grate Is Free of Debris

The grate is the opening at the top of the drain that allows water to flow into the pipe. It is important to ensure that this grate is clear of debris so that water can flow freely into the drain. Leaves, sticks, and other yard waste can easily clog up the grate, which will cause water to back up and potentially flood your property. That’s why it’s important to check the grate regularly and remove any debris that may have been collected there. When you see debris on the grate, remove it so that water can flow freely into the drain.

However, if the debris is too large or stuck, do not try to remove it yourself, as this could damage the grate. Instead, contact a professional plumber to remove the debris and clean the grate safely. A plumber will not only remove the debris without damaging the grate, but they will also inspect the drain for any other potential problems. They can also implement preventative measures to ensure that the grate does not become clogged again. For example, they can install a screen over the grate to keep out larger pieces of debris.

Clean the Drain Regularly

When most think of drain cleaning, they think of the kitchen sink or bathtub. However, it is just as important, if not more so, to clean your yard drain regularly. While large pieces of debris should be removed from the grate, there will still be small particles that make their way into the drain. Over time, these particles can build up and cause a clog. When this happens, water will back up and eventually flood your property. While you may be tempted to use a chemical drain cleaner to break up the clog, this is not a good idea. Chemical drain cleaners are harsh and can damage your pipes. They can also be dangerous to use if not used properly.

Some people also try to use a hose to flush out the drain, but this is ineffective and can worsen the problem. You may drive the debris further down the drain, causing an even bigger clog. The best way to clean your yard drain is to contact a professional plumber in Schertz, TX. A plumber will have the tools and knowledge necessary to safely and effectively clean your drain without damaging it. A plumber will also advise you on how to prevent clogs in the future.

Inspect the Yard Drain Regularly

Like any other part of your home, it’s important to inspect your yard drain regularly to ensure it is in good working condition. An inspection is especially crucial after a heavy rainstorm. This is because the rain can cause debris to wash into the drain, which can lead to a clog. Additionally, if you have any trees or shrubs on your property, their roots can grow into the drain and cause damage. That’s why it’s important to inspect the drain regularly for any signs of damage or blockages.

While you may think you can inspect the drain, contacting a professional plumber in Schertz, TX, is always the best way. A yard drain inspection is not all about checking whether the grates are clear or if there is a clog. It’s also about looking for any damage or wear and tear. Some damage may not be obvious, but a plumber will spot it immediately. For example, a camera inspection may be necessary to check for root intrusion. If the plumber finds any damage, they will make the necessary repairs to prevent further damage and ensure that your yard drain is working properly.

Make Sure the Drain Is Sloped Correctly

Having a yard drain that is not sloped is as good as not having a drain at all. This is because water will pool around the great and eventually overflow. To prevent this from happening, make sure that your yard drain is sloped correctly. The slope should be such that water flows easily into the drain without pooling. That is why it is important to hire a professional plumber in Schertz, TX, to install your yard drain. A professional will ensure that the drain is sloped correctly so that water flows freely into it. A plumber will also advise you on the best location for the drain. For example, the drain should be placed away from trees or shrubs to prevent their roots from growing into it.

Take Precaution On Chemicals You Are Using On Your Lawn

One of the benefits of yard drains is that they keep the lawn looking nice and free of standing water. However, the lawn can turn against the drain if you are not careful with the chemicals you use. If you use any chemicals on your lawn, such as fertilizers or pesticides, it’s important to take precautions to prevent them from entering the drain. This is because the chemicals can damage by clogging or corroding the pipes. Additionally, they can harm the environment if they are allowed to enter the water supply.

The best way to take precautions is to follow the directions on the label of the chemicals you use. For example, many chemicals should not be used near bodies of water. If you must use them near a drain, be sure to cover the drain with a tarp or something similar. You can also adopt chemical-free lawn care methods, such as mulch or organic fertilizer. These methods are not only better for the environment, but they will also not affect your yard drain. This is unless, of course, you place the mulch material too close to the drain. It may cover the great and prevent water from flowing into it.

Trim the Grass Around the Grate

The grate of your yard drain is designed to allow water to flow into the drain while keeping debris out. However, if the grass around the grate is too long, it can block the water flow. This should be part of the regular maintenance routine left to the professionals. It is not uncommon for people to damage the grass while trying to trim the grass around it. Besides, it can be difficult to get a clean cut if the grass is too long. Therefore, avoid taking this task yourself and hire a professional plumber in Schertz, TX, to do it for you.

Ensure the Other End of the Pipe Is Clear

Proper working of a yard drain doesn’t end when water enters the pipe and flows freely. It is also important to ensure that the other end of the pipe, where the water exits, is clear. A blockage at this end can cause water to back up and overflow from the drain. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the other end of the pipe is always clear. You should also ensure the pipe is not directing the water towards your neighbors’ property. If it is, you may be liable for any damage that occurs.

Also, the water will likely flow out of the pipe at a high velocity. This can cause erosion and damage to the surrounding area. Therefore, it should be designed so that it doesn’t cause any damage. That is where a professional plumber can be of assistance. They will advise you on the best way to design the pipe so that it doesn’t cause any damage to your property and your neighbors.

Adopt Lawn Irrigation Methods That Have Minimal Runoff

When people think of the purpose of yard drains, they often think of them as a way to prevent flooding during heavy rains. While this is one of the benefits of having a yard drain, it’s not the only benefit. Yard drains also take away excess water from irrigating the lawn. Some of the lawn irrigation methods can cause a lot of runoff which can cause soil erosion and damage to the surrounding area. Eroded soil will eventually end up in the yard drains.

Since the runoff doesn’t have enough force compared to rainwater, there is a high chance that the soil will accumulate in the drain and clog it. Therefore, it’s important to use lawn irrigation methods that minimize runoff. For, you can use drip irrigation instead of sprinklers or hosepipes. Drip irrigation is watering plants in which water drips slowly to the plant’s roots. This method uses less water and, therefore, minimizes runoff. You can hire a plumber to design and install a drip irrigation system.

Keep the Gutters Clean

While you may take all the measures to keep the grates and the entire yard drain system clean and ready to work, it will be for nothing if the gutters are not clean. This is because the gutters play a very important role in the functioning of the yard drain. They direct water from the roof to the drain. If they are not clean, they will direct debris and leaves into the drain, which can cause the drain to clog. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the gutters are always clean.

You should hire a plumber in Schertz, TX, with experience in roof plumbing to clean the gutters and implement measures to keep them free of debris. These measures may include installing gutter guards or covers. In addition, if you have trees in your yard, you should ensure that the leaves don’t fall into the gutters. This may involve trimming the trees regularly.

Don’t Drive or Park On the Drainage Grate

As mentioned earlier, the drainage grate is very important for the proper functioning of the yard drain. It is also very fragile. Therefore, you should avoid driving or parking on it as this can damage it. In addition, the car’s weight can cause the great to sink into the ground, damaging the pipe. If the grate is damaged, it will need to be replaced, which can be quite costly. Therefore, it’s best to avoid driving or parking on the grid altogether.

Yard drains are an important part of any home as they help to prevent flooding and soil erosion. However, they need to be well-maintained to function properly. The tips above will help keep your yard drain working properly. If you have any concerns, it’s best to hire a professional plumber for assistance.

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