Plumber Tips: What Are The Toilet Paper Alternatives For Safe Plumbing? | San Antonio, TX

Plumber Tips: What Are The Toilet Paper Alternatives For Safe Plumbing? | San Antonio, TX

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Finding shelves empty of toilet papers can come as a rude shock to anyone. If you have found yourself in such a situation in San Antonio, TX, you have thought of other alternatives like paper towels and napkins. You might have gone ahead and bought them and tried to flush them down the toilet as well. And chances are, you have ended up with a clogged toilet which only a plumber can help you with.

Unfortunately, not all alternatives to toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet. Yes, they can serve your purpose, but they should be discarded in the trash can and not flushed down the toilet – not even the ones that say ‘flushable’.

Here are some things to try out for Safe Plumbing

Using Flushable Wipes

Some wipes will read ‘flushable‘ on the product cover. These wipes are great if you have run out of toilet paper but try to dispose of them in the trash can as much as possible. They are meant for situations where you might not get access to toilet paper, like when you are camping or hiking.

The truth is, that although they read ‘flushable’, they are made of slightly thicker material than toilet paper and as a result will not readily dissolve in the sewer water as the former. Their thickness does offer a better clean but dispose of it outside rather than in the flush.

They will eventually break down, but if your plumbing is old and there are some other issues, then there could be a clog before it has had a chance to dissolve. If that happens, do not worry, call your plumber to deal with it.


If you find yourself in a position where there is no toilet paper, then consider installing a bidet. This mechanism is already quite popular in various parts of Europe, South America, and Asia with over 90% of households using them.

It is a small receptacle that will squirt water to help you clean up. You only have to bear the cost of the first time installation and occasional maintenance. If you have regular access to clean water, then it is practically free thereafter!

Give a call to your plumber today and they will do the needful and install the bidet. Once you have experienced its benefits and you see how cost-effective and effective it is, you might bid adieu to toilet paper forever. Many residents in San Antonio, TX have already installed them in their bathrooms.

Using a Peri Bottle

A perineal irrigation bottle or a peri bottle is like a portable bidet. You can easily purchase them online. It is a plastic bottle that squirts water and helps you clean up very efficiently. They are very affordable and you can also carry it.

If you are allergic and do not use items from public restrooms for hygiene issues, you can take it with you when you are traveling away from San Antonio, TX. You will never feel desperate about toilet paper again if you have this.

Items You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

Here are some things that our plumbers recommend you should never flush down the toilet, however harmless they might seem. They are sure to clog your plumbing and you could end up with an expensive overhaul.

Facial tissues and Napkins

They are soft and pliable and are gentle on the skin. But they have a thick weave, almost akin to a cloth, making them unsuitable for flushing.

Paper towels

Although these are technically termed paper, they are thicker than toilet paper. They do not have the quality of quickly dissolving as soon as they come into contact with water. Use them, by all means, but do not flush.

Baby wipes and moist wipes

Baby wipes are very gentle on the skin and even adult moist wipes are great. They are a good replacement for toilet paper However, most of them have a synthetic mix so that they retain their smoothness during use and they will not break down in the toilet. Be ready to call your plumbers if you have flushed them down your toilet.

Sanitary napkins

Sanitary napkins are great absorbents so they will serve your purpose quite well. But when you are done using them, dispose of them in the trash.

Sanitary napkins also have a degree of synthetic material and the adhesive in them will make them stick to the plumbing walls inside the sewer. Professionals usually recommend that after you have used them, wrap them in paper and dispose-off in the trash. The same goes for diapers.

Cotton Balls

Cotton balls are highly absorbent and easy to use and you can use them as alternatives to toilet paper. However, they will also become very bulky as soon as they absorb the waste.

Before long, it will be turned into a clot like substance, which will be practically impossible to flush down the drain. Use cotton balls if you must, but discard them in the trash.


This is self-explanatory. The cloth is meant to be washed and not flushed. They are very cost-effective because you can wash and reuse them unless they start wearing off. But make sure you always throw them out and not try to flush them once you are done.

Toilet bowl scrub pads

Even scrub pads used to clean the toilet should never be flushed down. They are quite sturdy so that they can scrub your toilet bowl without tearing away. Once you have achieved spotless cleaning, you should discard them in the trash.

Apart from these, you should also take care not to flush down any greasy substance, along with hair or kitchen wastes. In case of accidentally flushing down any of these objects, do not try any DIY methods to clean out the clog, get in touch with a plumber. Else you might end up harming the plumbing even further.

Your Expert Local Plumber Is Just a Call Away

Contact your plumber so that they can inspect the plumbing and do what is needed. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, we understand how critical your plumbing can be. Give us a call if you have accidentally flushed something down the toilet and need it unclogged.

A faulty plumbing and clogged drain can disrupt your daily routine till you have your toilet fixed. We deal with all kinds of plumbing issues and our expert plumber team will figure out the exact problem, reducing the time and costs needed for the repair.

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