Water Heater Repair: Plumbing Inspections You Need Before Buying A Home | San Antonio, TX

Water Heater Repair: Plumbing Inspections You Need Before Buying A Home | San Antonio, TX

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With a median home value at around $198,162, San Antonio, TX, is a favorite destination to buy a home for many. If you also intend to purchase a property in this city, be ready to shell out a big chunk of your savings on it.

Since investments are massive, you can’t take chances of buying a home with water heater repair or plumbing issues. Hence, scratch the surface and look deeper for locating issues that will cost you a fortune to repair. This is where a professional inspection by an experienced plumber comes to your rescue. It helps identify the problems you may fail to notice during the staging.

Here are the main plumbing inspections to make before buying a home.

Inspect the Water Heater

Undoubtedly, a hot water system is an important appliance in your home. When you buy a new property, you can avoid unwanted surprises by inspecting the water heater for its type and range beforehand.

Firstly, look at the type of heater installed in the home and ask about its capacity. Next, check the pipelines and water connections going to and from the unit. If it shows any signs of corrosion or leakages, a water heater repair is required. Also, check around the water heater unit and see if it’s cluttered to restrict access.

Lastly, check how long it takes for the unit to heat the water. A professional repair handyman or plumber will also inspect the tank for sediment build ups that can contaminate the entire hot water supply and affect your unit’s efficiency.

Inspect the Pipelines

Corroded or damaged pipelines are the recipe for a plumbing disaster. It may lead to bigger and costlier repairs down the road. Prevent such contingencies with a detailed pipeline inspection by a certified plumber.

The inspection involves checking for the signs of damages in the piping system. If you are buying an older home build before the 1980s, it may have lead pipes that are toxic and prone to damage. In this case, you need a professional appraisal and estimation of the replacement costs.

Once your plumber determines the amount, you may negotiate with the seller to deduct it from the cost of sale. Contact your water heater repair expert for another piping inspection – to check the pipe diameters, especially in those closest to the water sources.

Ensure that they are at least 0.75″-1″ in diameter while other pipes running through the home should have a diameter of minimum 0.5″. Smaller dimensions may restrict water flow and cause significant issues.

Inspect the Faucets

Run all the faucets in the home to see if they drip or pipes leak under the sinks. Also, check the showers for proper temperature and water flow even when other water systems are in use.

Sometimes, the faucets may have low water pressure. It means the house may have bigger issues concealed behind the walls or underneath the foundation. Here, a licensed plumber water heater repair technician can inspect the water sources and locate them using the latest technology tools like video cameras and leakage detection devices.

Inspect the Drains

Clogged drains are a nuisance and eventuality in every home. It may be a small blockage or a full-on clogging that brings the drains to the verge of disassembling or replacement. But, you’d expect unclogged and clean drains before buying a house.

A professional inspection by a specialized plumber can uncover such an issue and resolve it immediately before your sign on the dotted lines.

Inspect the Sump Pumps

Many homes in San Antonio, TX have a basement for entertainment, lounging, or extra living space. If yours also has one, think about inspecting the sump pump, if it’s there. Storms in San Antonio may get worse at times, flooding your basement.

A dysfunctional sump pump will aggravate the problem. So, ask your water heater repair technician or plumber to check the entire under-ground drainage system, including the pump. If there’s no sump pump, you’ll need one before the storm season.

Inspect the Sewer Lines and Septic Tank

Stoppages in the main sewer line and septic tanks can bring costly repairs and health problems to your doors. So, verify the water disposal system and inspect the sewer lines before buying a home. Check if the house has a septic tank or the wastewater goes to municipal lines.

If there’s a septic tank, check its location, conditions, and capacity. Ask about the last service performed on the septic tank and leave the rest on professionals. Since sewer line repairs may run into thousands, it makes sense to find them before closing the sale.

Luckily, it doesn’t take much for an expert water heater repair personnel. They use advanced video inspection camera to check the issues like:

  • Pesky tree roots making a home in the sewer lines
  • Shearing foundation wall in newer homes causing blockages and piping drops
  • Standing water or foul smells

Inspect Exterior Plumbing Lines

A professional plumbing inspection also includes exterior pipelines. Your plumber can inspect the plumbing connections, spigots, and sprinklers in the backyard. During this inspection, you may look for leakages in the outside hose spigots and line cracks, or loose joints in the lawn sprinkler system.

A professional inspection also involves checking transport lines bringing city water to your home supply. Water meter and shut off valve are other essential checks to ensure proper functionality. Trigger the shut-off valve and turn on the faucets to see if they dispense water. If they do, it points to a pipeline leakage.

Hire a professional water heater repair expert or plumber to inspect and address these issues before buying a home to save you from a lot of heartburn later.

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