Plumber Tips: Best Ways To Prevent Pipe Leaks | Universal City, TX

Plumber Tips: Best Ways To Prevent Pipe Leaks | Universal City, TX

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Pipe leaks are a major plumbing problem that should be avoided at all costs. And that’s what we will talk about in this article. We’ll talk about the causes of pipe leaks, how to spot leaks, problems associated with pipe leaks, and what you can do to prevent them. Please contact a plumber in Universal City, TX, if you need more help.

What Causes Leaky Pipes?

You might be wondering what causes the pipes to leak. Below are the most common reasons why your plumbing pipes are leaking. When you suspect that there might be a problem, please contact a professional asap.

Tree Roots

If there are trees near your plumbing, we highly recommend that you contact a professional in Universal City, TX, so that they can do something about it. When there are cracks in the pipes, the tree roots will grow toward the leaks in your sewer pipes, and they will eventually invade them, causing a major leak in your plumbing. This can lead to a blockage and major damage to your pipes. When tree roots damage the pipes, expect to pay higher bills for it. We recommend that you contact a licensed plumber today so they can advise you on what to do with the tree roots.

Shifts in Your Home’s Foundation

Small shifts in your home’s foundation can also lead to minor adjustments to your water line. Unfortunately, these adjustments may lead to a rupture or pipe leak — and unfortunately, you may not have control over this. What you can do is call a plumber for an inspection. They can help you determine if the shifts in the foundation cause the leaks in your pipes. Don’t worry; our plumbers are highly skilled, we can help you resolve any issues with your pipes.


Homeowners must insulate their pipes when the temperatures start dropping. When it reaches below zero, the water inside unprotected pipes can freeze. The pipes will begin to expand when the water freezes. Frozen pipes may burst, and that could lead to costly water damage.

Thankfully, frozen pipes can be avoided. You can get some insulating blankets at your local hardware store, and you can use that as protection. Also, it would help if you could slightly open the faucet so that warm water can circulate through the pipes. If you need more help, please get in touch with a plumber in Universal City, TX.

High Water Pressure

Both low water pressure and high water pressure aren’t good signs. When there’s low water pressure, there is likely a leak in your plumbing. Contact a plumbing company right away for an inspection. It’s not good to have high water pressure, too, as that can strain the pipes. It will eventually lead to pipe leaks. You can get a water pressure regulator to help you effectively regulate the water pressure in your home. You may also call a plumber for assistance.

Improper Installation

If you’re planning to replace your plumbing pipes, please always make sure that you hire licensed professionals to help you install them. Poor installation can lead to numerous problems, including pipe leaks. Remember, water damage can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and restorations. But you can avoid that by taking care of your pipes.


If you live in an older home, we suggest that you contact a professional to check what type of pipes are installed in our home. Galvanized pipes can corrode, and it will only lead to plumbing leaks. Consider replacing that with better materials. Consult with our plumbers for assistance.

How to Look for Leaks in Your Plumbing

Look for puddles of water in the yard, around your water heater or the dishwasher. Signs of hidden leaks include damp walls or spots in the yard, bulging wallpapers or excessive grass growth.

Please get help right away before a plumbing leak can turn into a major plumbing emergency. And don’t forget the costs associated with water damage. You can avoid it by calling a plumber in Universal City, TX, for professional leak detection.

What Happens When You Have Leaky Pipes?

As a homeowner, the last thing you want are leaky pipes. You won’t like them as they can cause a whole lot of other problems. Below are some of the issues you will encounter when you have leaky pipes. Please contact a plumber right away so a professional can help you resolve them.

Higher Water Bills

There are two types of leaks that you may encounter at home: the obvious leaks and then hidden leaks. Both can still do a lot of damage to your home, but you need to be very careful with the hidden leaks. You may never know that there is a leak in your plumbing, and it might be too late when you do find it. Thankfully, there are signs, and one of them is your water bill. When they suddenly skyrocket, there might be a leak somewhere in your plumbing. Please contact a plumber in Universal City, TX, immediately so they can inspect your system and help you find the problem that’s causing the unusually high bills.

Pests and Mold

Standing water or clogged drains can invite pests into your home. You know that pests are a nuisance and the bad news is that it might be very difficult to get rid of them as soon as they start to gather in your home. As much as possible, address leaks immediately to avoid pests infestation. If you suspect that there might be a problem with your plumbing, please contact a plumber right away for assistance.

Mold is another problem that you don’t want in your home. When there are leaks behind the walls, mold can thrive and they will start to breed there. If not addressed, it’s going to lead to several respiratory issues and even allergies. Some of the symptoms associated with mold include sinus congestion, rashes, itchy eyes, and sneezing. Call a plumber in Universal City, TX, asap when there are leaks in your plumbing system so they can be addressed promptly.

Leaky pipes are always a problem and they can also be costly. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help you avoid leaks in your plumbing.

How to Prevent Leaks in Your Plumbing

As a homeowner, you must do everything you can to help you stop leaks in your plumbing. Below are some tips that can help:

Professional Leak Detection

If you think that there might be a leak somewhere in your plumbing, the first thing you need to do is call a professional for professional leak detection. Licensed plumbers have tools that can help them locate the exact location of the leak. They will also know if there are hidden leaks in your plumbing.

When hiring a plumber, make sure that he is licensed and is highly experienced with leak detection. That’s where bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio comes in — rest assured, all of our plumbers are skilled and licensed and can handle any leak problem, big or small. We promise to resolve the issue on the same day, too, for our plumbing truck is fully equipped. You can always rely on us for our customer’s satisfaction is always the number one priority.

Get Leak Detection Device

Besides hiring a plumber for professional leak detection, we also suggest that you consider installing leak detection devices in your home. You can put these devices near your water heater tank, dishwasher and washing machine. When the device detects water, it will automatically alert you and automatically shuts off the main water to avoid further damage to your home.

There are many leak detection devices available in the market today. However, if you can’t decide which one to purchase for your home, please reach out to professionals for assistance. We’re familiar with the different brands of leak detection devices, and we can help you make an informed decision on what device to purchase.

Insulate the Pipes

As mentioned, you need to insulate the pipes when it starts getting colder. It’s one of the best ways to prevent frozen pipes and leaky pipes. Also, if you have exposed faucets outside, please make sure to insulate them. As much as possible, open the cabinet doors underneath your sink so that warm air can circulate inside — this tip can also prevent frozen pipes. Check your home’s insulation, too, and ensure that it’s fixed. If there are cracks in the windows and doors, please seal them completely. Most importantly, check on the attic and ensure it’s fully insulated. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact a professional in your area.

Know the Location of the Shut Off Valves

When the water heater or pipes leak, you need to switch off the valves before calling a plumber to prevent further damage to your home. So make sure that you know where these are located and that they are easily accessible. It’s also essential that everyone in the household knows where the shut-off valves are located if you won’t be home. If possible, consider installing several shut-off valves and installing them near your plumbing appliances to make it easier to turn them off.

Repair Problems ASAP

Some homeowners would ignore a plumbing problem thinking it would go away on its own. Please don’t make this mistake because plumbing problems don’t go away on their own. You need to contact a professional if there are issues with your plumbing, as that’s the only way to fix it. Also, we recommend that you don’t resort to the not-so-best ways of dealing with a plumbing problem. For example, you’re not supposed to use chemical-based drain cleaners in getting rid of clogs because they are not the permanent solution. These types of cleaners are damaging to your pipes, and they also pose some health risks. Instead, either use a plunger to help you get rid of a clog or call a professional for a drain cleaning service.

Reduce the Water Pressure

If there is high water pressure, please purchase a water pressure regulator to help you regulate the water pressure in your home. Contact a professional when you don’t know how to install it. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us — we are always ready to help.

Install a Water Softener

How is the concentration of hard water in your plumbing? The minerals found in hard water can cause corrosion in the pipes, eventually leading to pipe leaks. To remedy this, consider investing in a water softener so that you don’t put a lot of strain on the pipes. Please contact us if you’re thinking about installing these appliances in your home so we can help.

Use Stainless Steel Braided Hoses

Do you still have rubber washing machine hoses in your home? We recommend that you replace them with stainless steel braided hoses. The latter is less susceptible to wear and tear, therefore providing more protection for your home.

Get Regular Plumbing Inspection

One of the most effective ways to prevent leaks in your plumbing is by scheduling regular plumbing inspections. A professional will know if there are problems that need to be addressed during the inspection. They can also help you resolve any problem that may come up. If you want to prevent costly repairs and major plumbing leaks, then contact a professional today. Please get in touch with us — when it comes to plumbing, our team of professionals can handle anything.

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