Our Professional Drain Cleaning Service Help Keep Drains Flowing | San Antonio, TX

Our Professional Drain Cleaning Service Help Keep Drains Flowing | San Antonio, TX

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, we see a lot of drain problems. Some of them are the result of problems that build over time, while others are clearly from “uh-oh” moments. We’re here to take care of the problem and provide information that can help you understand your drains. As your partner in good plumbing, we’re the good folks you trust to respect you and your home when duty calls, day or night, in San Antonio, TX. We rush because we know that cleanups can be expensive, and prompt professional help means you don’t have to guess what to do and sometimes take a wrong turn in your strategy.

Our drain cleaning service can also provide preventive care for your San Antonio, TX home’s drains and wastewater plumbing, clearing partial clogs and other material gathering in the pipes to cause problems later on. We also provide clear information about your plumbing once we’ve checked out the problem, so you don’t have to worry about the possibilities, just deal with the facts which are often much more down to earth than worries. Our team consists of great problem solvers, so even major issues get our best answers with your convenience and budget in mind. It’s no wonder we’re popular in San Antonio, TX working around the clock to keep your plumbing always working. The BBB gives us an A+ rating, we’re top rated with an Elite Service award from Home Advisor, carefully screened by referral sites and a member of the Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Contractors Association as well as local San Antonio, TX groups. Over 1,500 customers have posted great Google reviews, too! Our professional plumbers, licensed and insured, do a lot more plumbing than drains, but they put their best skills and experience into every job our customers call about, from an overflowing toilet or broken pipe under the sink, to a possible sewer line problem or water line break. In a nutshell, our job is to help you relax about plumbing concerns.

Sometimes Rice Is Not So Nice and Other Unexpected Food-Related Plumbing Issues

You know how rice plumps when you cook it, from those tiny hard grains to soft pillows of starchy goodness that go great with all sorts of meals? Well, rice also plumps up like that when it’s going down your drain, even your garbage disposal. The first thing it hits is the P-trap under the sink, where it often lingers because people typically don’t run lots of water to keep things moving. After all, we’re saving water these days, right? The rice in the P-trap sits at the bottom of the U-shaped section and expands like little sponges until it completely blocks the pipe in many cases. Surprise, you’ve got a sink backup or at best, a slow sink, and it’s not some major nightmare clog made of everything, just a bit of rice that turned into one. Our drain cleaning service can clean out the rice and make sure we get any that’s expanding further down the pipe in a joint or other slow-flow area, and to be thorough, make sure that wasn’t the only reason for the clog. For example, what if the problem wasn’t so much that you didn’t use enough water to flush it down? It might be a clog further down that slowed the flow, and your slow-moving drain gave the rice a chance to expand in place. Two problems, with one solution: call our drain cleaning service for help. Don’t forget, also, that rice down any drain or even the toilet can cause this problem, and some like bathroom sinks may have narrower plumbing and be even more prone to this type of clog.

Pasta also is known to expand like rice, and again, even ground up by the garbage disposal the basic absorbent material is still there. Food is generally better thrown out or composted than sent down drains since you never know when a bit of bone or a slipper cucumber peel jams your disposal or bits of veggies join with grease and hair already forming a clog and help it grow quickly. Drain systems are designed for only a few specific items, especially when they lead to septic systems but even for the city sewer destination. Even flushable cleaning products really aren’t, because there are so many ways for them to get stuck before they break down, if ever. Our drain cleaning service has seen the kind of accumulations that occur.

You Could Get Good News About Sewer Line Trouble

There are lots of ways that sewer lines can have trouble, from tree roots growing into them and breaking the pipe apart to long-term corrosion, heavy equipment driving above, and even soil shifting due to flooding or other causes. We can help with all of these, but one we’re always glad to report is when all those flushable items and other materials form a giant clog in the sewer line that causes a backup. Since this particular problem is easily, but a bit messily, removed or flushed down the line by our hydro-jet equipment, it’s good news for homeowners worried about sewer line trouble. Even if that’s not the problem, we have many ways of repairing sewer lines these days and video equipment to help us find the right way, so we’ll take good care of you and your sewer line. Our drain cleaning service likes to provide useful information to our customers, and when we have happy news to report, that’s fantastic.

Complex Drain Plumbing Problems Need Expert Attention

Our experienced plumbers have seen a lot of strange problems when providing drain cleaning service, and we’re always glad when the answer to a complex problem is a simple issue. One way that can happen is when you’re getting problems, usually on the top floor of your San Antonio, TX home if there are several, which can include gurgling sounds, backups and slow drains, and even foul odors. These can happen to several fixtures, and even in several bathrooms, and it can seem like a real problem because so much is affected. If you try a quick plunger attack or slip something down to break up the clog, you might get some results, but the problem comes right back. That’s because these symptoms often indicate a problem with the system as a whole, the result of a blocked plumbing vent on your roof. There are many ways that can happen, nature has imagination, but when the vent is cleared by our drain cleaning service your sewer gasses can once again escape, and the air supply that your plumbing needs to empty the drains down to the sewer is once again available. It’s a pretty gratifying situation when that situation occurs, because a lot of trouble can be taken care of quickly. Being professionals, though, our plumbers never assume that there’s only one cause for a plumbing problem. There may still be clogs in your pipes as well, and it’s worth a quick check to be sure and thorough. Our drain cleaning service takes good care of you so you don’t need to call us back, at least for the same problem.

Shower Hair, Soap, and Shampoo, Make Great Natural Clogs

Fortunately, shower clogs often form fairly close to the opening of the drain, as hair tangles around structures and gathers soap and shampoo to form a real mess. A lot of people don’t like to remove these stringy, slippery accumulations, which can get really big and long, extending into your drain and causing that uncomfortable inch or two of water that lingers in your shower pan or tub. Our drain cleaning service can not only pull the hair and everything else out of the drain and get the shower water rushing down like it used to, they can also provide you with a plumbing solution which could be as simple as a screen, that keeps the hair from going down the drain. You still have to scoop it out after your shower, but that’s so much better than the alternative. These kinds of clogs can also occur in your sink of course, especially if you brush or wash your hair over it. Ask us about solutions for these as well. One additional note: where do you put those clogs when you pull them out, strand by strand and clump by clump? Our drain cleaning service asks you nicely to please not transfer them to your toilet’s drain instead! Guess what can happen if you do? Yes, another clog is quite possible, either now or when the hair mixes with paper and whatever, and you’ve got something a bit worse than a shower drain mess.

Grease Makes Great Drain Clogs

One of the binders that pulls clogs together is grease, most common in your kitchen sink of course, but often flushed down toilets as well for some reason. Hot water can help avoid instant clogs, but any time grease passes down your pipes, some of it adheres to the pipe walls and provides a great landing spot for other material, from hair and dirt to food particles and whatever. Even if you use hot water, as the grease goes down the drain pipes it encounters cold and starts to solidify and cling even more deeply into the drain system. This is one reason why drain cleaning service visits can get complicated, when the presenting problem, as it were, is only part of the problem. A deep clog can slow the flow, as with the rice problem we mentioned above, which gives material time to form a clog closer to the drain. To fix the problem, both the near clog and the distant one need to be addressed. Since grease, soap, and other sticky substances are bound to find their way down your drains in one form or another over time, we recommend an annual preventive visit from our drain cleaning service that covers your whole drain system throughout your house. In fact, if you’re having frequent problems in one area, you can get additional localized care as well. For example, behind your walls might be a more complex set of plumbing twists and turns for the upstairs pipes than you realized. Those may be an attractive target for clogs, so cleaning them out more often can help you avoid emergencies. Our drain cleaning service professionals can provide plumbing insights like these to help you have fewer plumbing problems.

A Whole House Drain Cleaning Service is a Plumbing Reset

When our drain cleaning service goes top to bottom in your house, carefully and respectfully of course, we attend to each drain and also the pipes in between. We use a variety of tools including our high-pressure hydro-jet system to clear anything clinging to the pipes inside, so they are reset to like-new condition. Our drain cleaning service often uses video inspection to check our work or identify the type of clog for proper tool selection, and sometimes we see corrosion or pipe damage. In that case, we’ll make recommendations and proceed carefully, since these issues can cause clogs themselves, but they may also produce leaks. Our drain cleaning service can wind up saving you a lot by avoiding damage from unnoticed leaks, a bonus.

Like All Our Plumbing Services, Our Drain Cleaning Service in San Antonio, TX Is Provided with Expert Care

Many homeowners have a dual concern when plumbing problems arise: can the plumber provide a thorough and affordable fix? And, will the plumber be careful in my beautiful home, and leave it clean as well? These two concerns together are excellent reasons why our company is so popular and well-reviewed in San Antonio, TX. People trust bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, and they know our drain cleaning service will leave their home clean as well as their pipes. We look forward to your call for preventive or emergency plumbing.

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