Navigating Home Plumbing Trends With Your Plumber | Universal City, TX

Navigating Home Plumbing Trends With Your Plumber | Universal City, TX

Maintaining your home’s value is often related to ensuring that its major systems are well-preserved and improved. From its roof to its electrical system, your house can benefit from maintenance and upgrades that lead to its improvement. The same holds true for its plumbing system. But what plumbing system upgrades can enhance your Universal City, TX, home? The best way to determine how to maintain and improve your home’s plumbing system is to talk to a licensed plumber. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio features a team of certified and experienced plumbers who can help maintain and improve your plumbing system. Of course, not all plumbing trends are as helpful as others when it comes to home plumbing systems. With the help of a plumber from our team, you can choose upgrades that make the best sense for your house and budget.

Brain Pipe Technology

Hidden leaks can take a serious toll on a home’s condition and cause thousands of dollars in property damage. Wouldn’t it be great if your plumbing system could alert you when there’s a leak somewhere in your plumbing system? One of the latest plumbing trends you’ll want to discuss with your plumber is brain pipe technology. This type of technology works by detecting water pressure associated with every plumbing faucet and fixture that delivers water. When the water pressure drops because a leak occurs, the system notifies the property owner via their smartphone and can even shut off the water supply.

Although still new, this technology has the potential to transform the construction industry as builders seek to install brain pipe technology in new home and building constructions. If you are considering repiping your home or simply want to embrace this new trend to improve your current plumbing system, you can discuss your plan with an expert from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio. We can visit your Universal City, TX home to discuss the possibility of this type of upgrade.

Remember that even a small leak can cause extensive damage to drywall, flooring, and even structural materials like wood. Hidden leaks can even lead to a serious mold problem. Brain pipe technology reduces the risk associated with leaks. By installing brain pipe technology in your home, you may be able to enhance its property value and protect it from water damage.

Solar-Powered Water Heaters

In Universal City, TX, as elsewhere in the state, alternative energy is growing. In fact, alternative energy options are even available for plumbing systems. Some people are consulting with their plumber about installing a solar-powered water heater in order to achieve hot water with greater efficiency–and less expense. A solar hot water heater is a trend that some Texans are embracing. Is it right for your home?

As the plumbing pros of bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio can explain, there are a couple of types of solar-powered water systems. These include direct and indirect circulation systems. A direct system circulates water through collectors and then through the home, relying on solar power to operate. These types of systems are ideal for climates where the temperature rarely freezes. An indirect circulation system relies on solar power and heat transfer fluid that heats water via collectors and a heat exchanger.

Upgrading to solar features is a popular trend in Universal City, TX, and may certainly increase home value and reduce energy costs. If you are interested in this type of upgrade, you should discuss it with a plumber from our team. We install and maintain a wide range of water heater appliances for our customers. We can consult with you so that you can choose the best water heater for your household. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, we stay up to date with the latest plumbing industry advances so we can bring them to our customers.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heaters aren’t the newest trend in the world of plumbing system upgrades, but they are a trend with staying power. More and more homeowners are replacing their traditional tank-style water heaters with tankless models. Why? Because it requires less energy and expense to heat water via a tankless system as any plumber can explain.

In a tank water heater, energy is needed to continuously maintain a supply of heated water. When you go to take a shower or wash dishes, you’re drawing water from your tank’s heated supply. A tankless system works differently. It does not heat water continuously. It only heats the water you need as you need it. When you turn on your faucet for hot water, the water passes through the coils of your tankless heater and is heated before it reaches you via the faucet.

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio installs, maintains, and repairs tankless water heaters as well as traditional tank-based water heaters. A plumber from our team can discuss these appliances with you in detail. If you have a large household and home in Universal City, TX, you may choose to install two tankless water heaters in order to meet the needs of your household. Do you need two models? That’s a question you can discuss with a plumber.

Voice-Activated Faucets

Since the recent COVID-19 epidemic, people have increasingly begun to embrace hands-free home features in order to reduce the spread of germs while enhancing convenience. Many customers are requesting their plumber to install voice-activated faucets and shower fixtures in their home. These smart fixtures operate–quite literally–when you tell them too. You can turn water taps off and on without ever touching them. In fact, you can even program them to provide the ideal water temperature for showering or washing hands. If you’re interested in installing voice-activated fixtures in your Universal City, TX, home, talk to a licensed plumber from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio.

Greywater Plumbing Systems

Water conservation is important to many Texans, including residents of Universal City, TX. But is this new plumbing trend right for you? A greywater plumbing system reuses greywater–wastewater from showering or sinks to irrigate grass and gardens. This advanced technology is growing in popularity in areas where water scarcity is a major issue. But many people simply love the idea of reusing greywater for this type of purpose. The fact is, just one wash cycle of a washing machine can generate enough greywater to keep a tree alive all year. Talk to bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio about the possibility of installing a greywater plumbing system at your home. Remember that when it comes to your plumbing system repairs and upgrades, it’s essential to consult a trained and licensed plumber.

Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems are another popular plumbing system trend that you can discuss with our San Antonio plumbing company. There are many benefits associated with water filtration systems, including better-tasting water. A water filtration system can also eliminate the chemicals from drinking water. Although drinking water is regulated, trace chemical amounts allowed in the water can build up. People who are concerned about the potential for chemical buildup in their water and bodies are turning to their plumber for the installation of a water filtration system.

A whole home water filtration system can also support the longevity of your water-using appliances like your dishwasher and washing machine. Hard water minerals like calcium can be filtered out so that they can’t cause mineral buildup in your costly appliances.

Although water filtration systems for homes remain a popular trend, many people find the concept confusing because there are so many types of filtration systems on the market today. That’s why it’s important to speak with a trained plumber so you can get the answers you need to your questions.

Bathroom Spa

Thinking about installing spa features in your master bathroom or another bathroom of your home? A skilled plumber from our team can help. Today, there are loads of spa features you can install to enhance the comfort and functionality of your bathroom. From whirlpool bathtubs to steam showers, spa features come in many forms.

Depending on your renovation budget, you may want to stick to small but enjoyable upgrades like the installation of a rain shower fixture in your shower. As mentioned earlier, you might even choose fixtures that are voice-activated. On the other hand, you might want to achieve a major bathroom renovation. You could install a new soaking tub or his and hers vanities. Bathroom renovations can certainly improve home value, but they can also enhance your enjoyment of your home.

Aging in Place Plumbing Features

More and more individuals are choosing to age in place rather than move to assisted living facilities. You can install more senior-friendly plumbing fixtures in your home to make aging-in-place a more convenient option. A licensed plumber has experience upgrading homes with aging-in-place designs. Installing a higher toilet, more grab bars, and a walk-in shower with seating may be options you want to consider for your plumbing system upgrade.

Of course, the bathroom is only one aspect of your home. What about the kitchen and laundry room? You can also install senior-friendly features in these areas of your home too. For instance, it might be necessary to relocate the laundry room so that carrying laundry up and down stairs isn’t a requirement. A pot filler located above the stove can remove the need to carry a heavy pot of water across the kitchen. By carefully developing a design plan, you can install plumbing features that are ideal for you or any senior living in your home. Because there are so many products on the market today, let us help you choose plumbing features that are ideal for your needs and budget.

Drain Cleaning

Is drain cleaning really a trend? Actually, annual drain cleaning is growing in popularity as more people become aware of the importance of plumbing system maintenance. As plumbing systems age, they tend to require more maintenance. Drain cleaning is ideal for warding off stubborn clogs and eliminating slow drains. Even in homes where occupants are meticulous about not throwing food or grease down drains, clogs can occur because of biofilm and hard water mineral buildup.

With periodic drain cleaning, you can keep your plumbing system working optimally. Professional drain cleaning flushes the buildup of debris and particles down the drain and into the sewer system where they belong. Some people may consider using a chemical drain cleaning product to clean their drains, but this isn’t the best solution–or a safe one. Chemical drain cleaners are not good for your pipes. They also contain harmful, corrosive chemicals that are terrible for the environment. If your sewer line has a leak, for instance, those harmful chemicals in the drain cleaners will leak into your soil.

If your home is prone to slow drains and clogs, it may be worthwhile to line up a professional drain cleaning service periodically–before stubborn clogs can occur. A clog is terrible for your pipes because it can weaken them and lead to leaks. With good plumbing system maintenance, you may be able to ward off more expensive repairs. A plumber from our team can help.

Talk to a plumber from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio if you’re considering a plumbing system upgrade at your Universal City, TX home. Our plumbers are certified professionals who stay up to date with the latest and greatest plumbing industry trends like smart plumbing fixtures, greywater systems, water filtration systems, and more. We can consult with you so that you can make an informed decision about installing a new water heater or innovative brain pipe technology.

Also, if you need emergency plumbing repairs or maintenance, be sure to contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio right away. We have a reputation for our excellent workmanship and prompt service.

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