It’s About More Than Just the Clogs: Benefits of Our Drain Cleaning Service | San Antonio, TX

It’s About More Than Just the Clogs: Benefits of Our Drain Cleaning Service | San Antonio, TX

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At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, we respond quickly and clear your clogged sink or toilet to avoid overflow and the inconvenience of being unable to use the fixture. It’s an important service, and our drain cleaning service makes sure that we do a thorough job, but there’s more going on than clearing a clog, especially if you invest in our annual whole house drain cleaning service. Our drain cleaning service has the equipment, video inspection tools, and strategies to ensure that we clear your pipes right back to the walls, leaving them wide open and fast-flowing, and making it difficult for new clogs to form. The service is performed carefully, with respect for your home and the people and pets in it, and even for the whole house can take only a few hours. Afterward, though we can’t prevent flushing accidents and garbage disposal incidents that could require a plumber call, the wastewater pipes leading through your home to your sewer line will be reset and major clogs unlikely in the coming year. You can rest easy, and take a break from all the craziness that clogged pipes can bring, even to multiple fixtures at the same time.

Tools of Our Drain Cleaning Service Trade Go Way Beyond the Plunger

When we roll up to clear your drains, we have a variety of tools to use including auger, snake, and hydro-jet spray. What we use often depends on an additional tool, essential to plumbers these days, the miniature video camera. We can clear drains without it, but when we can see what we’re working on, we can choose the right tool for the job, avoid making certain types of clogs like stuck toys worse by pushing them further in and not breaking them up, and also respect the condition of the drain pipes, which in some homes may have corroded to the point where hydro-jet usage needs to be careful, if we use it at all. Corroded pipes tend to build up clogs faster than smooth ones, and they’re also a wastewater leak risk, so we can provide the homeowner with valuable information and help them to take action before the problems start.

Plumbing Problems on the Roof? An Unexpected Source of Recurring Clogs and Drain Problems

When we’re performing a whole-house drain cleaning service or even taking care of problems on the top floor of your house, we may encounter what appears to be the result of clogs, with slow or stopped drains and often an odor of sewer gas as well. If you smell sewer gas inside your home, by the way, it’s a good reason to get a plumber on the job quickly, for the hazards involved and the clear problem that needs to be resolved. In this case, the problem is often up on the roof, where perhaps a bird has built a nest in your plumbing vent or debris has blown in during a storm. That vent allows sewer gas to escape, and also provides a source of incoming air to balance the outflow of wastewater down your drains. If it’s not working correctly, you can have what appear to be clogs, and might even appear to have cleared after some effort, but are really pipes stuck by a vacuum effect, much like you can hold water in a straw by putting your finger over the top end.

All Your Past Misdeeds Are Forgiven

In a whole house drain cleaning service, all those things you read recently about what should and shouldn’t go down the drain can be the basis of a fresh start. All your past grease pouring, rice flushing, going without a hair trap in the shower drain, and using the toilet as garbage disposal can all be reset by a thorough drain cleaning, and all the potential major clogs that they represent will be removed and the pipes cleaned so you can start anew. Of course, you could just keep on putting clog material into the pipes and having an annual drain cleaning service in San Antonio, TX take care of it, and we’ll try not to judge, but if there are better ways to take care of your drain plumbing, why not try it? By the way, the issue with grease is it likes to stick to the sides of pipes and form the sticky basis of a clog, grabbing other material as it flows past.

Grease and soap both tend to be gummier when cold water is carrying them, rather than liquid like they were when you poured them down. Rice and pasta along with similar materials absorb water like a sponge, and it’s fairly common for them, even after passing through a garbage disposal, to sit in the P-trap that loops under your sink and expand, blocking the drain. Hair is a big contributor to grease and soap clogs, especially if it’s escaping down the shower drain because there’s no strainer to catch it at the drain entrance. The hair then acts as a filter, catching other material to help build up the clog and get to the point where your drain is flowing slowly, or you have stagnant water in the sink or tub. Do you throw the hair from the strainer into the toilet? Now you know what that can do, adding to clogs in the toilet’s wastewater line instead. Ask our drain cleaning service for other great tips on how to keep your pipes clean!

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At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, we provide professional plumbing services for issues throughout your home’s water supply and wastewater systems, sewer lines and water lines, and anywhere else pipes need attention. We also help with repairs, upgrades, and remodeling to make your home’s plumbing features more enjoyable and reliable. Give us a call for drain cleaning or any other plumbing service.

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