Foul Smelling Water And Drain Cleaning Service: Top Reasons For Smelly Drains And Stinky Water | Universal City, TX

Foul Smelling Water And Drain Cleaning Service: Top Reasons For Smelly Drains And Stinky Water | Universal City, TX

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Your home should be a safe and comfortable place to live. But, a stinky drain can make you restless. If your home has a smelly drain and stinky water, the first thing you need to do is call a drain cleaning service to fix the issues.

Modern plumbing systems are designed to be odorless. Hence, smelly drains are not without reason. It is always good to know the reasons behind the stinky drain in your Universal City, TX home and how you can prevent it from happening in the future. Here are the top three reasons for smelly drains and stinky water.

Drain and Sewer Line Problems

According to drain cleaning professionals, bad smells emanate from cracked drain pipes or leaks from a rotted and loose-fitting pipe connection. However, there could be other reasons, too, like overflowing or blocked drains. The sewer blockage in your private sewer line that connects to the main sewer lines causes odors and water to back up drains.

Drain cleaning professionals mention these blockages are caused by flushing foreign objects like pet litter, tampons, diapers, and even solid food in toilers. Pouring of cooking oil and fat down the kitchen skinks also causes blockages.

If the main sewer line backs up, it is the responsibility of the city’s administration to fix the problem. However, it is difficult to determine the reason for drain and sewer line backup, and you need to consult a drain cleaning service to find the exact reason. Based on the findings, the drain cleaning professionals will provide you best possible solution to resolve the issue.

Bacteria in Water Heaters

Drain cleaning professionals mention water heaters with metal tanks feature an anode rod that protects the water tank from dust and corrosion. As time passes, the rod decays while doing its job. The decaying rod creates hydrogen sulfide gas inside the water tank that acts with bacteria in sediment and gives out the rotten smell and bad-tasting water.

The bacteria in the water tank sediments grow if the water heater is not used for a long time. Also, if you have set the temperature at low in the water heater, the bacteria grows fast inside. According to drain cleaning service professionals, any water stored below 140°F has increased the chances of bacteria breeding that could cause Legionnaire’s disease.

If the hot water flowing out of the faucet is stinky, you need to call a drain cleaning service that will send professionals to check the water heater and find out the cause of the bad smell. The plumbing professional will remove the bacteria sediment from the water tank to resolve the stinky water issue.

P-Trap and Venting Issues

If expert professionals installed your Universal City, TX home plumbing system, it is more likely to have a trap attached to every fixture. In most cases, the trap is shaped like “P,” hence the name P-Trap.

The trap serves an important function. It holds on a small amount of drain water and creates a plug between the drain and smelly gases coming from the sewer line. In simple words, the P-Trap prevents smell gases from entering your home through the plumbing system.

If the P-Trap has dried or there is no water in it, there is nothing to stop smell gases from entering your home. There may be several reasons for the failure of the P-Trap, like the seal around the trap is broken. In that case, you need to call the drain cleaning service to get the P-Trap repaired to resolve the bad smell issue in your house.

Why Should You Avoid DIY Methods for Drain Cleaning?

The DIY drain chemicals are not effective in dissolving stubborn buildup inside your drain pipes. If the DIY drain cleaning agent has strong chemicals, it will do more harm than good and damage your pipes.

Following these methods will only lead to a waste of valuable time and money. Hence, calling a professional drain cleaning service makes more sense.

Why Should You Call Drain Cleaning Service to Resolve Drain Smells?

The drain is designed to take away dirt and grime away from your home. It is good to know the reasons for smelly drains. But the fact is even a homeowner who is meticulous about keeping his drain pipe free of any clogs will face clogged drains or some drain issues during his lifetime.

The reason is that the drains get clogged with various materials like the buildup of small food particles, hair, dirt, and other small objects. The only viable solution to prevent smelly drains is to call a drain cleaning service to clean the drain pipes.

Drain cleaning task is a work best done by professionals. The drain cleaning companies use high-powered jets to break the buildup that has clogged the drain. Our professionals perform drain cleaning without using corrosive chemicals that damage your drain pipes, leading to high repairing costs to the homeowner.

Hire a Local Plumbing Company Today to Get Rid of Smelly Water

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio is serving Universal City, TX residents for more than a decade. We can help you resolve any smelly drains and stinky water in your home.

Our drain cleaning professionals carry the right equipment and tools for effective drain cleaning. We have a long list of happy customers in your neighborhood who vouch for our prompt drain cleaning service.

We are at your service 24×7. If you are experiencing smelly drains in your house, call us immediately. We will send a team of drain cleaning experts immediately as per your convenience, and our drain cleaning experts will give you respite from smelly drains and stinky water issues.

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