Drain Cleaning Service: Top 9 Kitchen Drain Nightmares | Helotes, TX

Drain Cleaning Service: Top 9 Kitchen Drain Nightmares | Helotes, TX

We’ve all seen or at least heard of popular television shows such as Kitchen Nightmares. But have you ever thought of the nightmares your kitchen drain may go through? Most homeowners don’t notice a clogged drain until it’s too late. One of the first signs of needing a drain cleaning service, in Helotes, TX is water now draining slowly. Clogged drains and backed-up pipes can be avoided. Here are nine kitchen drain nightmares we at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio want to warn you of.

1. Tossing Coffee Grounds Down the Sink

It seems harmless – letting coffee grounds go down the sink. However, this is a common problem many plumbers find when being called out for drain cleaning services. Coffee Grounds clump together when wet and are not always water-soluble. Placing coffee grounds directly in the trash is the best way to go.

2. Starchy Foods Slipping Down the Drain

Starchy food such as Pasta, Rice, and Flour If you are boiling pasta and rice you simply drain the water off. However, most times tiny pieces escape and fall down the drain. Flour is another food that easily goes down the pipes as you are rinsing it off from plates. These small particles are sticky in themselves and over time build up almost like glue or gum around your pipes and require a drain cleaning service to remove.

3. Small Stickers from Produce

When washing fruits and vegetables it can be easy to lose produce stickers. More common than not, they somehow end up in the sink and down the drain. They seem harmless, but over time this can build up almost as though you are wadding up pieces of small paper and throwing them down the drain. Always use caution when peeling these stickers off and place them inside the plastic bag or directly into the trash.

4. Pouring Grease and Oils Down the Sink

Many people think it’s fine to pour grease such as bacon fat or old chicken and fish grease down the sink – especially if they have a garbage disposal. However, grease solidifies quickly making it difficult to remove altogether after the fact. Light cooking oils such as olive oil, avocado oil, and butter seem safe. You do consume it on items such as salads and pasta. However, these as well can build up also and eventually clog your drain, requiring drain cleaning service. In turn, once the grease does start clogging, any food debris will start to build up and form the blockage, requiring a drain cleaning service.

Should you absolutely need to pour the grease down the sink, you should follow immediately with a pan of boiling hot water. Adding dish soap and following with hot running water will help it stay loose and flush it down.

You do want to remember though; this grease still needs to go somewhere. It will be settled in your septic tank. So, this should be done in extreme measures. Otherwise, simply allow the grease to cool and either put it in a disposable container or wrap it well in paper towels and throw it out with the trash.

5. Freshen Your Garbage Disposal with Lemons and Orange Peels

An old tip to freshen your garbage disposal has been to drop fresh citrus fruit peels such as lemon and orange peels down your sink and turn on the garbage disposal. Its oils do release a fresh scent, but this is only temporary. It does not actually clean your sink nor garbage disposal. In fact, these can break or dull your blades.

It is safe to disconnect the power every once in a while, and scrub the various parts of your garbage disposal. This can keep the grimy buildup away and delay the need for drain cleaning service.

6. Use a Chemical Drain Opener

It’s a quick fix right – purchase some liquid drain cleaner from your hardware store. While sometimes this may work to unclog pipes, this is also another temporary fix. The clog may just be pushed down, not clearing all the way. These chemicals are eating away at the clog be it food or other substance like hair formed. While it’s doing so, it’s also eating away at your pipes as well. You can find yourself with corroded pipes and that will eventually leave you needing to have your pipes replaced. This is not a quick nor cheap fix.

7. Cleaning Paint Brushes in the Kitchen Sink

Your children are painting, be it using water or oil-based paint and need to rinse the brushes off. It’s easy to go straight to the kitchen sink and clean them off. However, this is another major problem because paint can coat your pipes, making it easy for clogs to form. Also, some paint is hazardous and will contaminate your Helotes, TX water supply.

8. Fixing a Leaky Drain Pipe Yourself

Do you have a leaky pipe? Sometimes it can be as easy as tightening the slip nut around the pipe. Other times it may mean replacing a gasket or strainer. The truth is, if you’re not an expert you could damage the actual pipe making it difficult for a professional to perform the repairs later on.

9. Calling any Plumber You Find in the Classifieds

Let’s face it – there are a lot of people calling themselves professionals, especially during these unprecedented times. You want someone working on your drain pipes that has experience, is certified, and has the tools needed to do the job right. Plumbing does get sophisticated over time and there are new methods of drain cleaning service a professional can offer to make things easier down the line for you.

If you are suspecting that you have a clogged drain, do yourself a favor and call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today to schedule a drain cleaning service. Our drain cleaning service, Helotes, TX team of professionals will come out and clean your drain the right way.

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