Are You In Need Of Water Heater Repair Or Replacement? | Boerne, TX

Are You In Need Of Water Heater Repair Or Replacement? | Boerne, TX

Water heaters make our lives so much easier. Proper maintenance of this important appliance can extend its lifespan, reduce malfunctions, and improve efficiency. Poor maintenance can do just the opposite. However, even with the best maintenance plan, a water heater will not be able to last forever. According to data collected by, water heaters only last an average of 10 to 15 years. Other sources have their average lifespan capped at 12 years. Proper care can make your water heater last much longer. This begs the question of whether your water heater is simply in need of repair or should be replaced. If you live in or around the Boerne, TX, area, and are in need of a water heater repair or replacement, contact the staff at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, San Antonio, today.

How Does the Water Heater Work?

Understanding how the water heater works will help you determine whether your water heater is repaired or maintained. If you recognize signs of failure in your water heater, contact the staff at your local plumbing company for assistance. The sooner you act the less damage will occur and the more of a chance you have of saving your appliance.

There are a few different types of water heaters available on the market. The most commonly owned water heater in the U.S is the conventional/storage-tank water heater. This water heater is the closest in terms of function and appearance to its original model. A newer model of water heater is known as the tankless water heater. This water heater is quickly picking up popularity and can be found in more modern or renovated homes. And last but certainly not least, the geothermal water heater is another way to heat water in a property. With each new model of water heater, it gets further and further away from its original design. However, they all do the same thing, which is provide heated water.

Since the storage tank water heater is the most common one in the U.S it is best to learn how this one works. The storage tank water heater is known for its large 40 to 60-gallon tank. This tank is used for heating the water and storing the water. The water in the tank should remain at the temperature you have set on the thermostat. If it does not stay at the temperature on the thermostat, it could be in need of a professional water heater repair.

Coldwater is funneled into the storage tank via a dip tube. Once the tank is full, and the water is heated, it will remain that way until it is needed. The water heater keeps the water at a certain temperature with the help of a heating apparatus. For an electric water heater, the heat source is electrical and for a gas water heater, the heating is fire. This will go off and on immediately in order to keep the water at the correct temperature. Other water heaters, such as the tankless water heater work similarly, except for a few key differences. However, the concept is the same.

If your water heating appliance isn’t functioning correctly, contact a licensed professional for urgent water heater repair. If you live in or around the Boerne, TX, arena and are in need of a water heater repair, maintenance, or installation, contact the staff at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain to schedule service today.

To Repair or Replace

You should only replace a water heater when it is absolutely necessary. This will help you get the most bang out for your buck due to the pricey nature of these appliances. Like any quality appliance, the water heater will be a substantial purchase, however, it is a necessity that will last for quite some time. When considering the replacement of a water heater, you should ask yourself is it ready and worthy of being replaced. A good working water heater can raise the value of a home and make living more comfortable. However, a new one can really raise the value of a home. You may want to strategically plan out your water heater replacement if possible, to ensure you are getting the most out of this appliance.

You also don’t want to replace your water heater if all it needs is repair. Whether or not you are in need of water heater repair is dependent on the age of the water heater and the types of malfunctions you may be experiencing.

Tank Leaks

Not all leaks will require a water heater replacement. If you notice water trickling out of or from the water heater it could mean the dip tube has become bent out of place and is no longer inside of the tank. If this occurs, you will need to have the dip tube bent back in place. If the dip tube is not the culprit, you will need to contact a plumber for emergency water heater repair and replacement.

Unfortunately, water heater repair can not be performed on a storage tank. If the storage tank begins to leak or cracks, it will need to be replaced. You may be able to avoid the cracking or leaking of a tank with periodic water heater repair and maintenance. Water heater maintenance includes the draining of minerals that can clump together creating sediment. When sediment accumulates it can damage the inside of the tank and cause a crack or break.

Too Cold or Too Hot

If the temperature of the water heater is an issue, you should check the thermostat. The thermostat should always be between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Any temperature below 120 degrees can cause bacteria to grow. Any temperature above 140 degrees can lead to skin burns.

If the thermostat is set at the correct temperature and it is still too hot or too cold, it could mean your water heater is malfunctioning for another reason. The cause of these issues is typically gas or electric-related and must be repaired by a professional.

Do you own a property in the Boerne, TX, area? Are you in need of a water heater repair or replacement? Contact the staff at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio for all of your plumbing service needs.

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