Drain Cleaning: How To Resolve Yard Drain Issues | San Antonio, TX

Drain Cleaning: How To Resolve Yard Drain Issues | San Antonio, TX

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The drainage system of your yard is perhaps the most neglected component of your house’s plumbing system. Living in a comfortable San Antonio, TX home, you may have a properly landscaped yard, but poor drainage can pose a whole lot of issues.

When you neglect drain cleaning in your yard, it can lead to problems like

  • foul smell
  • stagnant water
  • and insect infestation.
  • potential falls and trips
  • ruined grass and plants
  • and unwanted shrubs
  • clogged sewer lines
  • clogged basement, shower or floor drains

This may in turn lead to health risks for your family. So, if you are looking for a great looking yard with an effective drainage system, then regular drain servicing can actually help in preventing any yard drain maintenance issues.

Here are a few other ways to resolve your yard drain maintenance issues effectively.

Regular Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

Once your yard drainage is installed, take steps for its timely cleaning and maintenance too. Drains in your yard need regular cleaning to ensure that everything keeps working and prevent bigger issues down the road. It requires expert eyes and specialized tools like video pipe inspection devices, hearing devices, or heat scanners that your plumber is equipped with.

Since you can’t always handle every minute aspect of this process yourself, call drain experts. If they find any issue, they can recommend options to prevent it. As a result, you can save a lot of your time and money.

Regular drainage cleaning includes blockage removal and drain unclogging. Depending on the type and extent of blockage, a drain cleaning expert may use motorized drain augers, rubber drain bladders, or hydro-jetting methods to remove any dirt, sludge, or grease buildup in your yard drains.

Slow Draining Drains

If you’re experiencing drains that are slow-moving, or not clearing as fast as they used to, this may be a warning sign for you. Typically, this may be because there is a debris build-up or blockages within your drains and you need to know exactly what’s wrong. For the same reason, get it fixed the first time by reaching out to a drain cleaning expert in your neighborhood.

Drainage Dry Well Installation

A dry well is an eco-friendly solution to resolve your drain maintenance issues. You can have it installed new or added to your existing yard drainage system. Once it is in place, your water will not be absorbed by the soil or flow to your city’s sewer system. Instead, the drywell will discharge any extra rain/ flooding water to the soil in its vicinity.

A drain cleaning and installation expert will use a network of drains and downspouts to direct the water towards the dry well. The process involves filtering the water and turning it into local groundwater. If you have a hardpan layer in your yard, a dry well will be an exceptional solution. The water will dig through the hardpan and enter porous soil deep under.

However, the installation of drywell needs to be carefully planned just like your house’s drainage system. Otherwise, it will become a costly and useless addition to your property.

French Drains Installation

French drainage system is one of the most widely used drainage systems installed in yards across San Antonio, TX. Perforated pipes, crushed stones, and filter fabrics are used in these drains to keep away any debris. Pipes are covered with gravel through which the water can pass and enter the drains.

This type of drainage system is highly effective in dispersing water in the yard and directing it to the sewer. If water in your yard accumulates at an elevated point, a French drainage system can direct it down using the gravity.

Construct a Rain Garden

If water in your yard collects at a low-lying spot, consider constructing a rain garden in it. It is a simple area in your yard that can catch water and retain it. You can plant some water-loving plants for visual aesthetics rather than leaving it as a mud hole. Rain garden is also good for the environment as it reduces runoffs, pet waste, sediment, and chemicals going with it.

Rain gardens are different from ponds, as they have a proper drainage system in place. However, the key is to choose appropriate plants that can survive in high-moisture conditions. Plants having deep fibrous roots are the best. However, talk to an expert for more guidance.

Build a Creek Bed

Creek bed is an effective solution to channel excess water away from the lower spots of your yard and direct it to your dry well or rain garden. When done by a drain cleaning and installation expert, it can add to the aesthetic appeal of your yard even if it is dry.

Installation of a New Yard Drain

A yard drain can direct water to a dry well, sewer system, detention tank, or municipal storm while making sure that it does not enter the nearby properties. You may also need permissions from authorities to carry out a large-scale drain installation of a modification plan

Think about a professional drain cleaning and installation expert who can examine your property’s layout, understand the local plumbing code and accordingly start the yard drain installation process. With the help of the leveling method, they will determine the lowest-lying areas of your yard and work accordingly.

Experienced drain cleaning experts are aware of the rules locally and can also make arrangements for the needed permits for your project.

Call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio Yard Drain Cleaning Professionals for Lasting Solutions

No matter what issues you have in your yard drainage system, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Any problems with your soil conditions, plumbing design, and ground sloping can be efficiently resolved by bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio.

Get in touch with us and let us inspect your yard. Depending on the condition, slope, and size of your yard, we will devise a perfect drainage solution for you.


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