DIY Equals Double The Trouble: Hire A Professional Plumber To Fix Your Plumbing | Boerne, TX

DIY Equals Double The Trouble: Hire A Professional Plumber To Fix Your Plumbing | Boerne, TX

We live in a day and age in which you can find tutorials for almost anything on the internet, but just because these Do It Yourself videos are available, it doesn’t mean you should attempt to fix that leaky pipe on your own. Hiring a professional plumber is probably one of the best investments you can ever make because trying to save money by doing it yourself can result in a whole bunch of unwanted problems that may turn out to be even more expensive to repair.

A professional plumber can be called in for a wide range of issues that require repairs in your Boerne, TX home, from that exasperating drip in your bathroom sink to a clogged sewer, and much more. These problems can seem easy to fix, but oftentimes people end up standing knee-deep in sewage before they admit defeat and call in the pros. So, before you reach for that wrench, let’s take a look at the many reasons why hiring a plumbing professional in Boerne, TX is probably the best way to get water and sewer issues fixed in your home or office.

Before we get into the many reasons why hiring a professional plumber in Boerne, TX is a better idea than trying to fix the problem on your own, let’s take a quick peek at the most common plumbing issues today and what could possibly be causing them.

Clogged Toilets and Drains

Clogs are probably one of the easiest plumbing problems to diagnose because regardless of where the clog is located you will see the water backing up almost right away, especially when it has to do with your toilet. When this happens, most people reach for a plunger to try to release the clog and get the water flowing again. The problem resides in the fact that while too much toilet paper, hair, and soap scum are the usual culprits, in many cases the clogs are so tightly packed that pushing them even further down the pipeline can cause cracks and leaks that aren’t visible and which can cause untold damage to the structure of your home or business. Additionally, using caustic substances to try to dissolve the clog can wear down the pipeline, which can result in costly repair and replacements later on. This is probably one of the biggest reasons to hire a plumbing expert in Boerne, TX to clear the clog safely without damaging your pipes.

Leaky Faucets

Let’s face it, nothing can be as exasperating as a leaky faucet, especially when the dripping sound interrupts your sleep in the middle of the night. To make matters worse, not getting the leak fixed promptly can cause your water bill to increase by as much as 10 percent due to the wasted water. A simple calculation shows that one drop of water escaping your faucet every second can add up to about 3,000 gallons of water every year. At a national level, every year over one trillion gallons of water are lost in this manner. This adds up to how much water every single person in the United States will need to take 180 showers. A faucet starts leaking when the washer in the tap no longer creates an adequate seal. There are many reasons why this could happen, including normal wear, cracks, and more. Calling a plumber can get the problem fixed quickly, saving you money in the long run.

Leaky Pipes

Worse than a dripping faucet, leaky pipes can cause severe damage to your home or office because many times you don’t know there’s a problem until the damage has been done and you start seeing puddles where they shouldn’t be. Leaks in water pipes are usually found at the joints and can be caused by a number of issues, ranging from normal deterioration to high water pressure. Water that is leaking from pipes that run through the structure of your Boerne, TX home will search for cracks and other ways to continue moving. If the problem is ignored for too long, the water could reach the foundation of the building causing damage that can be very expensive to repair. Getting a plumbing expert to inspect your pipeline regularly and fix any issues before they start turning into real problems is possibly one of the best ways to prevent a headache in the future.

Problems with Your Water Heater

One of the worst things that can happen to you during your shower is for your hot water to run out, especially during the cold months. Getting hit by ice-cold water is definitely not a good feeling that can leave you shivering in a corner covered in soap. When your hot water line stops working the problem likely resides in your water heater. There are many reasons why a water heater can stop working, from mineral deposits due to hard water to age and leaks. Attempting to fix a water heater yourself, except when the pilot light has gone out and there are no other problems, is dangerous and can cause you to suffer injuries. Hiring a professional plumber to do the job is not only the easiest, but also the safest way to deal with the problem.

Water Pressure That Is Too Low

Other than getting hit by cold water during a shower, nothing is as bad as water pressure that is too low. This problem can make it difficult to actually get anything that involves the use of water done. From washing dishes to taking a shower, rinsing off the soap is not only hard but can also take a very long time. Low water pressure is not a problem that normally appears suddenly, although it’s possible. It usually happens over time and goes unnoticed until you start having problems with it. There are many reasons why low water pressure can happen, including a problem with the main line that feeds your home, leaks along your pipeline, and more. Before you call in a plumbing technician, it is recommended you speak to your neighbors first to see if they are experiencing issues too. Doing this can help your plumber find the source of the problem faster.

Now that we’ve listed some of the many plumbing problems you could face, let’s see why hiring a technician from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio is the best way to get them solved.

  • A plumbing company knows the best way to fix things – Every Texas plumber must have a license. This means that, in order to get it, they must have extensive training and schooling, giving them a very large advantage over online tutorials, so unless you are a plumber yourself, leave your tools where they are and pick up your phone and call the pros.
  • A plumbing professional has the right tools for the job – Just because you own a box full of tools it doesn’t mean they can be used to fix a leaky pipe or a clogged sewer. Plumbers do and they are great at knowing how to use them, which means the job will get done correctly the first time around and won’t come back to haunt you when you least expect it.
  • Plumbing contractors can find problems you didn’t even know you had – Most times the common plumbing issues we mentioned above are just a symptom of a larger issue, one that could be causing untold amounts of damage to your home. Such is the case of mysterious puddles appearing in the middle of your living room. Because plumbers have been so extensively trained, they can easily spot the root cause of the issue and fix it completely instead of simply addressing the symptom.
  • Plumbing experts can perform inspections to prevent more serious issues from forming – hiring a plumber regularly to perform inspections on your home’s water pipes and sewer can help prevent problems before they actually become a serious issue. It’s a matter of prevention that can save you a lot of money later on while protecting your home.
  • A plumbing pros can save you from unexpected emergencies – let’s be real for a second, nothing is as disgusting as your sewer line flooding your home. It can even be a source of infection and disease. Having a plumber inspect your sewer lines before issues happen is one good reason for hiring them, but when the problem rears its ugly head, a plumber can get it fixed quickly and professionally so you don’t have to smell it for too long.
  • A plumbing professional usually offers a variety of services – from simple repairs to installations and replacements, plumbers are as versatile as they can be. They can clear a clog, install a water heater, change old pipes and much more in the safest and quickest way possible.

Some Quick Facts About Plumbing and Plumbing Professionals

Now you know why hiring a plumber is so much better than watching a video online and attempting to do the job yourself. It not only saves you valuable time and money, but can ensure the job gets done right the first time and every time. Prevention is a big way in which you can save money and having a plumbing contractor help in that respect is probably the biggest money-saver of all. Now, let’s take a look at some fun facts about plumbers and plumbing that could help you impress more than a few people the next time you want to talk about that strange-looking smelly puddle in the middle of your garage.

  • Plumbers get their name from the Latin word that means “lead”. This is because in ancient times the first pipes were made out of lead.
  • Lead pipes are still in use around the world and cities in the US continued to use them until the 20th century.
  • While it was the Romans who first used lead pipes, which some historians believe had a lot to do with the fall of the empire, it was the Ancient Egyptians who first used pipes made out of copper.
  • Ancient Egyptians called their bathrooms “the house of horrors”, a moniker which still applies today, especially after eating those doubtful-looking tacos.
  • Every American uses an average of 20 gallons of hot water every day.
  • It wasn’t until 1840 that indoor plumbing became more widespread in the United States. Before that, it was a privilege reserved only for the rich and high-end hotels.
  • Lead poisoning from the use of lead pipes in homes became an issue after World War 2, at which time homeowners started replacing their water pipes with copper or galvanized iron, and more recently, with plastic.
  • People who wanted a hot bath prior to 1870 had to light a fire under the tub, which is why so many tubs from those days are made out of heat-conducting materials.
  • It is said that King George II died because he fell off the toilet.
  • Water is so important to the human body that a person can survive for months without food, but only a few days without water.
  • Rock star Ozzy Osbourne was a plumbing apprentice before getting into music.
  • Accounting for all the time people take to use the bathroom, not considering the extra time spent reading their text messages, the average person will spend a total of 3 years sitting on the toilet.
  • Taking a shower will waste less water than taking a bath, and doing two small loads of laundry in the washer will waste twice as much water as doing one large load will.

Plumbing problems should always be fixed by a professional plumber in Boerne, TX no matter how tempting it may be for you to fix them yourself. The result of doing so can cause serious issues later on that will be more expensive to repair. When you need a professional plumber in Boerne, TX don’t hesitate to call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio. We will be happy to get your pipes and plumbing working again as fast as we can.

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