Common Signs You Need Drain Cleaning Services | San Antonio, TX

Common Signs You Need Drain Cleaning Services | San Antonio, TX

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There’s an old saying, you don’t know what you got ‘till it’s gone, and most plumbers will tell you this applies to running water. Most people don’t think twice about their plumbing, but when toilet water starts backing up the sink or sewage is spilling out of your floor drain all over the basement you will miss the days when your plumbing system worked correctly.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait until it’s an utter emergency to clean your drains. Instead, you may want to think about regular drain cleaning to help keep your plumbing system working the way it should. A drain service is a much better choice compared to over the counter drain cleaner which actually corrodes your pipes and makes most clogs worse in the long run.

Not sure whether or not you need professional drain service in San Antonio, TX? You are not alone. Most people have no idea when the last time their drains were cleaned, and if they should be cleaned again. However, your plumbing system likely does and it has probably been giving you quiet hints, you just didn’t pay them any attention. Here are some of the most common signs that it is time for drain cleaning.

Standing Water

Standing water is an instant indicator that a drain has a partial or full obstruction. Slow draining water occurs sometimes when there is a partial clog. While the water will eventually pass through, it will sit stagnant for a bit first. For example, if you notice water rising to your ankles while you are in the shower this means the drain has some type of clog. You may also notice water pooling in the washing machine or when you wash the dishes. Either way, no one wants to deal with stagnant water and if you don’t take quick action it will change to a complete clog.

At that point, the standing water will not go away and you will have a large problem on your hands. It is better to schedule a drain cleaning while water is still partially draining instead of waiting for a complete clog. When you have a complete clog then it becomes an emergency, and you will not be able to use the drain at all until a plumber comes out to perform a full drain service.

If it’s clogged enough that water can’t pass easily, it’s clogged enough to call for drain servicing and cleaning.

Foul Odors in the Room

When you walk into your basement or past a sink do you notice foul odors? Does it seem like you can clean out the sink or wash the basement floors and the smell still lingers in the air? Believe it or not, that smell can indicate that there is a clog in your drains. You can keep cleaning and cleaning and/or place air fresheners in the stinky areas, but it won’t help. What you need is a professional drain cleaning service that can knock that smell out of the air by cleaning out the clogs that are causing it.

Just because your drains appear to be working does not mean that they are. It is easy for food and sewage to get stuck along the sides of a drain forming partial blockages that allow water to drain (for now) but release strong odors back into the air. A lot of these wastes grow bacteria and other harmful molds that create the sewage smell that you are probably noticing near the basement or sink drains. One drain cleaning service is all it will take to knock this smell out of the air for good.

Slow Moving Drains

Speaking of partial blockages, outside of foul odors they are also responsible for slow-moving drains in many cases. You probably know how slow your sink, bathtub, or shower usually takes to drain. If it is taking noticeably longer these days that indicates there is a partial clog somewhere along with your piping. Once again, a drain service is all it takes to get the water moving at its regular rate again.

Even with the best plumbing habits, partial blockages will form along your sewer lines due to hair, grease, soap, and food particles that attach themselves to the sides of your pipes and then attract more debris in turn. A slow-moving drain is annoying at first, but it can quickly become a large problem if the drain stops working altogether. Save yourself some money and a headache and be proactive about scheduling a drain service service in San Antonio, TX.

Gurgling Noises From the Drain

Ideally, water should run down your drain without any noise outside of the natural flow of water. However, if there is a clog starting to form in your pipe you may hear a gurgling noise coming up from under the drain. Even if your drain is working great, the gurgling noise is a sign that you need to think about hiring someone to come and perform a drain cleaning service.

The gurgling comes from air bubbles which usually are created by a partial clog that is hiding under your sink in the pipes. The clog gives the air a place to hide in the pipes, and as water rushes past it the air is trapped and rises back up in bubbles. These bubbles are responsible for the gurgling sound. If you book a drain service to clean your drains it will eliminate the clog and stop the gurgling sound.

Professional Drain Cleaning

A lot of companies advertise drain cleaning services, but you need a professional you can trust. Some clogs can be extremely stubborn, and you don’t want to waste your time or money on ineffective drain services. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio is a professional plumbing service that offers unmatched drain cleaning services. If you have a clog or suspect a clog in your drains we have the tools to remove it. Give us a call today and get your plumbing system back into tip-top shape.

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