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Best Types of Plumbing Fixtures for Your San Antonio Home

Find the best plumbing fixtures for your San Antonio home today!
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The perfect plumbing fixtures can really bring your bathroom or kitchen together. Often, you work with what you have. You may be unable to completely renovate the bathroom, but you can match your new fixtures with the current setup and decor.


First, you need to choose the right plumbing fixtures for your San Antonio home. There are so many options available today. Go into any home improvement or plumbing supply store and you’ll see shelves upon shelves of faucets and showerheads. Here are some tips to help you narrow down your choices.

The Best Types of Plumbing Fixtures

With so many fixture options, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Let’s start with the bathtub since it is one of the larger fixtures in your home, which makes it a central piece to any bathroom.


Most modern bathtubs have overflows, drains, faucets, and other advancements.


When choosing a bathtub, you can select from western-style tubs, which are the most common, or you may want an eastern-style bathtub, which is shorter and deeper, allowing you to stand.


No bathroom is complete with a carefully-chosen sink. Your sink will have a faucet attached, which you can often choose separately, for hot and cold water supply. In many households, the sink is either a self-rimming sink, bottom-mount sink, or solid surface sink. A solid surface is particularly nice, as the bowl itself is made of the same material as the countertop that holds the fixture in place.


Here in the United States, we use faucets with two taps and a single outlet. You turn one tap for hot water or the other tap for cold water. It’s simple, but choosing from the extensive selection of aesthetically-pleasing options on the market isn’t.


When it comes to selecting a faucet, your options include center-set faucets, widespread sink faucets, and single-handle sink faucets. These setups come in a variety of materials, such as nickel, chrome, matte gold, and stainless steel, to name but a few options. Of all the plumbing fixtures, faucets offer some of the most unique choices available. You can find old-timey styles for rustic décor or more modern styles for new construction. The choice is yours to make.


If you’re currently selecting new plumbing fixtures for your home, you’ll also need to consider professional plumbing fixture installation and replacement services. When you call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, you’ll find experienced plumbers who are committed to improving your home, one fixture at a time. Schedule service by calling 210-876-1629!

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