Could New Plumbing Fixtures Help With My Water Pressure?

Resolve your water pressure issues with new plumbing fixtures.
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Dealing with low water pressure is a common annoyance. It’s certainly aggravating to expect a burst of hot water, only to be greeted with a pathetic drizzle.


Typically, low water pressure means your plumbing system is working overtime to provide you with the water you need. You’re spending more money on water, and in the end, you’ll be left dissatisfied and with a high water bill.


Brand-new plumbing fixtures could help with the issue There has never been a better time to replace your old fixture.

Dealing With Low Water Pressure

There are numerous plumbing issues that may lead to low water pressure, from faulty plumbing fixtures to water valve issues. Some of these problems are easily diagnosed and resolved by a professional plumber or even by yourself. Some are problematic and buried deep in your home. They require a more thorough examination and repair process.


For now, we want to talk about faulty fixtures. Replacing an old fixture is one of the easiest, most cost-effective solutions you can provide for your plumbing system. If a faulty plumbing fixture is the cause of your low water pressure, then replacing the problem can certainly resolve the issue. If your showerhead or faucet, for instance, is starting to show signs of its age, you might notice rust, limestone, and dirt clogging the opening. Such buildup will impede the flow of water, thereby reducing the overall quality of the water you receive.


If you’re unsure as to whether or not your water pressure issue lies with the fixture itself, turn on all the faucets one at a time to determine which ones are problematic. Before you test the actual fixtures, be sure that both the screen and aerator are completely free of debris. A clogged aerator is a common cause of low water pressure for a fixture.


Once you locate the clogged fixture, either replace it entirely or clean it using a bag of vinegar tied to the spout. If you plan on buying a new plumbing fixture, be sure to find a model with the same opening dimensions so it fits well. Remember: always shut off the water supply before doing any installation or replacement work on a plumbing fixture.

Adjustable Showerheads

It is worth noting that many home improvement and plumbing supply stores now sell adjustable showerheads. If you recently installed one and are enduring low water pressure, read the manufacturer’s instructions. Often, turning the head or using the small switch can adjust the water pressure to your liking. Moving the showerhead to the perfect position can mean higher water pressure and a more soothing showering experience.


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