Tankless Water Heater Repair Services: 8 Telltale Signs You Need A Plumber | San Antonio, TX

Tankless Water Heater Repair Services: 8 Telltale Signs You Need A Plumber | San Antonio, TX

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A water heater is vital in ensuring comfort at home. It is the plumbing fixture that supplies your home with hot water continuously. Maintaining it regularly is vital to ensure your showers and faucets have continuous hot water. You do not want to wake up on a winter morning to find there is no water in your San Antonio, TX, home. It can be frustrating and depressing. The cold temperatures can spell doom for your family.

A seasoned plumber can ensure your home has warm water in all seasons. They will maintain all the plumbing fixtures to your benefit. A technician experienced in tankless water heater repair will inspect the water heater, diagnose the problem and resolve it efficiently.

Benefits of Maintaining the Tankless Water Heater

There are many benefits of maintaining your water heater regularly. First, you avoid incurring extra costs in repairing a bigger problem in the future. Second, if you do not maintain your water heater regularly, you will have the stress of not knowing when a larger issue may arise, and if it does, it catches you unaware. Finally, maintaining the tankless water heater increases its lifetime. You will not incur the expense of replacing the heater soon.

To realize these benefits, you need to know the signs of impending danger and take the appropriate steps to mitigate them. In this post, you will learn the telltale signs of an impending problem that would need the attention of a technician who has tankless water heater repair experience. So, what are the signs?

Signs Your Tankless Water Heater Needs a Repair

1. Water Getting Extremely Hot

Is the water in your home running too hot? The thermostat might be set too high. Adjusting it to more acceptable temperature levels could resolve the problem. Your home’s tankless water heater may make the water extremely hot because of the excessive buildup of sediments or a faulty temperature sensor.

Although your DIY instructor might have shared a few tricks to resolving this issue, we highly advise against that. Many manufacturers insist on having repairs on their products done by a licensed professional. Therefore, instead of tweaking the configurations on your thermostat or water heater, let a professional with tankless water heater repair skills help you. They are professionally experienced in handling and resolving these issues with ease.

2. Gas Burners Not Igniting

Is your residential tankless water heater not igniting or does not have a flame? The system may have poorly installed ventilation. Excessive condensation could also put the flame out.

Sometimes, the problem might result from a damaged or loose flame rod. The issue may also arise if the gas valve is open when it is supposed to be closed. Whichever the cause, an expert in tankless water heater repair can inspect, diagnose and resolve the problem. They should also recommend the appropriate remedies for the problem.

3. No Hot Water

Your tankless water heater might not produce hot water under varying circumstances. You may have a damaged or faulty ignition. The water heater’s red flame rod does not generate sparks when activated.

If the shut-off valve is closed, you might also lack hot water. Although you can remedy the issue by opening the valve, we highly advise against it. Do not try repairing the tankless water heaters yourself. Call a plumber to fix or diagnose the problem. In winter, your home may encounter issues with hot water supply because of the frozen pipes. Tankless water repair technicians can insulate your pipes and protect them from freezing.

4. Water Temperature Fluctuations

If the water is warm when you activate the system, turn cold, and then get hot again, time might be right for a professional water heater repair technician. It usually happens when you are next in line after a person uses the bathroom before you. The warm water remaining in the pipes pours first, followed by cold water, then the warm/hot water in the next heating cycle pours.

It may result from the improper size of your gas line to the tankless water at home. The flow sensor of your tankless water heating system may be worn-out. Alternatively, the plumbing crossover may be damaged, making the hot and cold water mix.

Regardless, it would be best to have a tankless water heater repair professional near San Antonio, TX, who can offer an effective solution on request.

5. Noisy Burners

Debris and dirt can stick on the fan of your tankless water heater. The dirt makes the unit produce an unusual banging and clunking noise. If there is a leak in the sealed combustion chamber, it may destabilize the process of combustion, resulting in strange noises.

Improper ventilation may cause weird sounds coming from your tankless water heating unit. Enlist the services of an experienced tankless water repair technician to inspect, diagnose, and resolve any issue affecting the burners of your tankless water heater.

6. Lukewarm Water

The other sign to monitor is the lukewarm water. Your home may get cool to lukewarm water if its tankless water heater has an improper sized or a malfunctioning gas valve. A trained expert in tankless water heater repairs can provide replacement solutions to this problem. However, mineral buildup within the heat exchanger can also reduce the heating effectiveness of the water heater. It limits the production and flow of warm water. Contact a professional plumbing company for descaling services, replacement, and repairs to your tankless water heater.

7. Low Water Pressure

A blockage within the water heater filters or the plumbing system may reduce the hot water pressure. If there is a leak in hot water lines, the pressure may also become low. The phenomena may also arise when many hot water appliances are used concurrently.

The low water can also arise from problems at your local water company

8. White Smoke

Have you noticed white smoke leaving your water heater’s exhaust vent? Call tankless water heater repair services to prevent further damage to the water heater and ensure your safety. The white smoke is often produced if the exhaust gas temperatures are higher than the external heat conditions, resulting in an imbalance.

Tankless Water Heater Repairs

A water heater is vital for the comfort of your commercial or residential property. Therefore, you have to maintain it properly. The water helps improve the hygiene in your home. However, water heaters can be categorized broadly into tankless and tank-type. Although each supplies hot water, tankless water heaters are more economical and durable.

The water heaters are prone to malfunctions and damages. Knowing the signs to watch out for becomes vital. Above are the key signs to look for and know if it is time to call a technician. Do you need tankless water heater repair services in San Antonio, TX? Call us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio. Our technicians are equipped to repair many water heaters, ensuring you have a continuous supply of hot water.

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