4 Signs Your Water Heater Is Malfunctioning And It’s Time For A Water Heater Repair | San Antonio, TX

4 Signs Your Water Heater Is Malfunctioning And It’s Time For A Water Heater Repair | San Antonio, TX

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The average homeowner has at least five major appliances in their home, depending on the space in your home and your kitchen layout you may have a few more. One appliance you probably have in your home is a water heater, which you may not think about too much since it is usually hidden in a utility closet or the basement. However, your water heater is not something you want to forget about long-term because it is responsible for delivering hot water to your home. If you ignore water heater repair in San Antonio, TX for too long you will end up waking up to a cold shower.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait for your hot water tank to burst or quit working to call for water heater repair. You can’t live or function without hot water, and you won’t have to if you keep up with regular maintenance and know what to look for to tip you off to problems with your water heater. Most water heaters will not just die, they will give you a few water heater repair signs if you know what to look for. The following is a quick list of the most common repair signs.

Odd Water Temperatures

Does it feel like every shower you take is a wildcard? If you start to notice water temperatures fluctuating in your home this is a clear sign that you should call your local San Antonio, TX water repair company to talk about water heater repair. A lot of people notice that they will have a lukewarm shower one day while another day the water may seem very hot. Eventually, you will probably end up with no hot water, and the bottom line is that your hot water should be a reliable and consistent temperature.

This is even more important if you have small children in your home since you don’t want anyone to get hurt by hot water. If there is something preventing your hot water from evenly warming you put everyone at risk. A professional can evaluate the issue and determine if water heater repair will be enough or if it is time to replace your tank.

One of the most common reasons for uneven heating is mineral deposits in the bottom of the tank. Sometimes flushing out your water tank will help resolve the issue whereas an older water heater may simply need to be replaced. Other times it may be faulty water elements causing issues that can be repaired and save you the upfront costs of a new tank.

Hot Water Seems to Disappear

Have you noticed that taking a shower in the morning is almost a race these days? If your hot water is running out before your shower is complete or your bath turns cool before it is filled you know that there is a problem with your water heater. You shouldn’t have to race to finish washing your hair before the water turns cold. In theory, your water heater should hold enough water to meet your household needs, and if it always has in the past but is now suddenly not working it is probably time to call for water heater repair and/or consider upgrading or replacing your tank.

Hot Water Doesn’t Look Right

In general, you should never really worry about the color of your water because it should run clear and be hardly noticeable. If you notice a tint to your water this is a clear sign that something is up that needs to be addressed. Every so once in a while, you may notice a hazy white color in your water which can be caused by high pressure, but this should even out within seconds.

On the other hand, if there is a definite brown, red, or rusty tint to your water this is an immediate issue that something is wrong with your water heater. If the problem is isolated to only your hot water tap then there is a very good chance that the problem can be traced back to your water heater.

When sediment forms in the bottom of your tank it eventually starts to influence the color of the water. The sediment infiltrates the water and alters its color. This can be a serious health issue because you don’t want to cook or consume any type of rust or debris from your water tank. For this reason, if you notice discolored water you need to instantly call a plumber out to your home that can handle water heater repair.

Your Water Heater Starts Talking to You

Ideally, you don’t hear any type of noise coming from your water heater, which is why any noise or odd screech should be immediately investigated. In general, an odd noise signifies that it is time to call for a water heater repair. An aging heating system will often start buzzing and progressing towards a rumbling. This is usually because of building sediment and a lot of times having your tank flushed can help address the issue and lengthen its lifespan.

Other signs that you may need water heater repair including a popping, cracking, or banging noise. These noises usually indicate that the water pressure is building up inside of your tank. If you do not address the problem promptly your water tank may explode. At this point, you will need to deal with flood damage and a sudden loss of all hot water in your home. Do yourself a favor and listen to your water heater and call a local plumber.

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio has been helping local citizens with their water heaters for years. If you suspect you have an issue with your water heater give us a call today.

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