10 Excellent Plumbing Service Tips For  Homeowners | San Antonio, TX

10 Excellent Plumbing Service Tips For Homeowners | San Antonio, TX

Want plumbing tips that let you save more money? Read further for helpful tips to conserve water and save money on your plumbing. The tips above can also help you prevent costly repairs. If you have questions, please get a professional plumbing service in San Antonio, TX.

1. Resolve High Water Pressure or Low Water Pressure Problem

High water pressure can severely strain the pipes, leading to leaks in your plumbing when not addressed. Thankfully, you can resolve this by installing a water pressure regulator to regulate your home’s water pressure. Please don’t take high water pressure lightly as you’ll not only be wasting water, you will likely end up with a very costly plumbing problem. In some cases, you may have to spend more money on restoration and fixing your home’s foundation. Water damage can damage your home’s structure eventually, which is why it’s important for homeowners to prevent leaks. If you have further questions about installing a water pressure regulator, please don’t hesitate to call a plumber. Our team is more than happy to assist you with any plumbing concerns.

With low water pressure, we suggest calling a plumber immediately as this usually means there’s a leak somewhere in your plumbing. Don’t wait for a major plumbing emergency; get professional plumbing service right away for a thorough inspection. Our plumbers will thoroughly inspect your entire plumbing for a possible leak. If there are issues, we’ll make sure to resolve them on the same day. Don’t worry, our plumbers are equipped with the right tools. There’s no need to schedule another appointment as we won’t go home until we’ve fixed the issue on the same day.

Other signs to look out for include a significant increase in your water bill or signs of water damage such as water spots in the ceiling or walls. When you notice this, please get help from a plumber right away. Our plumbers in San Antonio, TX, will investigate further, give you a proper diagnosis and recommend the best solutions to permanently resolve the issue.

2. Protect the Pipes

Do you have exposed pipes in your plumbing? What are you doing about it? Are you aware that the water inside the pipes can freeze when the temperature reaches below zero? When this happens, you won’t be able to use the water at all. Also, your pipes may expand and burst. You don’t want this to happen or it’s going to really cost you a lot because you’ll end up with a flooded home.

As much as possible, get an insulating material to cover any exposed pipes or faucets outside of your home. Feel free to call a plumber if you need further assistance. Our plumbers are happy to help you protect any exposed pipes to ensure the water inside them doesn’t freeze.

We also suggest that you open the faucet just slightly so that warm water can still flow through the pipes — doing this also prevents the water from freezing. In addition, try not to turn off your heating. Instead, open the cabinet doors underneath the kitchen sink for warm water to also circulate inside and warm the pipes. If you have a water heater tank, it’s recommended to also get an insulating blanket (if you have the older tank as they don’t have insulation yet) to protect the tank and the pipes near them. You’ll be wasting energy if you don’t insulate the water heater tank and this can cost you more money down the road. For further questions, contact a plumber in Mansfield, TX.

3. Learn How to Maintain the Water Heater

The water heater can provide you with hot water and make you comfortable. However, they will need to be regularly maintained so that they stay efficient and you don’t waste energy. You can maintain the water heater by flushing out the mineral buildup in the tank. The sediment can affect the efficiency of your water heater when not removed. While it’s recommended to do this once a year, we suggest you do it more than once, especially when there’s a higher concentration of hard water in your plumbing. Consider installing a water softener as well to resolve the hard water problem.

When the sediment isn’t removed, your water heater will have to work harder and this can hurt you financially. Also, you may have issues with getting consistent hot water. If you let this issue unaddressed, you could end up with a costly leak and a replacement. Please be a responsible homeowner and flush the water heater to get rid of the mineral buildup. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to get professional plumbing services in Mansfield, TX. Our plumbers can help with any type of water heater, whether it’s electric or gas. We can also help you install a new unit, just call us at your earliest convenience and we’ll quickly dispatch a licensed plumber to your location.

The water heater tank can last 10 years when properly maintained. If you want a water heater to last longer, we suggest installing tankless water heaters. The latter is also called an on-demand water heater, which means you’re only using energy when you actually turn on the faucet or shower. Compared to the conventional water heater, there’s no standby heat loss with the tankless version, making it the best option for energy savings. Also, you don’t need a bigger space in the basement for it as you can just mount it on the bathroom wall. Tankless water heaters also last twice as long as the conventional water heater, which means you don’t have to keep buying a water heater every 10 years or so. Most importantly, you get to save more money in the long run. Do you have questions? Please don’t hesitate to get a plumbing service in San Antonio, TX.

4. Hire a Licensed Plumber for Major Plumbing Installations and Repairs

When it comes to repairs and installing major plumbing appliances, we suggest you get a professional plumbing service to ensure the task is properly carried out. Please avoid installing a major appliance on your own especially a gas water heater. If you fail to properly install the unit, you could end up with a costly repair or a replacement. While the manufacturer provides instructions in the manual on how to install the unit, we always suggest that you request a professional plumbing service to avoid problems down the road.

Also, try not to hire DIY enthusiasts for this because they’re not really fully equipped and are not insured. They might ask you to purchase plumbing tools which will cost you more money. And if they get injured and they don’t have insurance, you will have to shoulder the medical expenses. Getting professional plumbing service is the way to go — our plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio are certified, highly trained, skilled and experienced to tackle any plumbing installations or repairs, big or small. Whether it’s for a water heater or garbage disposal, our team can handle it. Also, we operate 24/7; you can call us even in the wee hours and we’re more than happy to assist you with your concern. Also, our plumbers never cut corners when it comes to repairs and installations. Rest assured, we do our best to ensure all of our customers are satisfied with our services. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, your satisfaction is a priority for us. We never stop until we have fully resolved the problem. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to get a plumbing service for your home in San Antonio, TX, so that we can assist you further.

5. Don’t Ignore a Plumbing Issue

Plumbing emergencies are costly and you’re also risking your home. Thankfully, they don’t really occur overnight. So when you suspect something wrong with your plumbing, please don’t wait until it becomes a major plumbing emergency. We suggest getting a plumbing service right away so we can investigate the problem. Don’t worry, we’re trained to properly diagnose the issue, explain that in detail to you, and then provide you with cost-effective plumbing solutions.

If you don’t do something when a problem arises, this can cost you more in the long run. You’re lucky when the issue doesn’t end up with you getting a flooded basement or paying more for a replacement. You’ll need to be really mindful of your plumbing to avoid major plumbing emergencies. If there are issues, get a professional plumbing service right away for assistance.

6. Fix a Leaky Toilet

Are you aware that a leaky toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water? You need to get a professional plumbing service to ensure it gets fixed right away. To test for toilet leaks, just pour a few drops of food coloring into the tank and check the toilet bowl for any changes of color in the water. There’s a leak when the water changes colors. Some homeowners may decide to do minor repairs and this is okay so long as you have high-quality plumbing tools. If you’re not confident though, we suggest getting help immediately. Contact us for professional plumbing service in San Antonio, TX, for an inspection. Our plumbers can repair any toilet, including smart toilets.

If you decide to also purchase plumbing tools, call a plumber for a plumbing service. We can advise you on the best tools to purchase for your home. A good plunger can help you get rid of a clog that can lead to other problems in your plumbing. If you don’t know how to use the tools, it’s best to get help from a plumber.

7. Know Where the Shut-Off Valves Are

When there are leaks, the first thing you need to do is shut off the main water supply to avoid further damage to your plumbing. As much as possible, don’t install them in the basement; they should be installed close to the water heater, washing machine, garbage disposal or dishwasher to make it easier for you to turn them off. Make sure to also get professional plumbing service in San Antonio, TX, for the installation of these devices.

8. Install Leak Detection Devices

Are you worried about leaks in your plumbing? If you’re not always home, we suggest getting a professional plumbing service to install a leak detection device. These devices can detect a possible leak in the system, and can automatically shut off the water supply. It will also alert you when it senses a leak so that you can call for a professional plumbing service for assistance.

Install these devices especially when you have an old water heater tank. For installation, please only hire licensed plumbers to make sure the units are properly installed.

9. Get a Regular Plumbing Inspection

You can avoid costly repairs with professional plumbing service inspections. During the inspection, the plumber will check your plumbing system for a possible problem. Our team will let you know if there might be issues that need to be addressed. Don’t worry, we’ll also fix the issue to ensure your plumbing is in excellent shape.

10. Install Sink Strainers

Drain clogs can be stressful as they don’t only make your entire kitchen smell, but they can also lead to other problems such as pest infestation and water damage. Install sink strainers to catch food debris and dirt that can cause a drain clog. Better yet, get a professional plumbing service for drain cleaning to make sure your drains are healthy.

Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio

Do you need plumbing service in San Antonio, TX? We’re available 24/7 to help with any emergency plumbing repairs. Our team can also take care of any installations or maintenance issues. Call us and we’ll dispatch a licensed plumber to your location at the soonest possible time. If you have other questions, feel free to call us anytime. Get in touch with bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio today for an appointment.

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