Your Guide To Plumbing Service | San Antonio, TX

Your Guide To Plumbing Service | San Antonio, TX

Dripping faucets and mysterious puddles appearing in the strangest places in your house are probably some of the most annoying situations anybody can live through. The drip, drip, drip sound of a leaky tap can be heard even when you’re in the room farthest from the guilty faucet, interrupting your sleep and any activity you may be doing, even watching TV! The same thing happens with puddles, and nasty odors, the loss of water pressure and any other problem with the water in your house. When things like these happen, the best thing to do is call your plumber in San Antonio, TX for speedy plumbing service.

When people are given the choice of going without power or going without water, the overwhelming majority chooses to go without power. Having clean water is one of the most important elements for survival and thankfully, plumbers know exactly what to do to repair your home’s water system, allowing you to rest easy knowing that you will have clean water whenever you need it.

But what exactly does plumbing service mean and what does it include? A plumbing service for residential or commercial properties can range from the smallest repairs, like removing clogs from toilets and pipes to the design and installation of new sewer or plumbing lines. But plumbing service includes much more, even items not directly related to your home’s water supply or office, so let’s take a look at what these services include and how you can make the most of what your plumber has to offer.

What Does Plumbing Service Mean?

According to Law Insider “Plumbing Services means the design, installation, construction, replacement, service, repair, alteration, or modification of the pipes, fixtures, and other apparatus used for bringing the water supply into a building and removing liquid and water-carried wastes from a building. Plumbing services also include the installation and connection of gas piping.”

Keeping the previous definition in mind, plumbing service ensures that things like the appropriate disposal of drainage and sewage are working as they should be, and also includes the installation and repair of radiators, water heaters, toilets, valves and other water-related accessories located in your home or business. Besides all of this, a plumbing professional also takes care of installing and connecting gas pipes.

In San Antonio, TX a plumbing service is usually divided into two separate and distinct categories: residential and commercial. Even though to many people the work of a plumber is the same across both categories, the truth is that they are very different, for many reasons. Professional plumbers are usually well versed in both categories, but sometimes they have specialized in only one of them, so make sure that when you hire a plumbing service, the job is going to be completed by the right plumber. Additionally, while plumbers deal with a wide range of issues, not all of them require a simple fix, so if you are unsure of whether the plumbing problem you are facing requires extensive and costly repairs, you can always consult a professional plumber like those at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio for a correct assessment and evaluation of the problem.

The Different Types of Plumbing Service

As has been mentioned previously, there are two different types of plumbing service: residential and commercial, both may seem similar but the truth is they aren’t. So, let’s take a look at what each one of them entails.

Residential Plumbing Service in San Antonio, TX:

Clogged toilets, blocked drains, damaged pipelines and sewage lines, low water pressure and more can cause plumbing problems that affect your home and your family as a whole. Additionally, when you are building a new home or remodeling the one you already live in, the installation and connection of all indoor and outdoor water lines, the drainage system, and your connection to the main gas line are part of a residential plumbing professional.

Below, we have listed some of the most important items provided by a professional plumber from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio can include.

  • Removal of clogs from toilets and drains
  • Cleaning drains to prevent future problems
  • Maintenance of your kitchen’s garbage disposal system
  • Inspecting and repairing pipes and the valves associated to them
  • Repairing water jets to ensure they work with the proper pressure
  • Inspection and repair of gas leaks
  • Maintenance of septic tanks
  • Inspection and cleaning of your home’s main pipeline and its related connections
  • Inspection and repair of your home’s water filtration and softening system
  • Inspection and repair of your home’s water heater
  • Maintenance and repair of sewage lines and their connections

Commercial Plumbing Service in San Antonio, TX:

Because of the very nature of commercial plumbing services, they can include many items that are not necessary for a residential plumbing service, including the removal of debris that can create blockages and clogs, such as algae, plant matter, fungus, branches, food waste anything that can block the correct movement and flow of both clean water and wastewater. To this end, plumbers use technology and a variety of tools to perform the job safely and correctly. Some of these tools include hydro jet machines, rooters and snake machines, as well as safety equipment to avoid any accidental injuries.

While rooters, which use a camera to help the plumber get a good look at the inside of pipe systems in order to correctly assess the problem and make the appropriate decisions in order to get it fixed, can be used both in residential as well as commercial properties, it is more likely to see them being applied to commercial plumbing because the pipe systems in this type of property can be more complicated than that of a house. One big issue to keep in mind when dealing with blocked pipes is that, if the inspection and unclogging are not done by a reputable plumbing company, your pipeline can sustain even further damage, so always make sure you call the right plumber for the job.

Is There Anything Else Included In a Good Plumbing Company?

The short answer to this question is yes, there is much more to plumbing service than what has already been mentioned here. Plumbing can encompass a wide array of services that are categorized under different headers, including the following:

  • Water supply – This category is probably the one we’re all the most familiar with because it deals with some of the most common plumbing issues, such as leaky pipes, dripping faucets, clogged toilets and leaking pipelines. It also deals with anything related to the installation, construction, replacement, repair, upkeep and inspection of a property’s water supply.


  • Gas fitting – This category is similar to the previous one in that it deals with anything related to a property’s gas supply, including the installation, design, construction, replacement, repair, maintenance and inspection of the gas pipeline. Plumbers need additional training and licensing to perform gas work, so make sure your plumber has the proper credentials prior to starting any work on your gas line.


  • Sanitary – This category encompasses all forms of sanitary plumbing, which includes the connection of toilets, sinks, faucets, showers, washing machines and other water-dependent appliances to the appropriate disposal line (drainage). It usually goes hand in hand with water supply work.


  • Storm water – This plumbing category is pretty much self-explanatory. It encompasses all the work that deals with the removal of stormwater from your property’s roof, including its collection in a tank or its disposal into the sewer system.


  • Drainage – This category involves all forms of disposal of wastewater from your home or office, directing it into the proper septic or sewer system. It also includes the maintenance, design, and construction of all the parts of your water disposal system, as well as its connection to all the water supply fixtures.


  • Mechanical services – This plumbing category involves all the work that can be associated with HVAC systems, including heating, cooling, and ventilation work, together with all the connection of all the pipes and mechanical systems associated with a property’s HVAC installation.


  • Firefighting- This category encompasses all the plumbing activities that involve all the different parts of the water supply that will be used to control fires, including the installation and connection of hydrants, sprinklers, hoses, and more.


  • Irrigation – This category deals with all the parts of an irrigation system, starting at the connection to the water supply and ending at the valves that control the pressure in each area of the completed system. It is mostly utilized in the agricultural industry, but can also be applied to the residential or commercial irrigation of gardens and other planted areas.

Remember that not all plumbers are trained to perform all of the previously mentioned tasks, so always check beforehand so you can be sure you will find the best company to get the job done right, which will save you time and money in the long run.

Why You Should Regularly Call In a Trustworthy Plumbing Company

One of the biggest mistakes people make is forgetting to have their home’s plumbing systems inspected twice a year, and it is to be understood with all the stresses people have to face in their day-to-day lives. After all, as long as water comes out of your faucets and the toilet doesn’t overflow, everything is ok, right? Well, no, not exactly. Plumbing issues aren’t always readily apparent. Take that mysterious puddle that keeps appearing in the middle of your garage. Strange, isn’t it? Well, by the time that puddle starts making its very obvious appearance, your home’s plumbing problem is already in full swing and may have already caused damage to the structure of your home. That annoying puddle is probably the result of a leaky pipe that is hidden inside a wall or under the floor, and it’s highly likely that a good plumbing professional inspection could have detected it before the water collected in your garage.

Because that’s what inspections do, they help prevent plumbing emergencies and costly repairs later on. Pretty much like that toilet that keeps clogging. Sure, you’ve poured caustic substances into it, and used your plunger more times than you can count, but the toilet keeps overflowing ever so often, and while you’ve done your best to solve the problem, the only person who can safely pull out that toy dinosaur your son flushed down the toilet a few months ago, plus any other debris that may have accumulated in there because of it, is a plumber.

So, don’t wait for the emergency to happen because you may find yourself standing in the middle of your bathroom, holding a plunger in one hand and a bottle of toilet cleaner in the other as the room is flooded from an overflowing toilet you tried to fix on your own. Of course, many plumbers do take care of emergencies, because not everything can be predicted and sometimes the unexpected can happen, but getting a proper plumbing service twice a year can reduce the likelihood of it happening any time soon. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio we are happy to provide only the highest quality plumbing service in San Antonio, TX, so whether you only need an in-depth inspection or are experiencing a dire plumbing emergency, give us a call today and we will be happy to get the job done right the first time and every time. Because nobody deserves to be knee deep in sewage in their own home, we will always send qualified and licensed plumbers to get you out of a stinky issue in the most professional and straightforward way.

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