Why Should You Leave Water Heater Repair And Flushing To Professionals | San Antonio, TX

Why Should You Leave Water Heater Repair And Flushing To Professionals | San Antonio, TX

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The water heater is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your house. You never want to be left without hot water on a cold day. While many schedule water heater repair and maintenance with experts, flushing out the water heater is different altogether.

Flushing out the heater at regular intervals increases the water heater’s lifespan and gives you a full return on your investment. It also helps in conserving energy, and you do not have to worry about the heater breaking down.

However, leave the water heater flushing to the professionals at San Antonio. Here is why.

Knowing About Sedimentation

The foremost reason for leaving water heater repair and flushing to the experts is to identify sedimentation. You know it is time for flushing when you notice murky water coming out of your faucets and shower. Any water heater will always acquire a layer of sedimentation over time.

This will occur in greater frequency in regions where their water is hard. It simply means that the water has more minerals like copper and iron in the water. Over time, the minerals will react with the inner metallic layer of the water heater and cause it to calcify.

Eventually, the sedimentation will start coating the inner layer of the heater and the bottom. When you notice greenish water coming out of the sink, or you smell some odor, or the water ends up tasting metallic, you know that the sediments have started dissolving with the water. Only a professional water heater repair specialist can clean out your heater thoroughly to get rid of sedimentation.

The Correct Procedure of Flushing

While you may come across many articles and DIY methods of flushing your water heater over the internet, it is inadvisable to try them out at home unless you are a bit of an expert yourself. This is because water heater flushing requires a proper procedure. And every water heater is different in some aspects.

There is a considerable difference between a gas and an electric water heater, and then there are differences in the individual models. Moreover, the older a heater gets, it experiences its own set of problems, which, combined with sedimentation, can cause it to break down completely. With the help of an experienced water heater repair expert, you can address many of these issues.

Checking Your Fittings and Appliances

When your water heater shows signs of sedimentation, it does not remain restricted to the heater alone. The water, carrying those sediments, flows through the faucets, taps, and showers in your house. Eventually, you might notice rings of sediments around the metal faucets and showers.

The sediment not only ruins the look of your fancy fittings, but they are also complicated to get rid of by using regular DIY methods. Moreover, even if you try to clean them yourself, you might end up damaging them even more. You need a water heater expert at San Antonio, TX, who is well-versed in cleaning sedimentation from all kinds of surfaces.

They use special cleaning agents and have the proper protective gear to restore the look of your bathroom fittings. You might also notice a nasty odor coming out of the taps and faucets, and it could be due to the sediments you need to get rid of.

Checking the Plumbing for Sedimentation

The water carrying the sediments is disastrous for the fittings, and it can also ruin the pipes and plumbing of the entire premises. The pipes can get damaged due to some sediments accumulating inside them. The pipes of old properties are prone to rust, and they can get cracked and damaged due to the minerals.

Metal pipes can corrode easily, and they eventually crack, leaking water inside the house. As a result, your walls and ceilings may remain damp, causing structural damage over time. Moist and dark corners become a breeding ground for pests and insects. It could also lead to a short circuit around the water heater.

Hence a water heater repair expert is the best person for inspecting the pipes. They will clean out the sediment layers whenever possible, and if beyond repair, they will also help you replace the pipes.

Reducing Water Heater Noise

If sediment accumulates in the water heater in thick layers and has not been cleaned out for some time, you might hear strange sounds coming from the heater. This is when the sediments break off in small chunks and move inside the heater, or it could also be due to the excess pressure that the water heater is forced to bear.

Moreover, the excess sedimentation also creates a thick layer that prevents the water from getting heated on time. Your heater ends up consuming a lot more energy for heating, and you end up paying extra dollars at the end of the month. A clean water heater quickly heats up, and a water heater repair expert is the best person to take care of it.

In either case, it can reduce the heater’s longevity, and nor is the sound a welcoming one. Ask a water heater repair expert at San Antonio, TX, to have a look, and they will dismantle the unit and investigate the reason behind the noise. If it is due to sedimentation, they will flush out the heater and eliminate the noise.

Call Us Today for Complete Water Heater Flushing Solutions

Flushing out the water heater is not an easy task. Only our water heater repair expert at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio can help you flush out the layers of sediments in the proper manner.

If the sediments are not removed on time, you will lose out on the heater due to irreparable damage and get sediment-laced water for your daily activities, which could give rise to serious health issues.

Water that has been contaminated with copper or iron sediments or from rust residue could result in stomach ailments and allergies of various kinds. Our water heater repair experts at San Antonio, TX, are fully equipped to clean out all types of sediments and residues from your heater so that you can continue to benefit from it.

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