Why Should You Call Drain Cleaning Experts To Deal With Tree Root Intrusions? | San Antonio, TX

Why Should You Call Drain Cleaning Experts To Deal With Tree Root Intrusions? | San Antonio, TX

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As much as trees are crucial for the environment, they can at times become a cause of concern if they start growing the wrong way, both over the ground and under it. And while you can prune the branches above the ground and keep their growth in check, there is no way to determine the trajectory that the roots start taking underground. And they can soon lead to problems like drain blockages of the seeds that grow into your sewer system.

This is a problem with many old properties that have trees growing their yards. If you experience a similar situation, drain cleaning experts in San Antonio, TX, can come to your aid. Here is how.

How to Know If You Have Tree Roots Growing into Your Drainage System

If tree roots start invading your drain pipes, then you will slowly notice several problems cropping up in your plumbing system. With the roots blocking the sewer pipes, your drains will refuse to flush out water at the speed they used to. You will often notice your toilet regurgitating wastewater or your kitchen sink swirling with murky water traveling back up the pipes.

You might also hear a strange gurgling sound coming up from the drains. You might also notice pest infestation on the property around the area where the drain pipes are located.

However, you might not immediately understand that it is due to the roots blocking your pipes. This is something that the drain cleaning experts will be able to tell you about once they have inspected your property to detect the problem.

Why Do Tree Roots Grow into Drainage Pipes?

Just like the foliage above grows towards sunlight for sustenance; similarly, the roots underground will grow towards the water source. Drainage water contains several minerals and nutrients – it is like an organic fertilizer for plants because of the organic wastes flushed down the sink and bathroom.

The roots will grow towards the source of moisture, and they are powerful enough to even go through the metal body of the drain pipes and block your plumbing. Only drain experts in San Antonio, TX, can handle a problem of this magnitude.

What Kind of Problem Are You Looking at with Tree Roots Growing into the Pipes?

To start with, if the tree roots start growing into your pipes, that is just the beginning of the problem. Over time, the roots will be large enough to engulf the entire pipe. This means that wastewater, toilet waste, and other kinds of debris, which should have been completely flushed out of the premises, will accumulate and start decomposing right there.

Before long, you will notice nasty odors emanating from your bathroom and toilet, with roaches and pests trying to climb out of the drains. Since the waste cannot go out the other way, it will create a foul mess in your toilet and sink. Prompt action from drain cleaning services is what you need at this point.

Moreover, the roots will continue to grow and start cracking your pipes and bend the joints, resulting in costly repairs if they are not checked. It might compromise the entire structure of your plumbing, and it could lead to water leaks in areas like crawl spaces and the basement, increasing the chances of water damage in your home.

Why Should You Summon Professionals for Tree Roots Invading Your Plumbing?

When you first notice tree roots blocking your plumbing, your first instinct will probably be to chop off the roots and pull out the roots branching into the pipe. However, that will only be a temporary solution, and that is not how drain professionals work.

First, the tree roots will again start growing out in no time and will again reach out to the water source. Even if you uproot the entire tree and replant it elsewhere, there is no guarantee that another tree will not infringe on your property- nature has a strange way of taking a different course from what you anticipate.

Drain cleaning experts will tell you how far the trees should be located from your drainage system to avoid such a problem in the future. Moreover, even if you clean the roots, it is almost impossible for you to understand the extent of damage already done by them.

Drain cleaning experts will also help mend the drains and seal any leaks that might have been caused due to the roots. If the damage is beyond repair, they will also try to replace the pipes in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Why Shouldn’t You Try DIY Methods of Drain Cleaning for Root Problems?

You should never try DIY methods of cleaning roots from your drains and always rely on the advice of drain cleaning experts. You might come across commercial chemicals which claim that they can dissolve the tree roots.

However, you must never use them yourself because, for one, you don’t know the chemical composition of these chemicals and how they might react with your plumbing. The substances could be too harsh and corrode your pipes, leading to far significant damage than the roots ever caused.

Moreover, if your drains run close to the main water pipes, or if you have interconnecting plumbing, then you could risk contaminating the freshwater lines as well. Opting for professional drain cleaning services is the best option in this regard.

Do You Suspect Tree Roots Are Invading Your Drains? Call Our Experts Today for Efficient Removal

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, we understand how difficult it must be for you to see your drainage taken over by tree roots. Our experts are skilled in handling tree root intrusion, and they will make sure that they leave your sewage and drainage system as good as new.

Our experts will conduct a thorough inspection and use methods best suited for your needs. They have specialized tools to dig up the soil around your drains, inspect the pipes through cameras, and gauge the water pressure to better understand the extent of the problem. They will also tell you about measures to avoid this problem in the future. With our drain cleaning experts at San Antonio, TX, you will never have to worry about tree roots invading your pipes ever again.

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