Why Our Professional Drain Cleaning Service Beats Battling By Yourself With Plungers And Chemicals | Boerne, TX

Why Our Professional Drain Cleaning Service Beats Battling By Yourself With Plungers And Chemicals | Boerne, TX

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio, we know pipes, inside and out, in all their variety, from copper and galvanized steel to older plastics and PVC, each of which has different characteristics and rates of corrosion or decay that eventually lead to leaks are require careful clog removal to avoid damage. When they develop clogs, we respond to our customers in Boerne, TX with expert knowledge that allows us to use the best techniques to remove the clogs thoroughly and protect the pipes. We also provide whole-house drain cleaning service that gets homeowners ahead of their developing clogs. In some cases, our expert plumbers may identify problems that require expert attention rather than basic clog removal, such as plumbing vent issues that appear like clogs in the top floor of your house, and sewer line issues that result in multiple backups in your basement or lower floor. Although plungers and chemicals can make a difference in a stuck drain, applying the right techniques to get sinks and toilets flowing smoothly is more reliable and safer. Calling our drain cleaning service is easy, and we’re available 24/7 to help you with clogged drains and other emergency plumbing issues.

Our Technology Advantage

One of our key plumbing tools these days is our video inspection gear, which allows us to send a small camera into pipes to inspect them, and also view any irregularities inside, from corrosion and hard water-related issues, to objects and clogs blocking the free flow of wastewater. Video helps us select the right tool for the job during drain cleaning service, since large objects should usually be removed for best results, and grease and hair clogs often respond to being broken up and flushed down the drain pipe once they’re reduced to small pieces. We may use an auger, snake, or high-powered hydro-jet water spray to do the job, and our video inspection may lead to using reduced pressure and careful procedures to clear older or weakened pipes. Video inspection can help us identify clogs in pipes that are still in earlier stages of development, and even grease clinging to pipe walls that will eventually capture other materials flowing down the drain and grow into a clog. Our preventive, annual drain cleaning service cleans back to the pipe walls, removing clogs in all stages of development, and using video to make sure we got them all. An important note: well-intended plunger use and chemical drain cleaners can make clog removal more difficult, and with chemicals, even hazardous for our plumber.

When Your Sink Is Flowing Fine but Trouble’s on the Way: Preventive Drain Cleaning Service

Thanks to video technology and power flushing with hydro-jet power, we can locate clogs in many stages of development that wouldn’t reveal themselves through drain flow issues for some time. Rather than calling for urgent drain cleaning service as each clog develops to the point where it slows or blocks the pipe, trap, or drain, we can reset your pipes so that any clogs you might experience are caused by bulky flushes or objects introduced to your drain recently, and are more easily addressed than deeper clogs. Clogs that occur further down in your pipes can cause strange effects including multiple backups on the same floor as wastewater can’t get past a blockage between floors. You might also experience effects such as flushing the toilet and seeing the sink back up nearby. These situations require plumbing expertise to diagnose and correct, but preventive drain cleaning service can help you avoid them.

Drain Problems That Aren’t What They Seem

You can try all sorts of techniques to clear some drain problems, typically on your top floor, that may respond briefly, but keep returning. Sometimes these problems that appear like clogs may be accompanied by a sewer gas odor, a reason to call our drain cleaning service right away as sewer gas is hazardous. The problem in these cases isn’t material in your pipes that’s preventing free draining, but a vacuum-like effect that’s holding wastewater back much as putting your finger over the end of a straw can stop it from draining and suspend the liquid. Your plumbing vent on the roof allows sewer gas to escape and provides an inlet for air to enter your drain system and allow wastewater to flow down into your sewer. Our plumbers can correct the problem in the vent, often a piece of windblown material or a bird’s nest, and the apparent blockages, gurgling, and other trouble will resolve without plungers or any other drain cleaning effort.

On the other end of your drains, material built up in your sewer lines or damage to your sewer pipe can cause backups from the blockage, and even backflow into your home if groundwater enters your sewer lines. Once again, our video equipment can provide important answers, and lead to clearing a blockage in your sewer line or creating a plan to address sewer pipe problems. Hydro-jet blasts are powerful enough to break up even large sewer blockages, and we have several options for sewer line repair in addition to pipe replacement. Remotely applied patches and relining with long-lasting material can replace digging up the sewer line and connecting a new one, and even full pipe replacement by bursting the existing one in place and sliding in a new one is often an option.

Your Full-Service Plumber and Drain Cleaning Service Expert in Boerne, TX

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio is here for your plumbing emergencies 24/7 in Boerne, TX, including getting your drains flowing and avoiding messy and sometimes expensive cleanup and disinfection. Our whole house drain cleaning can give you a break from most drain problems, and keep you informed about the condition of your drain piping. If your sewer line has troubles or your plumbing vent is causing drain problems, we’re ready to help. Give us a call for your home’s plumbing needs.

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