Why Every Homeowner Should Consider Adding a Water Softener System

A new water softener system in your home provides countless benefits for the cost.
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When you first bought your home, you likely sunk a lot of money into various home repairs and renovations in each room. You wanted the best. You had to upgrade certain aspects to improve your comfort and living conditions. But what about your hard water situation? There are far too many homes throughout San Antonio suffering from hard water. When you have hard water in your home, your skin, hair, plumbing, and even your dishes are affected. It’s time to invest in a water softener system.

How Water Softeners Work

A water softener system contains two key components: a small tank beside a large tank. The small tank is designed with a resin on the inside that helps draw calcium and magnesium from your water supply into the tank. The larger tank, on the other hand, contains salt, which is then mixed with water and regenerates the resin in the small tank.

Typically, this system is automatic. It removes the hard minerals from the water, refreshes its own supply, and flushes itself on a regular basis. First, the unit sends water back through the resin tank to wash away the dirt. Then, it pulls in brine from the large tank to wash away chemicals and flush them down the drain. The process concludes by removing excess brine and water, allowing only the clean resin to remain in the tank.

Benefits of a Water Softener System

There are numerous key benefits to a modern water softener system. These benefits are why so many homeowners invest in water softeners each year. You’ll enjoy:

  • Cleaner and shinier silverware, glassware, mirrors, tile flooring, and plumbing fixtures.
  • Softer skin and clean hair.
  • Reduced soap scum that makes cleanup easier.
  • Soft clothing with zero hard minerals trapped in the fabrics. At the same time, fabrics last longer and remain more colorful or whiter than ever before.
  • The lifespan of water appliances, such as dishwasher, water heater, or washing machine, is extended.
  • You can save money on your energy costs and damages to your plumbing and appliances.

The Lifespan of a Water Softener System

One of the key selling points of a water softener system today is the lifespan. A good system, when well maintained, will last for more than 20 years in your home. It’s a long-lasting investment. The amount of maintenance your system requires for such a long lifespan typically depends on the level of hard water your home endures. The level of iron in the water and the pH level all make a difference.

You can schedule plumbing maintenance for your water softener system to keep the unit in top condition, of course.

Enjoy clean, refreshing water free of hard minerals with a new water softener system from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio. Give us a call now at 210-876-1629!

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