Why Do You Need A Local Plumbing Service To Deal With A Flooded Basement? | San Antonio, TX

Why Do You Need A Local Plumbing Service To Deal With A Flooded Basement? | San Antonio, TX

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Texas is home to several large water bodies. Due to its unique topography, you will likely find water 8 to 10 feet below the surface level if you start digging. Weather conditions could also play havoc on the drainage systems.

According to a news report, in Q1 2021, burst water pipes resulted in massive water leaks. These factors are the reason why you need a local plumbing service in San Antonio, TX.

A flooded basement is a nightmare to deal with. Apart from damages to plumbing and property, you could also lose any memorabilia or keepsakes stored in the area or lose your home theatre system to the water.

Preventative measures and regular maintenance appointments with the local plumbing service in place any plumbing issues could be caught beforehand and dealt with before becoming severe.

What to Do When Your Basement Floods?

Your safety is of utmost importance when it comes to a flooded basement. Therefore, the first thing you should attempt to do is shut the primary power source to the basement. It is a crucial step to avoid electrocution.

Be careful and do not touch any buttons or switches that might have come in contact with water. If you cannot access the power source, stay away from the basement and call the local plumbing service for their assistance.

Also, shut off the main water valve on your property to control the damage caused by the flooding. Again, an expert could diagnose the source of the flooding; it could be a pipe burst or a sewage leak. In both cases, it would be best to close off the water supply to prevent further damage.

Call your local plumber in San Antonio, TX, and let professionals clean up your basement in a safe manner.

How Can a Local Plumber Help Deal with a Flooded Basement?

Provide Emergency Services

If you cannot access your basement due to it being flooded, it is best to ring up a local plumbing service offering emergency services in your area. They have the required expertise and equipment to handle the situation.

The plumbers will first start draining out the water from your basement. They will run the sump pump to do so. If you do not have a sump pump installed or the pump is not working, the water will have to be drained manually.

Once the water has been cleared out, the area is dried out using dehumidifiers and industrial fans. If the site is not sufficiently dried up, it could encourage mold growth, giving you another issue to deal with.

Find the Cause of the Flooding

If your property’s basement is prone to flooding, it is essential to find the source of this issue. Plumbing leaks are the most common issues that cause flooding. You could have a leaky or burst pipe, water tank, or heater.

A backed-up septic tank or a clogging in the sewer line could also cause flooding. It would be best to call a local plumber to address a sewage leak as the issue could turn hazardous.

A poor drainage system, extreme rainfall, foundation cracks could all add to up a flooded basement. By calling professionals, you could ensure the issue is fixed once and for all.

Install and Ensure the Sump Pump Is in Good Health

A sump pump is a machine that directs water from the basement to the outside of your home. A sump is a hole below the basement ground level; it will hold the sump pump. The pump’s job is to sense when the water level rises, and once it does, the excess water is directed out of the basement to a designated drainage area outside.

It is always better to have a preventative measure in place than to deal with a flooded basement. Therefore, sump pumps are necessary for homes that are prone to flooding.

Your local plumbing service can help install the sump pump and conduct regular inspection to ensure it is in optimal health and doing the job it is intended to do.

Inspect the Drainage Pipes

During heavy rains, drainage pipes go under a lot of wear and tear. Incessant downpours could result in leaves, twigs, sludge, and other debris getting lodged in pipes. If the pipes are not cleaned up, the water pressure could cause them to start leaking or even burst.

In cold weather conditions, a clogged up drainage pipe could cause more harm. The debris and water could freeze up in the pipes and expand, which would result in cracks and eventually pipe bursts.

Drainage pipes should be inspected by an experienced local plumber, especially during rains and cold weather, to avoid basement floods.

Provide Regular Maintenance

Plumbing leaks, if left unattended, could result in grave issues later on. Sewage leaks tend to be worse. Regular maintenance checks and cleaning activities could ensure the plumbing of your home is in good health.

Your local plumbing service will inspect the complete drainage system. They will clean up clogged pipes and drains, clean up the gutters, check the septic tank and sewer lines, inspect the sump pump, check downspouts, and more.

With these checks being made regularly, issues could be caught earlier on and remedied. Malfunctioning parts could be repaired or replaced before the machinery breaks down. You could prepare your home better for extreme weather conditions.

Contact a Local Plumber Offering Emergency Services

Basements in Texas are prone to flooding. However, with preventative measures in place and timely inspections and servicing, you could keep your basement devoid of any plumbing issues.

If you find yourself in the dreadful situation of a flooded basement, you could immediately reach out to bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of San Antonio for emergency plumbing services. Ensure your and your family’s safety by staying away from the flooded basement and let experts handle the situation for you.

Contact a local plumbing service in San Antonio, TX, top-rated by HomeAdvisor, by dialing 210-876-1629. Leverage routine and emergency plumbing services offered to keep your home safe and sound.

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